Wholesale Plain T-Shirts

Due to the high demand for inexpensive, versatile clothing items, wholesale plain t-shirts present significant potential and profits for wholesalers.

Opportunities in wholesale plain t-shirts are increasingly potential and profitable. In this post, we’ll provide information on the major plain t-shirts and some interesting background information about the industry.

1. Materials for wholesale plain t-shirts

The main materials for making plain T-shirts today are 100% cotton, polyester, or a cotton and polyester blend. There are also many other types of fabrics, but they are not used as much as those above.

  • Cotton fabric is made from natural fibers and chemicals, with good sweat absorption, ventilation, and effective abrasion resistance. Thanks to the great advantages that cotton fabric brings, wholesalers often choose this material for plain t-shirts to sell to customers because it brings high economic efficiency and a good user experience.
  • Polyester is a petroleum-based material for plain t-shirts. It is the most popular synthetic fabric in the world. It is preferred by wholesalers for wholesale plain t-shirts because it is extremely durable, moisture-wicking, easy to maintain, and wrinkle-resistant. Moreover, its cost is also cheaper than cotton, so it is more widely used and popular.
  • Cotton is of high quality but quite expensive. Polyester is durable, and cheaper but not environmentally friendly. Therefore, wholesale plain t-shirts also often combine cotton with polyester to produce plain t-shirts because it is both durable, quality and brings high economic efficiency.

In general, wholesalers often use cotton, polyester, or a combination of these two materials to produce plain t-shirts because it is easy to sell and the price is suitable for many customer segments.


Materials for wholesale plain t-shirts

2. Advantages of importing wholesale plain t-shirts

Wholesale plain t-shirts offer a lot of potential for wholesalers; it is suitable for a wide range of customers, affordable, and helps the wearer feel comfortable.

  • Diverse customer segments: It can be said that wholesale plain t-shirts products are not picky clothes even for children. Wholesalers can sell to any age and body shape, and their customers can easily combine plain t-shirts with other outfits. A plain T-shirt is simple, easy to wear and can be easily worn every day in children’s play and learning activities.
  • Help the wearer feel comfortable: With elastic materials such as cool cotton, this type of wholesale t-shirts products absorb sweat well and have high stretchability. Besides, they are easy to wear and suitable for many different activities. These products in the hot summer are best-selling and most profitable wholesale t-shirts products for wholesalers.
  • Easy to match with many outfits and not out of fashion: With a simple design, wholesale plain t-shirts product has never been out of fashion, plain t-shirt is the first choice to coordinate with other outfits such as skirts, jeans, shorts,… When selling plain T-shirts, wholesalers can sell them with other items to upsell and increase profits and sales.
  • Reasonable price: The price of wholesale plain t-shirt products is relatively cheap. Customers don’t need to consider too much to buy them so it is very easy to sell the items. Customers can buy 3-5 plain t-shirts at once.

With the above advantages, T-shirts are definitely a potential item and bring high economic efficiency to wholesalers and retailers. Having a source of high-quality, affordable goods, your business will surely attract customers and achieve great profits.


Advantages of importing wholesale plain t-shirts

3. Best-selling wholesale plain t-shirts styles

The round neck plain T-shirt, plain raglan T-shirt, and long sleeve plain T-shirt are the three most popular wholesale plain t-shirts designs that bring high profits to wholesalers.

3.1. Round neck plain T-shirt

This wholesale plain t-shirt product is the most common type of basic t-shirt. Surely we are all familiar with this type. Round neck plain T-shirt is often used as daily wear as well as going out of young people, suitable for both men and women.

  • It has a simple, classic, versatile design that is suitable for most different body shapes. This is the type of wholesale plain t-shirts product that is imported by most wholesalers because it is easy to sell, almost everyone needs at least 3-4 of these shirts. In addition, its design is not outdated, so your business does not have to worry about inventory issues and can sell products from one year to the next.
  • Moreover, This wholesale plain t-shirts product’s price is also very reasonable. When buying in bulk, the price will be much cheaper. The more you buy in bulk, the higher the profit margin on a single product of your business.

Round neck plain t-shirt is one of the best-selling plain t-shirts that bring economic benefits to wholesalers.


Round neck plain T-shirt

3.2. Plain raglan T-shirt

This is a simple wholesale plain t-shirts product with raglan sleeves. The raglan sleeve (or raglan shoulder) is a way of fitting the bodice and sleeves into a line from the neck to the armpit.

  • This style is a bit different from the traditional wholesale plain t-shirts product; it appeals to customers who want a little bit of novelty but still want something simple and comfortable. It is suitable for both male and female customer segments and all ages.
  • The price of this wholesale plain t-shirts product is also very reasonable, and the more you import, the cheaper the price will be. The price of a plain raglan T-shirt is cheap, but the profit it brings is not low.

With hot summer days or cool autumn, plain raglan T-shirt is definitely an indispensable item for young people, a potential wholesaler for clothing suppliers.


Plain raglan T-shirt

3.3. Long sleeve plain T-shirt

This is a plain t-shirt with long sleeves, this long sleeve t-shirt is also very diverse in patterns and styles, often worn in autumn – winter, or on cold days because of its ability to keep warm than a short sleeve t shirt.
Along with the two wholesale plain t-shirts designs above, the long sleeve plain T-shirt is also very popular and best-selling, an indispensable item in cold days.


Long sleeve plain T-shirt

4. Some countries have strengths in supplying wholesale plain t-shirts

There are many nations that supply wholesale plain t-shirts, but China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh are the ones that have an edge and are well known for manufacturing plain t-shirts wholesale.

4.1. China

China today is one of the dominant countries in the global apparel market and a “manufacturing powerhouse” for wholesale plain t-shirts.

4.1.1. Features

Wholesale clothing supply and production is a long-standing industry in China. China is famous for producing plain t-shirts in a variety of designs in large quantities and in quick time.

  • China is a country with a large area, a large population, along with a long history of textiles, so the raw materials for wholesale plain t-shirts here are very abundant and they don’t need to import ingredients from other countries.
  • Wholesale plain t-shirt products in China are mostly produced in large factories with trained workers. Thanks to modern technical technology, and abundant labor, wholesale plain t-shirt products are produced in large quantities in a quick time.
  • The Chinese state also has having open-door policy of promoting wholesale plain t-shirts and wholesale t-shirts printing products abroad, China will coordinate with all countries and parties to share opportunities in the wholesale plain t-shirt market.

Thanks to the large selection and affordable rates, wholesalers and retailers from all over the globe like to purchase plain t-shirts in bulk from China.

4.1.2. Pros

You may get plain t-shirts in bulk from China at the most affordable price and in a huge numbers quickly:

  • The wholesale plain t-shirt market in China is famous for its cheap price. The reason can be explained that because China has a large population, wholesale plain t-shirt suppliers here are willing to expand on a large scale to reduce the cost of product quality without worrying about no output.
  • Because of the high volume, this region’s wholesale plain t-shirts manufacturers have average fixed costs per item that are substantially lower than those in other nations.
  • Moreover, China has the most advanced technology and equipment in the world, helping it can produce a vast number of wholesale plain t-shirt products swiftly and efficiently.
  • Nonetheless, there has long been debate over the t-shirt wholesale quality of China. Modern Chinese technology makes it easier to produce counterfeit and subpar items. Hence, you must consider the source’s quality if you want to get plain t-shirts in bulk.

In addition, some countries have continuously issued anti-dumping regulations, making the wholesale price of plain T-shirts from China much higher when going outside the border. In many countries, goods imported from China are subject to higher tariffs. Therefore, clothing wholesalers are looking for wholesale jacket suppliers from other countries, especially Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.

4.2. Vietnam

Vietnamese garment factories are famous for their reasonable prices, high quality raw materials, and qualified labor. Furthermore, wholesale plain t-shirts are manufactured by certified factories that meet international standards.

4.2.1. Features

Vietnam has access to cheap raw materials, skilled workers, and modern machinery to manufacture and supply wholesale plain t-shirts at affordable prices.

  • Vietnam has a long tradition in garment manufacturing. The wholesale plain t-shirts factories have cheap raw materials, skilled workers, and modern machines. Vietnam is currently a country second only to China in exporting plain t-shirts to the Chinese market. Not only that, Vietnamese suppliers focus on manufacturing complex products, while some countries focus on basic items such as T-shirts and trousers.
  • There are more than 5000 garment factories in Vietnam producing and supplying plain t-shirts. Each factory can produce from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of plain t-shirts products per day.
  • Vietnam wholesale plain t-shirt factories are often concentrated in areas such as Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Long An, Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam makes good use of available raw materials of top quality. At the moment, most of the world’s best-known sportswear brands and stores get their goods from Vietnam.


Wholesale plain t-shirts in Vietnam

4.2.2. Pros

When you buy wholesale plain t-shirts from Vietnam, you will get high-quality goods at a low cost and with little risk:

  • With a long tradition in the garment industry, Vietnam’s plain t-shirts are always of high quality but still affordable. Compared to other countries, when buying plain t-shirts from Vietnam, you will save a lot but the quality is still guaranteed.
  • Vietnam is a country with a stable political economy, so when you buy wholesale plain t-shirts from Vietnam, you will have fewer problems with delivery, shipping, taxes or customs procedures.

The fundamental factors that give wholesale plain t-shirts in Vietnam an advantage are short lead times, good fabric quality, and a focus on the high-end market.

4.3. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country in South Asia but one of the countries with the most developed garment industry in the world. Bangladesh is currently one of the most reliable and reputable garment suppliers among buyers.

4.3.1. Features

Bangladesh has abundant raw materials to produce wholesale plain t-shirts and cheap labor, much cheaper than China and Vietnam.

  • Bangladesh wholesale jacket firms are also looking to diversify in different ways. To date, many of Bangladesh’s clothing exports are “fast fashion” made of cotton yarn, responding to the changing tastes of consumers.
  • Bangladesh is the global champion for green garment factories, as the country has 153 green factories including the highest number of platinum and gold-standard-rated factories in the apparel sector. This may be the reason for this country’s textile and garment industry to make effective use of market opportunities as soon as general consumer demand declines.
  • One of the reasons for Bangladesh’s order growth is that the country has invested in many green-certified factories.

However, due to the war in Ukraine and Western sanctions on Russia, as well as the impact these events have on inflation, interest rates, and mortgages worldwide, the supply and Bangladesh’s wholesale production of wholesale plain t-shirts worldwide are affected and reduced.

4.3.2. Pros

When buying wholesale plain t-shirts in Bangladesh, you will get a wide range of products at low prices. Bangladesh has abundant raw materials along with cheap labors, the basic salary of garment workers in Bangladesh is only half that in Vietnam so wholesale plain t-shirts in Bangladesh are very affordable.
However, politics and the economy in Bangladesh are often volatile, so when buying plain t-shirts from this country, you may encounter some problems with the delivery, shipping, payment, tax, etc.

5. Important notes to find suppliers when importing wholesale plain t-shirts

When importing wholesale plain t-shirts, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, and most importantly, find a reputable supplier who has high quality and affordable prices.

5.1. Find a supplier

As with any business, including wholesale plain t-shirts, it is very important to find a reliable supplier. When it comes to evaluating a supplier, the supplier’s reputation is the first and most decisive factor in deciding whether to cooperate with the supplier or not. The manager should look at the following things to decide if the supplier is reliable or not:

  • The supplier’s information are clear: Does the provider exist; address, method of contact, and business license available? You can check the profile of suppliers through social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram..which contain numerous information about suppliers as well as contacts.
  • Transparency in cooperation: Does the supplier secure the supply of raw materials, maintain a long-term partnership? To answer the question, you should check the prestige and quality in some groups that relate to your field, especially garment importing from Vietnam.
  • Consideration of legal considerations: Check legal proceedings related to the supplier’s current and past contracts; Are suppliers compliant with standards and law? Check if they have a business license and headquarters.

The above are the most important factors you need to carefully consider when choosing a reputable wholesale plain t-shirts supplier.


Find a supplier of wholesale plain t-shirts

5.2. Some factors evaluate the supplier

If two wholesale suppliers of wholesale plain t-shirts offer the same product and service quality and performance, the lower-priced one will be more profitable.

Some factors evaluate the price of a supplier’s product and service mentioned:

  • Competition: The prices paid should be equal to those of the suppliers providing similar wholesale plain t-shirts wholesale. Enterprises should quote from many suppliers for better comparison and evaluation.
  • Stability: Prices should be reasonably stable over time.
  • Accuracy: The price on the order and the invoice should only have a small difference.
  • Price change: Suppliers need full advance notices when there is a price change.
  • Cost sensitivity: Suppliers must understand that the business needs to reduce costs of wholesale plain t-shirts wholesale, so they should proactively propose options to save costs.
  • Payment transparency: The average amount of time to receive credit notes is reasonable. Cost estimates are not subject to change.

Using the above information, you can figure out if the supplier you choose is good for your business, which will help you find a reliable wholesale source.

5.3. Fashionable shipping method

Fashion items, especially wholesale plain t-shirts wholesale, will have many different modes of transport, such as sea, air, road, etc. Depending on the importer’s location, the supplier will choose a shipping method that is suitable for reasonable transportation costs to avoid risks.

  • Sea shipping method: Sea freight can carry all kinds of goods at a low cost. However, the speed of the train is slow, so it takes a long time to get there. Because of the long shipping time, it is possible that the product quality will be affected. However, wholesale t-shirts are garments, so the product does not need to be too complicated to preserve
  • Air shipping method: The speed of the airplane is fast so it takes 1-2 days to receive goods. However, the shipping cost is expensive, importers use this method if products are so hard that couldn’t be preserved easily.

Depending on the number of shirts you order and your location, you should choose a suitable and safe method, save on delivery costs and achieve the highest economic efficiency.


Fashionable shipping method

6. Vinaz Garment: A reliable factory to buy plain T-shirts

Vinaz Garment is one of the top Vietnam clothing manufacturers that offers many products for wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

  • With the goal of becoming a market leader in garment exports, we are always striving to improve ourselves by constructing a contemporary facility to satisfy the industry’s ever-increasing expectations.

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Vinaz Garment: A reliable factory to buy plain T-shirts

Wrap up, wholesale plain T-shirts are an excellent method to promote your company’s brand. Distribute your logo or advertisement on plain T-shirts for a fraction of the cost of brand new ones! For optimum visibility, make your own original design and have it printed on blank tees.

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