Wholesale Jeans For Men

There’s a lot you need to know about wholesale jeans for men, and we’ve gathered the most useful information to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

Wholesale jeans for men are a very lucrative business, attractive and especially has a lot of development potential. But first, if you want a successful men’s jeans business, you must find the most suitable source of jeans for your business in many criteria.

1. Materials of wholesale jeans for men

There are 4 materials for jeans, which are woven from many different sources. You must choose each material separately to divide them into different target customer groups accordingly.

1.1 Cotton denim fabric

This fabric is a bit expensive because it is completely woven from 100% cotton.

  • This cotton jeans material does not bring a feeling of squeezing, roughness, but usually gives the wearer a feeling of comfort and has the best ventilation.
  • However, because there is no component of spandex, the elasticity of cotton jeans is quite poor, sometimes creating inconvenience for the wearer. In addition, the 100% cotton composition makes the fabric very easy to wrinkle and shrink in size after washing.

Overall, cotton denim faric is a favourite material of fashion businesses because it gives them many benefits. Especially, It can gains more margin for them.

1.2 Denim fabric

Stretch jeans fabric is the perfect result of a combination of cotton and spandex. Of the four types of denim fabric, this is the most expensive fabric.

  • Their quality is also better than the other 3 types of jeans. Cotton material will bring softness, comfort and breathability to the wearer.
  • While spandex material will help bring maximum elasticity, creating convenience for all daily activities. At the same time, spandex also helps to completely overcome the wrinkle-prone nature of cotton. This is also a denim fabric that is popular with many customers, so wholesale jeans for men are also very fond of and choose many beautiful men’s jeans for this material.

Denim fabric is really a material that fashion business owner love. Because It has many benefits. I can help you increase the conversion rate after few months.

1.3 Cotton blend poly

Easy to understand as the name of this material will be a combination of cotton and poly fibers, this material will have a relatively low cost and lower than even 100% cotton pure jeans. The higher the percentage of poly, the cheaper the price will be and the harder the raw fabric will feel.

1.4 Recycled denim fabric

This is the lowest – cost denim fabric among the four types of jeans fabric produced in wholesale jeans for men, sewn from recycled fabrics.

  • These fabrics will usually have the main component of poly. Therefore, this is the fabric that creates the greatest discomfort for the wearer. And will inevitably feel uncomfortable about roughness and heat for the wearer.
  • Therefore, businesses that wholesale jeans for men should also pay attention before importing products with this material.

Many young people adore jeans fabric because it is vibrant and youthful, bringing a unique and impressive fashion style. Since its appearance, Jean fabric has always created an impressive attraction for fashionistas.


Wholesale jeans for men

2. Top countries for wholesale jeans for men

The textile industry today occupies a very large market share and is also an important milestone to evaluate the economy of a country.  Let’s take a look at some of the largest wholesale jeans for men in the world which are chosen by many businesses to import and sell these jeans.

2.1 China

China has long been famous around the world because the prices here are quite “cheap” compared to the quality of the products. Because even if the price of raw materials increases, the price of the product remains stable and does not change much. The technological equipment and machinery in China wholesale clothing suppliers are also very advanced and can produce a huge number of men’s jeans in a short time, these machines are bought domestically by wholesale jeans for men. The price is also much cheaper than imported machines. In addition, large-scale wholesale jeans are also favored by the state with many capital support policies from banks.

Advantages of working with wholesale jeans for men in China

  • Variety of designs and sizes
  • Price stability
  • Jean products in this country keep up with the prevailing trends, so they always match the tastes of consumers

Disadvantages of buying wholesale jeans for men in China

  • There is an additional cost of accommodation and travel if you want to go to the factory
  • Shipping costs can easily be pushed up if you don’t find the right shipping company
  • The price is pushed up if you do not have experience in wholesale jeans for men

2.2 Mexico

As a country is assessed to be the second largest exporter of men’s jeans in the world after China. Mexico is considered a country that wholesales jeans for men with reasonable prices and quality that businesses cannot ignore when surveying the market.

Known as a country with a large workforce accounting for more than 30% of the population with a high poverty rate. Many businesses here are also constantly equipped with modern technology and equipment, helping to increase the volume of jeans for men to be produced significantly and quickly.

Advantages of working with wholesale jeans for men in Mexico

  • The government has many laws to ensure that the price crisis is avoided for countries that import wholesale men’s jeans
  • Wide variety of selection with good quality
  • Many preferential policies on prices for wholesalers of men’s jeans

Disadvantages of buying wholesale jeans for men in Mexico

  • Shipping costs are quite expensive
  • Takes a little more time to select and check samples

2.3 Vietnam

Vietnam is the third largest textile and garment exporter in the world with an abundant labor force, a friendly investment business environment, and stable and flexible politics which are the main focal points and main strengths for Vietnam. Nam is the third-largest wholesale jeans for men in the world.

Advantages of working with wholesale jeans for men in Vietnam

  • Extremely competitive cost is a huge advantage that attracts many men’s jeans wholesalers to choose the top Vietnam jeans manufacturers as their partners.
  • Potential geographical location suitable for many means of transportation
  • Diverse models, suitable for many customer segments

Disadvantages of working with suppliers in Vietnam

  • You need to find reputable wholesale jeans for men supplier to get the most competitive price
  • An extra fee for an interpreter if you are a foreigner

In general, nowadays it is quite easy to find wholesale suppliers of men’s jeans because there are many countries backed by the government for many very attractive export policies, making the wholesale price policy of men’s jeans. also maximized savings.

all-about-wholesale-jeans-for-men-you-need-to-know (3)

Vietnam is the top choice for wholesale jeans for men

3. The most popular wholesale jeans for men

Fashion has more and more new trends for men to choose from from style, color to design. In which jean jacket is a fashion item that is extremely loved by men, especially for the young customer segment. Here are the models of jeans for men that any wholesale jeans for men cannot ignore because of its hotness and huge consumption.

3.1 Unisex plain tops

With jeans material that does not wrinkle, has high durability when used for a long time, does not ruffle, does not fade and does not burn the skin.

  • This type of jeans also belongs to the jeans for men according to the standard form of many people, diverse colors, creating a strong personality for the wearer. Easy to coordinate with jeans or shorts, sports shoes, sneakers, … going out, going to school, traveling are all convenient.
  • It means that wholesale jeans for men with this shirt model is easy to get orders because the target customer file may be more expanded, targeting more ages.

3.2 Khaki pattern

With this particular material, the men’s jeans wholesale model also has a variety of colors for customers to freely choose and easily choose such as: black, blue, beige, pink, yellow, orange.

  • Material made from khaki jeans, sweat absorption creates an extremely cool feeling, suitable for going out, walking on the street.
  • Jackets not only bring warmth in the cold season, help protect against the sun in hot weather, but also create a unique feature with a stylish modern fashion style for all ages, helping your goods to be consumed as well. Easy to use and more because of the variety of designs and never goes out of fashion.

3.3 Wholesale jeans for men with a very cool torn shirt pattern

Referring to the most popular and typical products for wholesale jeans for men, it is impossible to miss this cult hot jean model that has been sold out continuously.

  • In addition to helping the wearer have an attractive and personal appearance, this shirt style also shows the fashion ego of the wearer.
  • Although it is not too elegant, the guys all love the torn Jean jacket and try to promote it, especially the modern youth, so to wholesale men’s jeans with this model, it is also very important to pay attention to the group. customers your business is targeting

Jeans shirts always have a special appeal, so choosing wholesale jeans for men is also called a smart fashion business choice because beautiful jeans products are almost all favorites of customers from all walks of life or even from old to young, which proves that the limitation and risk of inventory is also much reduced compared to trading other fashion items.

all-about-wholesale-jeans-for-men-you-need-to-know (4)

Wholesale jeans for men with a very cool torn shirt pattern

4. Top trending styles of wholesale jeans for men

Jeans have always been quite familiar to consumers and especially to men. In it, there are many popular items, creating many fashion trends for many ages. Let’s take a look at some popular styles of jeans for men that cannot be ignored.

4.1 Popular styles of wholesale jeans for men with a fur pattern

Wholesale jeans for men with fur patterns will give you a wide choice of designs from delicate and impressive, to luxurious and elegant.

  • In particular, this shirt model is always in the top of the highest wholesale jeans for men in the weather when winter comes. The Men’s Fleece Jeans is an interesting combination of the durability of jeans and the softness of the inner lining.
  • Thanks to that, the wearer can both keep warm and have a comfortable but still fashionable outfit. That’s why it’s always the “attractive” item of fashion stores when the weather turns cold.

4.2 Double jean style

Double jeans is a classic fashion trend, perhaps no longer strange to the followers of jeans. In recent years, this style has returned with a whole new look when combining two jean outfits together. Easy to match with many styles is the hallmark of this style, which is also why wholesale jeans for men cannot be missed when promoting images with this fashion style.

4.3 Choose the Wild West style sure, your wholesale jeans for men will sell out quickly

American Western jeans have made their way into men’s fashion in the last season or two. Key items for this style include a trucker jacket, an oversized belt, and a denim shirt. However, this style will usually be reserved for customers who belong to a small group, not as wide as double jeans, so men’s jeans wholesalers should pay attention to the customer segment that has been oriented before.

It is not difficult to find and choose wholesale jeans for men that match the orientation of your customer file. But choosing how to match that design with the season, trend or customer behavior requires careful research to minimize unwanted risks in your business.


Choose the wild west style sure, your wholesale jeans for men will sell out quickly

5. How to find wholesale jeans for men suppliers

Because of the numerous advantages it offers, the wholesale sale of men’s jeans is well-liked and preferred by many. But this does not mean that anyone will be successful. Besides attractive sales strategies, you also need to find a wholesale supplier of quality men’s jeans. Find out now how to find suppliers that every “merchant” must know:

  • Looking for suppliers at wholesale markets
  • Find out about major suppliers through information on Google
  • Looking for suppliers from garment factories
  • Search for wholesale jeans for men suppliers of men’s jeans from information on e-commerce platforms
  • Looking for suppliers from nearby countries

Diverse sources of wholesale jeans for men will help you enjoy many big discounts from reputable suppliers. Nowadays, with the development of technology, finding suppliers is not too difficult when all information can be easily searched from the Internet.


How to find wholesale jeans for men suppliers

6. Top best wholesale jeans for men companies in the world

Along with the variety in designs and materials, jean products are very popular among men’s jeans wholesalers, with beautiful designs, comfortable and dynamic styles that are preferred by many people. Below are the best wholesale jeans for men companies in the world that you should not ignore.

6.1 Trend (Thailand) L.P

Men’s jeans wholesaler Trend (Thailand) L.P is operating and supplying jeans around the world with many beautiful designs and always available for customers to choose. With a closed process of raw materials and professional sewing human resources, Trend (Thailand) L.P. wholesale jeans for men is committed to always offering many models of high – class jeans at the cheapest prices.

6.2 Vinaz Vietnam Garment

Vinaz Vietnam Garment is a wholesale jeans for men with the most competitive price today.

These jeans products here have many designs, meeting all requirements of customers.

The products at Vinaz Vietnam Garment have strong stretchy fabric with beautiful colors, and are original products at the factory without intermediaries, so they are loved by many wholesalers.

Contact us:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong street, Dinh Cong ward, Hoang Mai district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Whatsapp: (+84) 369907777
  • Email:

6.3 Blue Age Jeans in Los Angeles

With 18 years of experience in the production and wholesale jeans for men. Blue Age Jeans enterprise is an address specializing in sewing prestigious jeans fashion, helping wholesalers to make better profits. Blue Age Jeans is currently a supplier of wholesale jeans with many quality and eye-catching designs for sales agents and small shops.

6.4 Flying Monkeys Wholesale

Another best wholesale jeans for men companies in the world worth your attention is Flying Monkeys Wholesale. This garment factory has most of the trending jeans models in the market in unlimited quantities. The colors of jeans for men here are also very diverse, including many colors such as: black, white, light blue, ash gray, Light / Medium / Dark Blue Jeans, …

6.5 Fibre2 fashion

Fiber2 fashion is a reliable, high-quality, large-scale wholesale jeans for men supplier. The jeans products here are all very unique and trendy, ensuring that imported businesses only “sold out”.

The jeans models at Fiber2 fashion factory are not only many in quantity but also diverse and rich in designs and designs.

The prices here are also extremely affordable, the product prices are low partly because the equipment and machinery here are also modern, so large quantities of goods are also produced quickly.

This is also the reason why businesses can rest assured not to worry about losses when cooperating with this wholesale jeans address for men

6.6 Wholesale Shopping

Continuing to be a reputable and quality men’s jeans wholesale address that you must note right away, Wholesale Shopping is a place chosen by many large and small business customers.

Wholesale Shopping is a place that provides quality jeans products at super good prices, super bargains.

Especially for establishments that are just starting their business, this will be an extremely safe choice because of the price policies, Shipping, exchange is extremely preferential that Wholesale Shopping brings.

The above are businesses that you can refer to and useful experiences when choosing a wholesale jeans business for men, useful for clothing shop owners to get the best results soon.