Wholesale Denim Jackets

Today, we’re delving into the world of wholesale denim jackets, perfect for newcomers in the business world. This knowledge will be invaluable for your venture.

As you know, there is too much competition with countless fashion brands ahead. However, choosing the right place to wholesale denim jackets in terms of price and items will be the key to your success on the road to successful denim jackets.

1. Materials for wholesale denim jackets

Denim is simply understood as raw fabric, they are woven very carefully with 100% cotton yarn. It is also the material evaluated by wholesale denim jackets as the most used fabric to produce jackets, more to evaluate and compare with the rest, because of the fabric properties.

The one thing that no wholesale denim jackets will tell you is the process to perfect a denim jacket. In addition to denim fabric is the main source of materials to create a denim jacket, to complete a quality denim jacket will also use other sources of materials such as:

1.1. Lining fabric

Lining fabric is used to line the inside of a denim jacket to effectively avoid visible seams. Lining fabrics are highly applicable in the apparel industry, especially a must-have for any wholesale denim jackets, as they make a very effective base not only for denim but also for many other fabrics together.

Lining fabric can also be used to make lining fabrics for see-through fabrics such as chiffon, lace, … Manufactures often use this material because it makes the wearer feel comfortable. In addition, it helps sellers reduce costs and increase sales.

1.2. Zippers

Zippers used to style denim jackets are also the type that must be carefully selected by the wholesaler denim jacket to ensure many of the criteria customers want such as durability, fit and fashion. Wholesalers also need to pay attention to small details like this to attract customers.

1.3. Stitching thread

Choosing the right stitching thread for denim is not an easy thing for a wholesale denim jackets. Because thin thread won’t be suitable for thick fabric, and thick thread will look rough on thin fabric. Therefore, wholesale denim jackets often spend a lot of time choosing the most suitable sewing thread in terms of material and aesthetics in their denim jacket.

1.4. Interlining

Interlining is considered an indispensable and widely used material in the garment industry from time immemorial, they play an important role in contributing to the beauty and functionality of the denim jacket. Any wholesale denim jackets needs it.

However, due to the nature of interlining, interlining uses only a small percentage of denim jackets, so it sometimes goes unnoticed by wholesale denim jackets. But using interlining of poor quality, floating on the market will cause denim jackets to degrade quickly, especially after the denim jacket has undergone many washings.


Wholesale denim jackets

Wholesale denim jackets

2. Pros and cons of wholesale denim jackets

Fashion trends from the past to the present have always changed constantly and quickly, denim jackets are no exception, wholesale denim jackets also always update more new models to change from time to time about fashion trends, or changes in designs from season to season and year to year. That’s because fashion changes with youth’s popularity and trends, which directly impacts wholesale denim jackets ever-changing designs.

2.1. Pros 

With the fashion business, especially the wholesale denim jackets, besides making sure to ensure the variety of designs, business establishments also have to ensure the quality of each denim jacket before reaching the customer. Because customer satisfaction is extremely important for a denim jacket wholesale store to be successful.

  • The wholesale denim jackets brings more advantages than the business of other fashion items because of the advantages that denim jackets bring, such as:
  • Denim jacket is very durable: The denim jacket is woven in two extremely strong layers, so when it comes to durability, it is undeniable and hard to compare with any other jacket material. Wholesaler denim jacket wholesalers say that, with proper care, a denim jacket can be used for up to ten years without any signs of wear or tear.
  • Easy to coordinate with many fashion styles: It is clear that we can easily transform many different fashion styles with just a denim jacket from a personality style, dynamic, youthful or dusty from the color and characteristic denim fabric. If wholesalers import this type, they will attract customers with the age of 25-45 years old. One of our customers sold over 10,000 sales a month with denim jackets.
  • Simple and easy denim jacket maintenance: To preserve the simple denim jackets we just need to preserve them by staying away from places with high humidity, you can hang the denim jacket on the closet or fold it. Contribute to eradicating the inventory worries of those who sell wholesale denim jackets
  • Denim jacket with high color fastness: Anyone who has owned a denim jacket knows that they still seem like new even after wearing them many times, contributing a lot to your aesthetic level.
  • Denim jackets are hard to wrinkle: Denim jackets are extremely wrinkle-resistant and every wholesale denim jacket says so. This is because the traditional method of weaving denim jacket fabrics with polyester fibers and weaving them with cotton yarns prevents the jacket fabric from shrinking, so the fabric of the denim jacket is also less prone to shrinkage, more wrinkled or creased.
  • Denim jacket with high breathability: Denim jackets have extremely good sweat absorption, breathability is also high, bringing an extremely comfortable feeling to the wearer.

Those are all the advantages of wholesale denim jackets, stores especially dropshippers & Amazon FBA love this jacket because of its advantages.

2.2. Cons 

Also, doing business in any industry will also have certain disadvantages, so does wholesale denim jackets. Such as:

  • Denim jackets are expensive: Like wholesale leather jackets products, these are more expensive than others. So take a look at your client file before making a final decision.
  • Denim jacket is not waterproof: This is one of the disadvantages that makes customers hesitate to buy denim jackets, but those who love denim jackets will still buy them.

Above are the disadvantages of wholesale denim jackets. Your store should carefully consider your customer file before importing products.


Pros and cons of wholesale denim jackets

3. Top best selling wholesale denim jackets in the world

Depending on the shape and preferences of each person, wholesale denim jacket can choose and import the appropriate designs. The special charm of this streetwear outfit will definitely help you easily reach the target audience that is also more special and impressive. Here are some of the best-selling denim jackets over the years:

3.1. Loose denim jacket

Loose clothes have been a top fashion trend for recent years and they show no signs of slowing down. Making the business also easier, it is very rare that “hugging goods” occurs when importing wholesale denim jackets. Some details make wholesale denim jacket so popular:

  • Material: 99% Cotton, 1% Spandex
  • Never goes out of style: A classic denim jacket will always have your back. This stylish take on a wardrobe staple is designed to complete any look. Best of all, it will never go out of style.

Loose denim jacket

3.2. Ripped denim jacket

Ripped denim is one of the rare creations of fashion that can never go out of style. Ripped denim jackets also have many styles, depending on the different models, there will be different tear points. There are 2 most popular styles of ripped denim jackets that those who buy wholesale denim jackets should not ignore, which are:

  • The torn style
  • The big hole style

Each style will bring a “breath” of its own style so your marketing will also become easier!


Ripped denim jacket

3.3. Denim jacket with zipper

Depending on the age of the customer group you are targeting, you will choose the right style of denim jacket so that the message conveyed to your customers is the most special and successful.

  • Zippered denim jacket style will help the wearer who is your target audience become more youthful and active.
  • With this zipper denim jacket model, your customers can also transform richly with many different combinations that are both strong and classic in their outfits.

Denim jacket with zipper

3.4. Colored bomber denim jacket

A more youthful and attractive variation for the business customer group you are targeting is the denim bomber jacket. This is also a model of wholesale denim jacket that is produced in extremely large quantities every year because of its uniqueness, difference, and rarity in the fashion industry, helping you to expand your target audience. arrive.

Whether going out, going to work, or on a romantic date, your customers can easily transform into true fashionistas with just this denim jacket.


Colored bomber denim jacket

3.5. Fur-lined denim jacket

The material of men’s fur-lined denim jackets must be said to be beautiful for free, excellent in all circumstances. This design also brings:

  • Your customers look strong: anyone who wears this denim jacket will become outstanding and individual every time.
  • Suitable for cold climates: In particular, this denim jacket model is the most imported by wholesale denim jacket shoppers in the autumn weather, expanding the potential customer group in places with cold climates and even sometimes lying in the cold weather. in a state of out-of-stock due to excessive consumption.
  • Highlight: The most special feature of this shirt is that the fur collar is both youthful and creates a bright spot for the face.

With these highlights, this will certainly be a shirt that buyers of wholesale denim jackets cannot ignore and, moreover is indispensable in the winter.


Fur-lined denim jacket

3.6. Korean-style denim jacket

It is an undeniable fact that Korean fashion has always had a strong and special attraction for a large group of Vietnamese consumers. If you are looking for a wholesale denim jacket style that ensures many factors such as:

  • Easy to sell
  • Stylish
  • Trendy

This Korean style denim jacket will be a good suggestion for you. The models of Korean wholesale denim jackets are also very diverse, often with simple but extremely outstanding and attractive motifs, which are easy to please the customer group you are aiming for.


Top best selling wholesale denim jackets in the world

4. Top Countries for wholesale denim jacket suppliers & production

International trade is increasing with every day, especially in the field of apparel, fashion industry in general and wholesale denim jackets in particular. More than 1 billion 105 million denim jackets are sold every year in the world. This is a great benefit for countries with strengths in textiles and exports of denim jackets. Below are the top countries for wholesale denim jacket suppliers and manufacturers in the world.

4.1 China 

China has long been the leading producer of denim related products when it comes to volume. China’s denim jacket manufacturing facilities are the top exporter of denim jackets in the world.

  • China’s competitive advantage is the extremely cheap wholesale price of denim jackets and a variety of designs.
  • However, in recent years these advantages have also gradually declined and are in danger of being eliminated.

Although their market share is sliding as Mexico and Vietnam try to close the gap, when it comes to the countries that export the most wholesale denim jacket, China is still the top supplier.

4.2. Mexico 

Mexico is known as a producer of high quality denim jacket products, they are the 2nd country in terms of quantity of denim jacket exports after China.

  • The competitive advantage of the manufacturers of denim jackets at wholesale prices in Mexico is that their product quality is very good based on American standards, and the border is close to the US, so it reduces transportation costs, thereby increasing competitiveness to compete with wholesale denim jackets from China.
  • Despite such a great advantage, Mexico is also fraught with risks because there are many scams. So not many people choose suppliers in this country.

In general, Mexico is also a lucrative market for those who intend to do business. However, you need time to research information about suppliers in this country.

4.3. Vietnam 

According to a latest report by the US Department of Commerce, Made in Vietnam products related to denim jackets have also made great progress when the import value of this country’s denim jackets increased about 2% per year.

  • With the advantage of cheap labor costs, many large enterprises and brands also choose to buy wholesale jackets from Vietnam to bring significant profit value. This shows that Vietnam still has a lot of opportunities as well as has a long way to catch up with other countries specializing in supplying and producing wholesale denim jackets in the world.
  • As for the disadvantage, if you only need to consider the shipping unit and their shipping speed to your main warehouse. Because the distance from Vietnam to the United States or some EU countries needs 30-60 days.

Vietnam is a perfect market for those who are doing business in the US or EU countries. That’s why you can consider & consult more about suppliers in Vietnam.


Vietnam – The best choice for wholesale denim jacket

4.4. Bangladesh

Bangladesh step by step this country is asserting itself to the world as one of the leading manufacturers of denim jacket products in the world.

  • Bangladesh is a country in South Asia known mainly for its very low cost of production which is also a great price advantage when it comes to exporting this country’s wholesale denim jacket.
  • However, the cost of shipping from this country to the US or EU countries is extremely expensive. Because of this, not many people import wholesale denim jackets from this country.

All of the above countries are not only great suppliers for wholesale denim jackets, but they are actually leading places for fashion wholesale.

5. How to find the best wholesale denim jacket suppliers

Finding a source of wholesale denim jackets that are both cheap and quality to import in large quantities is extremely important when you intend to sell denim jackets online. Understanding these concerns, below we would like to give some suggestions on how to find the best wholesale denim jacket supplier, quality original price and most reputable on the market today.

  • Sourcing wholesale denim jackets from previous experiences through large sales groups on Facebook or other media.
  • Google search according to the formula “denim jacket source wholesale / wholesale price”.
  • Find wholesale denim jackets at wholesale markets.
  • Sourcing wholesale denim jacket on marketplaces and e – commerce sites.
  • Refer to the source of wholesale denim jackets in Guangzhou, Japan, Thailand.

In general, it is much easier to find suppliers for wholesale denim jackets these days than in the past. Because we can already access the internet and connect to anywhere in the world.

6. Top the best wholesale denim jacket suppliers in the world

These manufacturer’s wholesale denim jackets are sourced from materials imported from countries with outstanding economies and modern fashion aesthetics such as France, USA, Japan, Korea…If you are planning to open a denim jacket shop, these are reputable sources that you need to save.

6.1. Vinaz Vietnam Garment

Referring to the most reputable and quality wholesale denim jacket suppliers in the world, Vinaz Vietnam Garment cannot be missing from this list. With many years of experience in supplying fashion items to nearly eight hundred agents and stores nationwide and exporting to other countries around the world, Vinaz Vietnam Garment has gradually affirmed the prestige of the brand.

  • The quality of the product: The dedicated advice to customers and above all, the price is also extremely cheap. Therefore, Vinaz Vietnam Garment receives the absolute trust of each individual and unit that has cooperated with them.
  • Return Policy: To avoid wasting both of your time, you can come directly to our production line to try the product.

Contact us:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong street, Dinh Cong ward, Hoang Mai district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Whatsapp: (+84) 852579123
  • Email:

Vinaz Vietnam Garment

6.2. Number One Industrial Co., Ltd

Number One Industrial Co., Ltd factory is located near the center of Quanzhou – China, this is a production base specializing in supplying and distributing cheap wholesale denim jacket for men and women for all their customers in the world, in large quantities and always in terms of quality. The items of this wholesale denim jacket supplier are also quite diverse and highly appreciated for their materials and designs.

  • The products: Most products from Number One Industrial Co. All focus on women. So if your business is a niche store for women’s fashion, you should partner with this company.
  • Return Policy: If you are not 100% satisfied with the product quality of Number One Industrial Co, you are completely allowed to return it.

6.3. Aarve Denims & Export Ltd

Manufacturer of wholesale denim jackets Aarve Denims & Export Ltd of Arora & VB Group in India has been in the textile industry for more than 50 years with a team of professional tailors, customers who buy denim jackets at wholesale prices can You can order tailor-made sewing in large quantities with quick completion time.

  • The products: All customers to Aarve Denims & Export Ltd are satisfied with the quality & service here. Vinaz Vietnam Garment & Aarve Denims & Export Ltd both own express shipping services by sea, saving time for businesses.
  • Many offers: This company has many incentives for their longtime customers.

6.4. Triple Pim Co Ltd 

Headquartered in BangKok, Triple Pim Co Ltd is one of the few wholesale denim jacket manufacturers on a small scale but their quality control system in product inspection is very strict and advanced designs are also diverse, suitable for many customers who are importing businesses for retail business.

  • Competitive price: In addition, the prices of the products here are also very suitable and affordable.
  • Big brand: Along with a clear sales policy on price, dedicated sales support has made Triple Pim Co Ltd a name trusted by many customers. If you have a business intention or want to find a reputable wholesale denim jacket, Triple Pim Co Ltd is a great choice.

Hopefully, the information shared above has helped you better understand the nature of the product that you have chosen for the upcoming business process, you may have had a better understanding of denim material in apparel, especially denim jackets.

The above article has also provided some information about the most sold wholesale denim jackets according to the data of each year, helping you to reduce your concerns about stock holding or lack of goods when conducting business. There is also useful information about the distributors and suppliers of the best quality wholesale denim jacket in the world, helping to suggest when you want to import wholesale denim jacket to start preparing for the business.

Finding a quality and reputable wholesale denim jacket supplier is also very important because it also largely determines the customer satisfaction you aim to achieve, directly affecting the success of your business. The upcoming online business is more convenient and easier. Good luck for your upcoming career!