Wholesale T-Shirts

Wholesale T-shirts are a hot-selling product in the fashion market. Today, let’s delve into all aspects of them to make an informed decision for your business.

The benefits of wholesale T-shirts are numerous, whether you’re purchasing for your own need or for resale. A business that only deals in selling big quantities of goods at a discount to retailers or other businesses that need a lot of products is known as a wholesaler.

1. Materials for wholesale t-shirts 

Wholesale t-shirts are strong, functional pieces of clothing with wide appeal that can be worn as outerwear or undergarments. Wholesale t-shirts have grown into a two-billion-dollar industry since they were invented in 1920. Wholesale t-shirts come in a variety of colors, styles, and necklines, including crew necks and letter collars. V, tank top and traditional turtleneck. This gives your customers a variety of choices, helping your business increase conversion rates.

1.1 Cotton & polyester are materials for wholesale t-shirts 

A cotton/polyester blend, polyester, or 100% cotton are the most common materials used to make Wholesale t-shirts. Organic cotton and natural colors may be used by environmentally minded manufacturers. Knit materials, particularly jerseys, rib knits, and interlock rib knits—two ribbed textiles sewn together—are used to make stretchable T-shirts.

The most popular material for attires is jerseys since:

  • They are adaptable, cozy, and reasonably priced. So it is often favored by many factories to produce wholesale t-shirts products because it is loved by many consumers.
  • They are also a favored material for adding heat transfer and screen printing capabilities. They are easy to sell because customers feel comfortable and airy to wear.
  • Some jerseys are available in tubular form, which reduces the amount of seams during production. When a tighter fit is needed, rib knit materials are frequently employed. Durable interlock rib knit fabrics are used to make several higher-quality Wholesale t-shirts.

Of course, thread is a necessary component of every sewing project. A single T-shirt can be made using a variety of thread types and colors. Some manufacturers sew all of their shirts with white thread, regardless of the color, to avoid the additional labor required to change the thread.


Cotton & polyester are materials for wholesale t-shirts

1.2 Cotton is on of the most popular materials for wholesale t-shirts 

Because of its exceptional benefits, cotton cloth can be deemed to be the preferred material for creating Wholesale t-shirts. So soft cotton fibers and a combination of chemicals are used to create cotton fabric. As a result, cotton fabric has qualities including high sweat absorption, coolness, simplicity in color, and resistance to mold and mildew. Cotton cloth is also used to make cushions, various costumes, and Wholesale t-shirts.

  • A notable benefit of cotton fabric is its propensity to effectively absorb sweat, which allows the wearer to breathe. This fabric is also assured to be durable.
  • Cotton Wholesale t-shirts can be laundered without difficulty in a washing machine with other detergents. It helps the seller to receive the goods faster. At the same time increase the conversion rate of your business.
  • However, they have several drawbacks, like rough fabric that is only appropriate for males to wear and a high price.

Cotton is on of the most popular materials for wholesale t-shirts

1.3 PE material (polyester)

It would be hard to discuss gorgeous T-shirt fabrics without mentioning poly fabric, which is made from industrial alcohol and acid. The fabric is relatively thick because of its chemical composition, and many businesses and schools use it to create uniforms for both students and employees.

  • The thickness, moderately effective waterproofing, and extremely high durability of PE fabric are by far its most notable benefits.
  • As a result, this fabric is frequently used to construct camping gear such as tents and tarpaulins in addition to Wholesale t-shirts. This material accounts for more than 80% of the market. At the same time, all the Wholesale t-shirts made of this material have received very good feedback from customers.

However, PE fabric is frequently exceedingly heavy due to its thickness, making it challenging to wash, dry, and clean. People that wear it feel hot and uncomfortable while wearing it, especially when outdoor activities are required.


PE material (polyester)

1.4 Linen cloth (linen fabric)

The wearer may become frustrated with today’s T-shirt textiles because they are frequently made from chemicals, whereas linen fabric is the reverse. Since linen is entirely natural, it has a considerably smoother capacity to absorb sweat.

  • In fact, linen fabric not only has a high rate of absorption and evaporation, but it can also resist high humidity levels without making the wearer feel damp. This is therefore regarded as the best option for hot summer days.
    In addition, linen cloth may be hand or machine washed, dried in the sun, and is very simple to color and often use to make wholesale plain t-shirts products for sale.
  • Wholesale t-shirts with Linen cloth are easy to maintain. At the same time, it also helps customers keep the product longer. It usually favors customers with a slightly older age. Because they are more demanding than younger customers.
  • Also, the most obvious flaw of linen is that fabric has questionable flexibility, which makes it easy to wrinkle after a while of use. Because of how poorly linen can endure friction, if it is subjected to a lot of friction, it may scrape or ruffle.

It is clear that t-shirt fabric is created from a variety of components. Each material has pros and cons that can be tailored to each wearer’s requirements and environmental factors.


Linen cloth (linen fabric)

2. Top Countries for wholesale t-shirts suppliers and production

We’ve compiled a list of the finest apparel manufacturing nations in this post. These nations have thriving textile mills, access to cheap labor, and a long history of textile exports.

The top nations having the world’s top fabric manufacturing firms are listed below:

2.1 China is top 1 market of wholesale t-shirts in the world

Right now, China is leading the pack of nations with the best textile producers. As its textile industries expanded during the 20th century, the nation experienced a rebirth.

  • According to a survey by the China-based GAC, the total value of garment exports in 2021 reached a staggering $170.3 billion. The rise of China’s textile sector is mostly attributed to the following categories: silk textiles, Cotton textiles, Chemical textiles, Wool and knit fabrics, Fiber, Textile equipment.

Garment situation in this country:

  • This country has a cheap labor source so the product price is extremely competitive.
  • Large-scale production facilities, concentrated in factories, factories, large-scale industrial parks of hundreds of hectares. Modern machinery and equipment facilities set international standards.
  • The government has many activities to encourage production and support enterprises to increase output.
  • Advantages: Cheap raw materials, quality labor, modern machinery.
  • Cons: The sewing technique is not high

2.2 Bangladesh is the most wonderful of wholesale t-shirts with fast shipping

Bangladesh’s garment sector has increased its sales from $19 billion to $34 billion in the last seven years thanks to low labor costs and the availability of surplus labor.

  • In addition to the figures mentioned above, Bangladesh’s garment exports increased significantly, reaching a staggering $3.366 billion in 2022.
  • In sharp contrast, in July 2021, the expected value of its exports of ready-made clothing was $2.78 billion. The second-largest exporter of textiles to western design houses, Bangladesh excels in completing enormous orders.
  • The readymade clothing sector in Bangladesh is a vital contributor to its success because of its emphasis on value chain accountability and safe working conditions for employees.

However, you also need to consider suppliers in this country. It contains many risks because there are many scammers.

Garment situation in this country:

  • Due to the low cost of labor in this nation, product prices are quite low.
    Massive industrial parks with hundreds of hectares, industries, and large-scale production facilities. International standards are established by modern machinery and equipment facilities.
  • The government engages in a variety of initiatives to promote production and assist businesses in boosting output.
  • Benefits: Low-cost raw resources, skilled workers, and cutting-edge equipment.
  • Cons: The sewing is not of a high caliber.

2.3 Vietnam is the most perfect choice for wholesale t-shirts

Vietnam, one of the top exporters of textiles in Southeast Asia, is well known for being a center for making high-quality clothing. Vietnam’s garment manufacturing prowess is mostly due to two causes, like Bangladesh’s: the accessibility of affordable, competent labor.

  • Vietnamese manufacturers mostly export to the US, Japan, and South Korea. According to data released by Fibre2Fashion, t-shirt manufacturers in Vietnam export of clothing reached $32.750 billion in 2018, increasing by 9.9% from 2020.
  • Also, the nation has established a distinct market niche thanks to the use of its fabrics and garment dyes by international companies.

As mentioned above, Vietnam is really a perfect market for fashion businesses in the US & EU countries.

Situation with clothing in this country:

  • Due to the nation’s affordable labor costs, goods are very reasonably priced.
  • Companies with large-scale production facilities are housed in industrial parks with hundreds of hectares. Modern machinery and technology facilities create global standards.
  • The government runs a number of programs to increase productivity and encourage production.
  • The advantages include affordable raw materials, skilled workers, and state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Cons: Improper precision was used during the sewing.

Vietnam is the most perfect choice for wholesale t-shirts

2.4 India is the best choice for wholesale t-shirts with little capital

India is the fifth-largest textile hub in the world and has one of the oldest textile industries known to mankind. India is the second-largest producer of cotton and has an astonishing $33 billion in exports as of August 2022.

  • India has effectively developed a niche for producing high-quality silk thanks to a big supply of materials. India’s textile industry has become a major player in the world thanks to the application of technology.
  • It’s critical to select the ideal manufacturing partner when entering a new market. The decision on which is best for your company involves many factors.

If you are an individual with a small capital, about less than $5000. I think you can consider India or Vietnam.

Garment situation in this country:

  • As a result of the low cost of labor in this nation, products are priced very competitively.
  • Industrial parks of hundreds of hectares that are home to large-scale production facilities that are focused in factories. International standards are set by modern technology and machinery facilities.
  • The government engages in a variety of initiatives to boost output and stimulate production.
  • Inexpensive raw resources, skilled labor, and cutting-edge equipment are the benefits.
  • Cons: The sewing is not done with precision.

3. The most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

We all require the energy that this design trend is all about—taking a position and declaring what you mean in 2023. These bold designs for strong statement shirts are sure to spark meaningful discussions.

When determining which statement to emphasize for your design, there are a lot of different reasons to consider. What do you care about the most? To be as plain and concise as you can, simplify your sentence as much as you can.

3.1 Personalize t shirts printing – The most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

What a cute fashion trend this is! We like the lighthearted, upbeat vibes it’s sending out. We’re also available for giving your design a retro, 1960s feel by adding a wave effect to your typography.

  • This style works well with designs that have a lot of thick, bold text and perhaps a few small, decorative drawn symbols here and there. What wavy wording patterns are you going to design this year?
  • This is the most popular style of shirt today, the total sales compared to other types is 60%, which is quite an impressive number. With a unique and new design style, the shirt model is increasingly popular with many people. Therefore, the profit for the manufacturer increased by 20% in the past year.

Personalize t shirts printing – The most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

3.2 Long sleeve t-shirts is the most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

A design fad that promotes kindness, mental health, and wellness? Please, yes! We sincerely hope that this fashion for design will endure.

  • We adore the messages of self-care, compassion, and empathy that this year’s Bonfire vendors are including into their creations.
  • Typically text-based, these designs highlight a single mental health phrase. If an illustration will help you better communicate your message, feel free to use it in your design. How could you utilize your personalized merchandise to inspire people to treat others and themselves kinder.

Today, this shirt design is the most popular; sales overall, when compared to other varieties, are 40%, which is an astounding figure. The shirt model is becoming more and more well-liked among people due to its distinctive and modern appearance. As a result, the manufacturer’s profit has climbed by 15% in the last year.


Long sleeve t-shirts is the most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

3.3 V-neck t shirt is the most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

The focus of this approach is to appreciate commonplace, everyday objects. These Bonfire vendors are using their favorite pastimes as the focal point of their decorations.

  • These patterns are promoting joy and bringing people together via shared interests, whether it be knitting, thrifting, or outdoor activities.
  • Do you have a favorite pastime? Consider how you could include that action into your design as you begin. Have fun with it because this style is definitely up to creative adaptation. Will your design exclusively use text, only use graphics, or both? Or would your design incorporate several different styles? You are entirely in charge!

Today, this design of shirt is the most popular; sales overall are 30% more than sales of other sorts, which is a very outstanding figure. The shirt model is getting more and more popular because it has a distinctive and modern design style. Hence, it increases the manufacturer’s profit by 20% over the previous year.


V-neck t shirt is the most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

3.4 Half t shirt is the most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

This fashion is raising the bar for t-shirt design! These Bonfire vendors are showcasing their creativity with graphic creations.

  • These designs are eye-catching and aesthetically beautiful because they have intriguing subject matter, vivid colors, and bold outlines.
  • A fantastic technique to make sure your shirt will stand out in a crowd is to base the design on eye-catching pictures. When they view the shirt, the image will grab their attention first before any text, logos, or company names you’ve included are noticed. Are you prepared to produce captivating designs that are inventive and illustrative? We are eager to see the ideas you develop.

With a total sales comparison of 34% between this style and other sorts, it is the most popular shirt type available today. The shirt type is becoming more and more well-liked among many people thanks to its distinct and modern design. In turn, this results in a 16% rise in manufacturer profit over the previous year.


Half t shirt is the most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

3.5 Muscle t shirt is the most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

With striking back prints this year, let’s reclaim the BACK of our merchandise! This fashion utilizes the large area that is frequently unused on the back of clothing.

  • Feel free to print your design as large as you like on the back because you don’t have to worry about it overwhelming the front of your garment.
  • Think large—huge language, big images, and bold—bold colors, bold sentences. The way we generally think about clothing is challenged by these designs. The people in front of you and the people behind you are invited to experience and enjoy your apparel by placing a little design on the front and the larger design on the rear. Can you come up with a design that would rock on the back of a sweatshirt or t-shirt?

Today, this shirt design of shirt is the most popular; sales overall, when compared to other varieties, are 37%, which is a very outstanding figure. The shirt model is becoming more and more well-liked among many individuals due to its distinctive and modern appearance. As a result, the manufacturer’s profit climbed by 10% in the previous year.


Muscle t shirt is the most popular styles of wholesale t-shirts

4. The trend of customers when buying wholesale t-shirts in some areas

From the viewpoint of the consumer, the following are a few universal qualities consumers search for when purchasing a Wholesale t-shirts:

  • High caliber. One of the most crucial elements is this. If the quality is good, a consumer is more inclined to buy a t-shirt or any other piece of clothing.
  • Popular choices. Everyone aspires to stay current with fashion. You may research current fashion trends by looking at what celebrities are wearing, and Instagram is a great source for street style ideas. Pinterest is a fantastic resource as well.
  • Diversity. Everyone has various fashion preferences, so if your store has a wide selection, customers will spend more time looking around and may find a number of items they like.
  • Reasonable costs. Customers are more inclined to purchase from you if your products are reasonably priced and offer a selection of promotions.
  • Combine various things. The demand for the t-shirt will increase if it can be worn in a variety of ways. Most products can be combined with neutral colors and styles.

A graphic t-shirt makes a statement, therefore. It either has writing that draws attention from onlookers or has a logo or image that the wearer finds interesting. It acts as a small billboard inside a portion of your mind without having to shout it out to the world. My favorite band is XXX (restaurant, artist, or politician, etc.)


The trend of customers when buying wholesale T-shirts in some areas

5. How to find the best wholesale t-shirts suppliers

Wholesale t-shirts are a type of clothing that may be discovered everywhere in the world. No matter where you go, you’ll always find it in people’s closets. The next thing you require is a dependable t-shirt provider who delivers great quality and is reasonably priced, as you have already recognized the potential and popularity of this product. Although it may seem difficult, we are here to make it simpler. Here are some strategies to help you locate the top suppliers:

5.1 T-shirt Manufacturer from Abroad

Bulk orders of inexpensive Wholesale t-shirts can be obtained from a foreign provider. Possible explanations for this cost reduction include laxer labor rules in other nations. Asia and some parts of Europe often have low production costs.

By choosing an international provider, you can save significant savings. You can get a wide range of solutions with just a quick internet search. Additionally, you can filter your search to find workable options.

5.2 Supplier of domestic t-shirts

Compared to foreign suppliers, domestic clothing manufacturers can be more expensive. However, consumers are now more aware of the origins of the goods they buy. Most likely, domestic t-shirt providers will provide a higher quality product and adhere to set labor laws.

You can use LinkedIn or a search engine to identify domestic providers. Going local has become popular lately, so you can promote this for your business. Additionally, purchasing goods from a domestic seller would result in prompt shipping.

5.3 Industry gatherings

Attending industry meetups is a quick and simple approach to get in touch with t-shirt vendors. It might really prove to be a priceless resource for finding the ideal supplier for your company.

5.4 Directories

Even while it isn’t the most popular method for connecting with a t-shirt provider these days, it’s still a great resource. Popular directories are still used by people to connect with suppliers today. You can use Kompass to locate factories abroad, Sqetch to locate them in Europe, and IndiaMart and Justdial to locate them in India.

A fresh clothes company’s establishment is not simple. It might be challenging to enter the fashion industry as an entrepreneur. Numerous aspects need to be taken into account. Your decision-making is largely influenced by your budget, therefore you should discover the best T-shirt provider for your fashion brand that fits inside your price range.


How to find the best wholesale t-shirts suppliers

6. Top the best wholesale t-shirts suppliers in the world

These businesses provide unrivaled levels of service, quality, and variety. The majority of serious screen printing, embroidery, and DTG companies already have a working relationship with these distributors.

6.1 Vinaz Garment

Vinaz Garment, a Vietnam-based company, carries popular brands including Nike, Champion, North Face, and more through its more than ten distribution facilities.

  • Vinaz Garment produces a wide range of clothing items, including T-shirts, dresses, jeans, suits, uniforms, and more

Contact Vinaz Garment:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong street, Dinh Cong ward, Hoang Mai district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Whatsapp: (+84) 369907777
  • Email:

Vinaz Garment

6.2 AlphaBroder

Actually, AlphaBroder is a collection of six separate wholesale clothing vendors.

Because each company brings a unique set of skills and resources to the table, AlphaBroder is able to offer a wide range of goods and services. With 9 delivery centers, AlphaBroder offers a wide variety of goods, including Wholesale t-shirts, sweatpants, and promotional items.

6.3 S&S Activewear

Customers without even a reseller’s license and tax certificate are able to purchase a small number of commercial Wholesale t-shirts from S&S Activewear.

You will still require the appropriate licenses and tax documents for your state in order to access the most of their goods and receive the best discounts.

The benefits of ordering from wholesalers of Wholesale t-shirts are numerous, whether you’re purchasing for your own need or for resale. A business that only deals in selling big quantities of goods at a discount to retailers or other businesses that need a lot of products is known as a wholesaler. Only when purchasing in bulk does the discounted price apply. You can place orders from anywhere in the world, with shipping costs that are either greatly reduced or occasionally even free. For instance, a trade firm that operates independently has distributors not just in the USA but also in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, the UK, and many other countries.