Wholesale Puffer Jackets

Wholesale puffer jackets remain lucrative for wholesalers due to their affordable pricing and enduring fashion relevance, ensuring consistent demand.

Wholesale puffer jackets are an important business for clothing wholesalers. The jacket is affordable, not out of fashion, everyone’s must-have product on every cold day, and it brings high profits, so it is getting more and more attention.

1. Materials for wholesale puffer jackets

Today, the market offers puffer jackets made of down or synthetic fill paired with a fabric like nylon that is both lightweight and durable. Some with bulging sleeves help keep body temperature relative to the outside temperature quite effectively.

  • Most casual puffer jackets are manufactured of fleece because it brings a light but warm feeling to the wearer. Wholesale puffer jackets made of high-quality fleece are quite expensive but they keep warm very effectively and are durable, and suitable for customers with large budgets.
  • Wholesale puffer jackets can also be made from Nylon as it offers great durability and keeps them warm. However, it can absorb a lot of heat, so it is not suitable for humid climates.
  • Another popular material for making wholesale puffer jackets is polyester. This fabric is more breathable than nylon and very durable. Polyester is often blended with nylon to add durability to puffer jackets. This is a material often used by manufacturers to sew puffer jackets because it is cheap, good quality and keeps warm effectively.

Above are the three most common materials used to make puffet jackets. Usually, jacket wholesalers provide a variety of products with all three of these materials to have many choices for customers.


Materials for wholesale puffer jackets

2. Pros and cons of wholesale puffer jackets

In fact, everyone needs to own a puffer jacket for the cold winter. It is a must-have fashion item and brings a lot of profits to puffer jackets businesses because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • Keeping the body warm: The surface of the puffer jacket is a fabric that has an effective wind and water-blocking effect. While the body of the puffer jacket is filled with synthetic cotton or feathers. Therefore, the structure of the puffer jacket is not much different from a sleeping bag, helping the wearer feel warm and comfortable. If your country has a cold and harsh climate, surely wholesale puffer jackets will bring a lot of potential and be best sellers.
  • Light and water resistant: After many years of creation and improvement from design to material, puffer jackets are today among the top types of jackets that are super light and effective at keeping warm. This makes them ideal for those who need to be outdoors in cold weather. In a country where the weather is often rainy or humid all year round, this is a certain type of jacket that wholesalers need.
  • Various colors: Most puffer jackets designs are available in a variety of colors from dark tones, and textures to vibrant colors that stand out, giving customers a lot of different choices. Items with more colors to choose from are also often easier to sell to customers.
  • Less likely to go out of fashion: Most wholesale puffer jackets have only a few basic designs, not too much variation over time. Therefore, puffer jackets with beautiful shapes, good material, your business can still sell them in the next years. This helps businesses avoid waste and products that didn’t sell last year can still bring you profits next year.

Besides the undeniable advantages of puffer jackets, some people are still hesitant to buy them because of the thought that:

  • Not respecting the shape: When buying wholesale puffer jackets, wholesalers should know that they often bring a bulky, fat feeling to the wearer. So the jackets are most suitable when the weather is cold or the customer needs to move a lot outdoors. However, that was the thinking of puffer jackets years ago. Today, puffer jacket designers pay great attention to the surrounding tailoring to make the shirt slimmer and help the wearer become more active.
  • Not fashionable: Due to the basic design, little new, wholesale puffer jackets often bring to the user the thought that a shirt is less fashionable. However, this is completely wrong. Even famous fashion brands in the world such as Gucci, Burberry, Versace … all introduce their own puffer jacket designs. So when you import puffer jackets for sale, you don’t need to worry about it being outdated.

It can be worn year after year, without going out of style. However, the puffer jacket is quite bulky, difficult to wash, and not fashionable. Customers usually buy 2-3 types but don’t buy many styles in this product category.


Pros and cons of wholesale puffer jackets

3. The styles that wholesale puffer jackets are the best selling

There are many popular styles of puffer jackets on the market today but the most popular styles are Short, slim-fit puffer jackets, Crop top puffer jackets, Long puffer jacket and Puffer Vest.

3.1. Short, slim-fit puffer jacket

Simple puffer jackets with a hip length and light hugs are often favored by women when winter comes. This is a must-have item in wholesalers’ inventory.

  • This design of wholesale puffer jackets helps the wearer become slimmer, younger and more active. In addition, they are also easy for users to coordinate with different styles of shirts. This style of jacket is easy to sell and is suitable for all ages from young to old in different regions.
  • With a simple yet elegant design, and affordable price, this is definitely the type of puffer jacket that businesses need the most in their warehouses on cold winter days.

This is a definite item that wholesalers need to have in their inventory, and it will help you attract customers, brings high profits for your business.


Short, slim-fit puffer jacket

3.2. Long puffer jacket

These are long puffer jackets that cover the hips to keep the wearer warm when outdoors in cold weather. If the weather in your country is extremely cold, this is the type of jacket you should import to sell.

  • This type of wholesale puffer jacket is suitable for both men and women, but for those with a relatively tall height, it will be more beautiful to wear.
  • This type of design usually does not have sophisticated textures, buyers simply buy it for the purpose of keeping warm, it is suitable for the customer segment who prefers simplicity and convenience.

Long puffer jacket is an indispensable item of customers in cold days, it also has little tendency to go out of fashion, so it can be sold again next year, reducing inventory costs.


Long puffer jacket: The styles that wholesale puffer jackets are popular

3.3. Crop top puffer jacket

Just a little short on the waist, croptop puffer jacket makes the user much more stylish and fashionable.

  • Compared to other types of puffer jackets, these croptop puffer jackets are considered the most fashionable and new. This product helps to balance the outfit, create the illusion of longer legs, and hack the shape of women.
  • With a youthful style, the style is not out of fashion, for wholesalers who target customers who are young, dynamic and personality, this will definitely be the hottest and best-selling product.

Along with the above styles, the crop top puffer jacket also offers economic potential for wholesalers and it has a wide range of prices to suit a wide range of customers.


Crop top puffer jacket: The styles that wholesale puffer jackets are popular

3.4. Puffer Vest

This is a jacket style suitable for office people. With a light and elegant design but still keeping warm well, it is popular and widely used. If your target customers are office workers, these are certain products to have in your stock.


Puffer Vest: The styles that wholesale puffer jackets are popular

4. Countries with strengths in the production and supply of wholesale puffer jackets

Currently, in the world, there are many countries that supply puffer jackets, but the countries that have advantages and are famous for producing wholesale puffer jackets are China, Vietnam and India.

4.1. China

Basically, China is now a “manufacturing power” of the world’s garments, leading in market share in supplying puffer jackets.

4.1.1. Features

Textile is a traditional industry in China and has the highest competitiveness in the world. wholesale puffer jackets in China are known for having a wide range of styles and being able to be made quickly in large quantities.

  • China has cheap but highly skilled labor, especially domestic availability of raw materials and large market size are the dominant factors of China compared to other wholesale puffer jackets exporting countries.
  • China is capable of producing a huge amount of wholesale puffer jackets proucts in a short time. For example, a Chinese garment factory can produce 100,000 pieces in a week while an enterprise in another country needs 4 weeks.
  • Clusters of textile and wholesale puffer jackets factories in China are concentrated in the eastern coastal provinces, in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, and Hebei. These provinces and cities are most suitable for placing textile factories due to: Convenient transportation (near highways, port closures); Near major cities, near major transhipment ports to the world, near Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shanghai; Having good information technology, communication and traffic system.

Wholesalers and retailers all over the world like buying wholesale jackets from China because there are so many options in wholesale jackets here and the prices are low.

4.1.2. Pros

Buying wholesale puffer jackets from China gives you the most competitive price and large quantity in a short time:

  • China’s jacket market is so cheap that it’s hard to believe anyone knows about it. The reason can be explained by China’s large population, large domestic market, and large-scale jacket suppliers are willing to expand on a large scale to reduce the cost of product quality without worrying about not having any products. output. It means that if you buy from China in quantity of 1 million products, they will make 1.5-2 million products to sell to you and sell domestically at all costs.
  • Due to the large volume, the average fixed cost per product for wholesale puffer jackets manufacturers here is much lower than in other countries.
    Moreover, China is a country with the most modern technology and machinery in the world, so they can quickly produce a large number of products in a short time.
  • However, the quality of China’s puffer jackets is a matter of long-standing controversy. Because China’s technology is very modern, it is easy to make fake goods and poor-quality goods. So if you are looking to buy wholesale puffer jackets, you need to pay attention to the quality of the source. It’s your money, use it carefully.

Moreover, countries around the world have continuously introduced anti-dumping policies, making the value of Chinese goods when leaving the border much higher. And for many countries, goods from China are subject to higher taxes, so clothing wholesalers are looking for wholesale sources of coats from other countries, typically Southeast Asian regions like Vietnam.

4.2. Vietnam

Vietnamese garment factories are famous for their reasonable prices, high-quality raw materials, and qualified labor. Furthermore, wholesale puffer jackets are manufactured by certified factories that meet international standards.

4.2.1. Features

Vietnam has access to cheap raw materials, skilled workers, and modern machinery to manufacture and supply wholesale puffer jackets at affordable prices.

  • Vietnam has a long tradition in garment manufacturing. The wholesale puffer jacket factories have cheap raw materials, skilled workers and modern machines. Vietnam is currently a country second only to China in exporting wholesale puffer jackets to the Chinese market. Not only that, Vietnamese suppliers focus on manufacturing complex products, while some countries focus on basic items such as T-shirts and trousers.
  • There are more than 5000 garment factories in Vietnam producing and supplying wholesale puffer jackets. Each factory can produce from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of wholesale puffer jackets products per day.
  • Vietnam coat factories are often concentrated in areas such as Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Long An, Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam makes good use of available raw materials of top quality. At the moment, most of the world’s best-known sportswear brands and stores get their goods from Vietnam.


Wholesale puffer jackets in Vietnam

4.2.2. Pros

When you buy wholesale puffer jackets from Vietnam, you will get high-quality goods at a low cost and with little risk:

  • With a long tradition in the garment industry, Vietnam’s wholesale puffer jackets are always of high quality but still affordable. Compared to other countries, when buying wholesale puffer jackets from Vietnam, you will save a lot but the quality is still guaranteed.
  • Vietnam is a country with a stable political economy, so when you buy wholesale puffer jackets or buy wholesale denim jackets from Vietnam, you will have less problems with delivery, shipping, taxes or customs procedures.

The fundamental factors that give wholesale puffer jackets in Vietnam an advantage are short lead times, good fabric quality, and a focus on the high-end market.

4.3. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country in South Asia but one of the countries with the most developed garment industry in the world. Bangladesh is currently one of the most reliable and reputable garment suppliers among buyers.

4.3.1. Features

Bangladesh has abundant raw materials to produce wholesale puffer jackets and cheap labor, much cheaper than China and Vietnam.

  • Bangladesh wholesale puffer jackets firms are also looking to diversify in different ways. To date, many of Bangladesh’s clothing exports are “fast fashion” made of cotton yarn, responding to the changing tastes of consumers.
  • Bangladesh is the global champion for green garment factories, as the country has 153 green factories including the highest number of platinum and gold-standard-rated factories in the apparel sector. This may be the reason for this country’s textile and garment industry to make effective use of market opportunities as soon as general consumer demand declines.
  • One of the reasons for Bangladesh’s wholesale puffer jackets order growth is that the country has invested in many green-certified factories.

However, due to the war in Ukraine and Western sanctions on Russia, as well as the impact these events have on inflation, interest rates, and mortgages worldwide, the supply and Bangladesh’s wholesale production of wholesale puffer jackets worldwide are affected and reduced.

4.3.2. Pros

When buying puffer jackets in Bangladesh, you will get a wide range of products at low prices. Bangladesh has abundant raw materials along with cheap labors, the basic salary of garment workers in Bangladesh is only half that in Vietnam, so wholesale puffer jackets in Bangladesh are very affordable.

However, politics and the economy in Bangladesh are often volatile, so when buying wholesale puffer jackets from this country, you may encounter some problems with delivery, shipping, payment, tax, etc.

5. Tips to find reliable places to buy wholesale puffer jackets

You can use internet search engines and social networks to find a place to buy wholesale puffer jackets

  • You can use Google, Facebook, and Social networking forums and search for keywords like “wholesale puffer jackets, reputable wholesale puffer jacket manufacturers, biggest wholesale puffer jacket factories, the best place to buy wholesale puffer jackets”. The top-appearing results are usually reputable factories, with the exception of websites that run ads.
  • You should choose wholesale puffer jacket manufacturers that have websites that are transparent and clear with specific information, such as business information, price list, size table, associated policies, and services.
  • You can find customer reviews of wholesale puffer jackets manufacturers through social networking platforms, and clothing wholesale discussion groups. However, you should also be careful with manufacturers that have too good reviews or don’t have any complaints because they may hire reviewers. Choose clothing manufacturers that have 80% or more good reviews.
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask the salesperson of wholesale puffer jacket manufacturers such as about the materials, production line, and return policies. Reputable wholesale puffer jacket manufacturers are willing to respond to any of your concerns, even the challenging ones.
    Stay away from wholesale puffer jacket manufacturers that insists on payment and asks you to pay in advance and evade your questions.

Referring to the tips above, you will find a clothing manufacturer that is both reputable and suitable for your business.


Tips to find reliable places to buy wholesale puffer jackets

6. Top places where you can buy wholesale puffer jackets with confidence

In this section, we will give you a list of the most reliable places to buy wholesale puffer jackets. They are famous for their high-quality, affordable products.

6.1. Vinaz Garment

If you’re looking for wholesale puffer jackets, go no further than Vinaz Garment. They can accommodate orders of any size, from a single jacket to a million.

  • Main products: T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Polos, Bottoms, Dress Shirts, Hats, Jackets, Bags, Accessories…
  • They accept returns and refunds under certain criteria and requests must be made within 72 hours of receipt.
  • Their payment options include Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Affirm, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Contact Vinaz Garment:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong street, Dinh Cong ward, Hoang Mai district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Whatsapp: (+84) 852579123
  • Email:

Vinaz Garment – A reputable place to buy wholesale puffer jackets

6.2. Shirt Space

Shirt Space is a U.S.-based company in the Pacific Northwest founded over 15 years ago. With products made in the USA, they always work hard to find what customers need and quickly bring products to them.

  • Headquarters: 7509 S. 5th St. Ridgefield, WA 98642
  • Main products: T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank top, Jackets, Polos, Pants, Infants & Toddlers, Athletic Apparel

6.3. Thanh Tri Garment Joint Stock Company

Thanh Tri Garment Joint Stock Company was established in December 1992, officially put into operation in May 1993. The initial scale consisted of 4 production lines at Garment Factory 1 and a number of managers, total labor is 320 people.

  • Headquarters: Lot 1 – CN3, Ngoc Hoi Industrial Complex, Ngoc Hoi Commune, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Main products: Sportswear, jackets, jeans, down jackets, t-shirts, childrenswear, coats

6.4. Song Hong Garment Joint Stock Company

Song Hong Garment Joint Stock Company is one of the leading Vietnamese clothing manufacturers. Song Hong’s vision is to develop the corporate governance level to reach international standards.

  • Founded: 1988
  • Headquarters: 105 Nguyen Duc Thuan street, Nam Dinh province, Viet nam
  • Main products: jackets and beddings.

Wrap up, there are a wide range of charming, colorful, and elegant wholesale puffer jackets in a variety of styles for wholesalers. These are filled with useful details and are adorned with fashionable options. There are numerous options for both men and women. Shoppers can choose embroidered patterns that make a statement. Many manufacturers also allow you to personalize the coats with logos or initials for a more personalized look. These puffer coats are available in a variety of eye-catching colors and designs, including color block, glossy, and more.