Wholesale Leather Jackets

The wholesale leather jackets market is famous, driven by its economic efficiency and versatility across market segments. Explore this thriving product market.

Selling wholesale leather jackets is becoming increasingly popular due to its high economic efficiency, low prices, and suitability for a wide range of customer segments. Our guide will assist you in locating the best supplier to meet your requirements.

1. Materials for wholesale leather jackets

Leather jackets are made from a variety of natural, permeable materials, which means they will eventually absorb water. It also makes use of environmentally friendly materials.

1.1. Cowhide

Cowhide is a durable and versatile material that can withstand wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for jackets.

  • Over time, cowhide leather jackets have become a fashion staple and an essential part of many people’s wardrobes. Leather jackets have a timeless quality that has kept them popular throughout the decades. They are a classic piece of clothing that can be passed down through generations and still look stylish.
  • Many customers prefer cowhide leather because of its durability and classic look. As a result, distributor of wholesale leather jackets may choose to use cowhide leather in their jackets to appeal to a wider range of customers and increase sales.
  • Cowhide can be treated and finished in a variety of ways to achieve different textures and finishes, which adds to its popularity as a material for jackets.

Cowhide leather is a popular choice for wholesale leather jackets because of its combination of durability, versatility, availability, and customer preference.


The most common material in wholesale leather jackets is cowhide

1.2. Faux leather

A faux leather jacket is one that has been made from imitation leather. Distributors of wholesale leather jackets may choose to use faux leather material for leather jackets for a variety of reasons, including cost, ethical considerations, and practicality.

  • Faux leather is often considered a more ethical choice for consumers who are concerned about animal welfare. Faux leather is made from synthetic materials and does not involve the use of animal hides, which can be a more ethical option for those who want to avoid contributing to the animal leather industry.
  • One of the main reasons wholesalers may use faux leather material is cost. Faux leather is typically less expensive than real leather, making it an attractive option for distributors of the wholesale leather jacket who want to offer affordable leather jackets to their customers.
  • Finally, faux leather can be a practical choice for distributors of the wholesale leather jacket, as it is often more durable and easier to care for than real leather. Faux leather can also be produced in a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing wholesalers to offer their customers a greater variety of styles and designs.

While some customers may prefer the look and feel of real leather, the use of faux leather material for leather jackets can be a practical and cost-effective choice for distributors of the wholesale leather jacket.


Faux leather is the cost-effective choice for wholesale leather jackets

1.3. PU

PU leather is less expensive than genuine leather when used to make wholesale leather jackets because it is easier to manufacture. It is simple to clean because PU does not absorb water. This material is available in a wide range of colors and styles.

  • Using PU leather for leather jackets offers great cost benefits for distributors of the wholesale leather jacket. PU leather is generally less expensive than genuine leather, making it an attractive option for wholesalers who want to offer leather jackets at a more affordable price point.
  • In addition, PU leather is a versatile material that can be produced in a variety of textures, finishes, and colors. This allows distributors of the wholesale leather jacket to offer a wide range of styles and designs to their customers, which can be appealing to those who are looking for a specific look or color for their leather jacket.
  • Another advantage of PU leather is that it is often considered a more ethical choice for consumers who are concerned about animal welfare. PU leather is a synthetic material that does not require the use of animal hides, which can be a more humane option for those who want to avoid contributing to the animal leather industry.
  • Finally, PU leather is generally easier to care for and maintain than genuine leather. It is often more resistant to stains and water damage, and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The use of PU leather material for leather jackets can be a practical and cost-effective choice for distributors of the wholesale leather jacket, while still providing customers with a high-quality and stylish product.


A cost-effective solution for wholesale leather jacket suppliers is PU

1.4. Nappa leather

Nappa leather is superior to other types of leather in that it is softer, smoother, and more durable. The leather’s unique tanning process gives it a smooth and flexible texture that gives it a buttery feel once you brush your fingers across it.

  • Nappa leather is also known for its luxurious feel. It is often used in high-end fashion products such as designer handbags and shoes, as well as leather jackets.
  • Distributors of wholesale leather jacket who use Nappa leather for their leather jackets may be targeting customers who are willing to pay a premium price for a high-quality and luxurious product. Nappa leather is often associated with luxury and exclusivity, and may be a desirable option for customers who value quality and craftsmanship.
  • Nappa leather is also versatile in terms of its ability to be dyed and finished in a wide range of colors and textures. This allows distributors of the wholesale leather jacket to offer a variety of styles and designs to their customers, while still maintaining the high-quality and luxurious feel of the Nappa leather material.

The use of Nappa leather material for leather jackets can be a premium and high-end choice for distributors of wholesale leather jacket who are looking to offer their customers a high-quality, durable, and luxurious product.


Nappa leather

2. Top selling models of wholesale leather jackets

Wholesale leather jackets are an important part of any market and are available in a variety of styles, colors,2 and fabrics. There are many multiple kinds of leather jacket wholesale currently available, ranging from biker jackets to bomber jackets and flight jackets.

2.1. Biker Jacket

The biker leather jacket is the most well-known leather jacket style. This jacket is stylish as well as has a distinct “cool factor.” This jacket is available in a variety of options for features and colors, allowing you to personalize your biker jacket.

  • The biker jacket has a timeless style that has remained popular for decades. It was originally designed as a protective garment for motorcycle riders, but has since become a fashion staple that can be worn by anyone. Its classic design features a diagonal front zipper, a wide collar, and sturdy leather construction that gives it a rugged and edgy look.
  • In addition to its timeless style, the biker jacket is also versatile enough to be worn in a variety of settings. It keeps the wearer warm, windproof and water resistant. This versatility makes it a popular choice for customers who want a jacket that can be worn in a variety of situations.
  • Although it has been around for a long time, Biker Jackets never go out of fashion. The biker jacket is associated with a sense of rebellion and independence that appeals to many customers. It has been worn by cultural icons such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, and is often associated with a certain kind of cool and edgy attitude. So, distributors of wholesale leather jacket can import large quantities to sell for a profit.

The biker jacket’s timeless style, versatility, and association with a sense of rebellion and independence make it a popular and enduring model of leather jackets that continues to be in high demand among customers.


Biker Jacket

2.2. Bomber leather jacket

The bomber leather jackets has a straightforward design and is made of leather that is strong and long-lasting. It can be donned by both men and women.

  • Bomber jackets now come in a range of styles and designs, from classic leather to modern fabric versions, making them a versatile and fashionable choice for many.
  • Bomber leather jacket considered the friendliest king in leather jackets, regardless of gender or age. Therefore, the demand for this type of jacket is very large. This is the item distributors of the wholesale leather jacket should invest in business.
  • Bomber leather jacket, full convergence of a multi-function coat that you don’t need to worry about today how to wear them, how to combine clothes, with accessories, because it’s simple jacket, there have been dozens of creativity sprouting in how to mix playful, or youthful things that you can make. That’s the reason selling this item is a great idea.

In general, the bomber wholesale leather jackets will be very suitable for the young customer segment due to its high applicability, convenience, and comfort in all cases. This jacket is appropriate for all ages and can become a regular fixture in your business.


Bomber leather jacket

2.3. Flight Jacket

Another popular option for distributors of the wholesale leather jacket is a flight jacket, which is significantly more popular. This leather jacket has a simple, smooth, and functional shape.

  • They are made of sheepskin, which is commonly used in shearling jackets. This thick, soft, and insulating material does an excellent job of maintaining comfortable. This type of jacket will always be popular in winter and will become a hot trend.
  • Flight jackets are typically made from durable materials such as leather or nylon, which are resistant to wear and tear. This makes them a practical choice for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and motorcycle riding.
  • Besides, this leather jacket shows masculinity and style for men. Surely guys will always want to own at least one of these jackets. Since then, this jacket’s market has always been active.

This is an appropriate and coat that is warm for both adults and children. This coat will inevitably get to be a staple in your fall and winter wardrobe.


Flight Jacket

3. Some countries have strengths in supplying wholesale leather jackets

Wholesale leather jackets are an increasingly popular fashion trend. Many countries around the world are emerging as strong suppliers of wholesale leather coats, with Vietnam, Turkey, China, and India ranking at the top in terms of production.

3.1. Vietnam

Vietnamese garment producers are well-known for their low prices, high-quality raw materials, and skilled labor. This makes Vietnam an excellent choice for businesses looking to buy wholesale leather jackets in bulk at low prices.

3.1.1. Features

Wholesale leather jackets are rising in popularity in Vietnam due to their trendy designs and chic silhouettes.

  • Vietnam is a best pick for many retailers looking to buy wholesale leather jackets due to its reputation for fine fabrics and craftsmanship.
  • Vietnam has factories that produce leather jackets with very good infrastructure investments. It is now possible to produce goods quickly and effectively while maintaining the highest quality standards thanks to improvements in the quality of machinery.
  • The government of Vietnam has encouraged wholesale trade and created conducive conditions for growth. As a result, there won’t be much tax while importing leather jackets from Vietnam, and the transportation and order processes are both well-managed.

For those seeking high-quality clothing at a reasonable cost, wholesale leather jackets from Vietnam are an appealing option.

3.1.2. Advantages

Purchasing wholesale leather jackets from Vietnam has many benefits for customers, including high-quality products, money and time savings, and beneficial results:

  • Vietnam sells jackets of superior quality at a price that is significantly lower than that of other nations. This means that when you purchase a leather jacket in bulk at a discount price from Vietnam, you won’t have to choose between affordability and quality. You can have both.
  • Saving time and money by purchasing leather jackets in bulk from Vietnam is a great option. In comparison to other nations, it presents fewer issues with delivery, shipments, taxes, or customs procedures.
  • Due to Vietnam’s long history as one of the largest textile producers in Asia, the materials used in the manufacturing method are typically of higher quality than those used in other nations.

In summary, businesses, retailers, and customers can all greatly benefit from purchasing wholesale leather jackets from Vietnam.


Vietnam is the best country that supplies wholesale leather jackets at cheap prices

3.2. Turkey

Turkey’s leather industry requires no introduction due to its extensive leather heritage. Leather from Turkey has a history dating back for centuries and has thrived since then. Turkey is now one of the world’s largest producers of high-quality leather goods. Sheep and goat leather processing is its most well-known use, and it ranks second in Europe only to Italy.

3.2.1. Features

Wholesale leather jackets in Turkish are becoming increasingly popular, because of their fashionable designs and silhouettes.

  • Turkey’s leather industry outperforms others due to the high quality of its raw materials as well as manufacturing process. As a result, it is one of the top choices for many retailers looking to buy wholesale leather jackets.
    The Turkish wholesale leather jackets industry has a long history of leather processing dating back to the 12th century.
  • The methods of processing are extremely difficult and time-consuming in order to get a proper material from utilizing unprocessed animal skin wholesale leather jackets.
  • The Turkish’s leather processing industry has some advantages on the global market, because production is carried out in accordance with European standards and 70% of the leather produced in Turkey is made using environmentally friendly methods.

One of the top nations for producing and exporting high-quality leather and leather goods with distinctive designs is Turkey. Therefore, anyone searching for high-quality clothing will find Turkish wholesale leather jackets to be an appealing option.

3.2.2. Pros

Purchasing wholesale leather jackets from Turkey has many advantages of modern technology, including time and money savings for buyers:

  • 13 zones for industrial leather exist in Turkey today, using cutting-edge technology to create high-quality leather jackets.
  • Turkey has emerged as the global hub for leather materials, manufacturing, and technology. It has received accolades for its leather exports and is currently eager to showcase Turkey’s expertise in leather design on a global scale.
  • The Turkish leather industry focuses on developing design and fashion-based markets in order to increase their share of the international market.
    The Turkish government issued an action plan in 2013 to establish centers for leather, textiles, and apparel. As a result, the over-reliance on Istanbul and other sectors will be reduced. It has also decided to cut production costs.

The Turkish leather industry has a strong presence in all major leather markets and countries. There is no doubt that purchasing wholesale leather jackets from Turkey is a great option for businesses, retailers, and consumers alike.

3.3. China

China is now a major source of clothing for the rest of the world, with the biggest market share in wholesale leather jackets supply.

3.3.1. Features

Wholesale leather jackets in China are known for their diverse style selection and ability to produce large quantities quickly.

  • Wholesale leather jackets in China have grown in popularity in recent years due to the availability of highly skilled but low-cost labor. Their capable manufacturing capabilities enable them to produce a large number of products at once, allowing for a significantly larger supply of the product.
  • Furthermore, their simple transportation system allows the product to be easily shipped all over the world. As a result, wholesalers in China can obtain both high-quality as well as cost-effective wholesale leather jackets.
  • They are also well-liked in the fall and spring when worn with coordinating knit scarves, boots, or ankle socks for a cool yet casual appearance.

Wholesalers and retailers all over the world prefer to buy wholesale leather jackets from China due to the numerous options and the prices are so low.

3.3.2. Benefits and drawbacks

Because of the low prices, purchasing wholesale leather jackets from China is an appealing option for retailers and business owners.

  • The Chinese wholesale leather jackets necessary to successfully from the country’s large population, which results in a large domestic market and large-scale jacket production. This means that buyers can choose from a wide range of stylish and reasonably priced leather jackets.
  • Furthermore, the cost of production in China is cheaper than in other countries, providing buyers with the opportunity to save money on their orders.
  • You can also get customized designs and sizes that fit your exact needs if you work with the right supplier. Buying wholesale leather jackets from China allows you to take advantage of bulk purchasing discounts or even receive them for free.

However, the long-running controversy of purchasing wholesale leather jackets from China has caused many buyers to be concerned. Buyers are concerned that Chinese suppliers will produce counterfeit goods or sell low-quality goods.

China is the largest market share of wholesale leather jackets

3.4. India

In India, the garment industry is the only industry that employs both skilled and unskilled workers. The wholesale leather jackets industry in India is among the most important job creators in the country. It directly employs more than 35 million people in the country.

3.4.1. Features

Wholesale leather jackets manufacturers in Idia produce jackets ranging in quality from premium to economical, with all of the features that a good and stylish jacket should have. All leather jackets are of the highest quality and are reasonably priced.

  • The workforce in wholesale leather jackets in India is extremely large. It directly employs approximately 45 million individuals and indirectly employs 60 million more by means of related activities. Furthermore, the fabric industry labor-intensive, but It also makes use of unskilled as well as semi-skilled workers and is a significant source of income for women.
  • In India, leather is a significant industry. Indian leather accounts for up to 13% of total skin production worldwide. The wholesale leather jackets industry in India benefits from skilled labor, cutting-edge technology, increased industry adherence to international environmental standards, as well as the support of allied industries.
  • The government is launching programs that can assist industries in developing a skilled labor force that is capable of competing globally and supporting long-term economic objectives and programs like “Make in India.”

With such features, wholesale leather jackets are becoming increasingly popular in India. Whether you require one or a thousand wholesale leather jackets in India, you can be confident that you will receive a high-quality product at an unbeatable price.

3.4.2. Pros and cons

Before purchasing wholesale leather jackets in India, it is critical to carefully weigh the benefits of low input costs against the drawbacks of quality and supply chain.

  • On the plus side, buying in bulk can result in significant cost savings. You can also take advantage of lower labor costs and faster turnaround times. As a result, your input costs will be lower than in other countries.
  • On the negative side, there may be issues with quality control and supply chain management that will cause problems in the future.
  • Furthermore, natural disasters such as cyclones and floods can disrupt your supply chain in India.

Overall, if done correctly, purchasing wholesale leather jackets in India can provide some benefits. However, before making any purchases, it is critical to weigh these benefits against potential drawbacks.

4. Top reputable places where you can buy wholesale leather jackets

Do you want to do a wholesale leather jacket business but don’t know where to find reputable and affordable goods? In this section, we will discuss the top three places with the best wholesale leather jackets in the world, as well as provide contact information if necessary.

4.1. Vinaz Garment: A reputable Vietnam garment factory

Vinaz Garment is a wholesale leather jackets manufacturer in Vietnam. They sell high-quality men’s and women’s clothing all over the world. Their products are of high quality and fashionable. They also provide excellent discounts to wholesale customers.

Contact Vinaz Garment:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong street, Dinh Cong ward, Hoang Mai district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Whatsapp: (+84) 852579123
  • Email:

Vinaz Garment: A reputable Vietnam garment factory

4.2. Turkish Leather: A well-known place to buy wholesale leather jackets

As Turkish Leather, they are a leading wholesale company in Turkey that manufactures 100% leather jackets as well as handbags for men and women. With their knowledge of quality, they have developed into an important company with a valuable client base over time. Their leather jackets are made entirely in Turkey, and they have a wide range of models and color options. They can also produce your designs if you send samples.

  • Address: Sumer Mahallesi Adnan Kahveci 30/4 Sokak No: 68B Zeytinburnu, Istanbul.

4.3. Enchant Global: A trustworthy Indian place to buy wholesale leather jackets

Enchant Leather Co. operates a supplying unit for Real Leather Jackets in India, with approximately 10 craftspeople working around it works in shifts to sew the highest quality leather jackets. As one of the most famous Leather Jacket suppliers in India, they must ensure that they deliver original as well as 100% real Leather Jackets to their clients all over the world, as India takes pride in being one of the world’s leading real and genuine leather exporters.

  • Address: 12 Apsara Apts., KKG Marg, Juhu Tara Rd., Mumbai-49, India

4.4. Leatherings : A reputable online place to buy wholesale leather jackets

Leatherings is the best leather jacket supplier, producing over ten thousand leather jackets every year and transferring them all over the world.

  • Leatherings provide the best iconic pieces in bulk wholesale leather jackets at incredibly low prices.
  • They help you frame the appropriate attitude with an assortment of wholesale leather jackets that exude class and style.
  • Wholesale bomber jackets, biker jackets to custom leather jackets, and leather motorcycle jackets,… they have it all.

Bottom line, whether used for the cold or to dress up a formal or casual ensemble, the leather jacket wholesale collection is sure to wow. These wholesale leather jackets are available in a variety of amazing styles and shapes that are sure to flatter any body type and height. These very stylish outfits are likely to impress and look attractive on any occasion. Suppliers will almost certainly want to buy in bulk at competitive prices.