Turkey T-shirt Price List The Latest Update In 2024

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T-shirt is the most basic wholesale apparel item that almost every company and retailer wants to purchase in huge amounts. Known for having one of the world’s most successful textile sectors, Turkey along with the Turkey t-shirt price is the subject that many people discuss.

1. Some popular types of t-shirt and their Turkey t-shirt price

T-shirts are a casual and simple yet flexible clothing item that can be easily matched with any other type of clothing and style. They come in various designs, and their Turkey t-shirt price can vary differently. Here are some of the most common and popular T-shirt designs and an estimation of their prices in the Turkish market:

  • Basic cotton t-shirt: Being a timeless wardrobe staple, the classic basic cotton T-shirt represents unmatched comfort and versatility. This item can work well with any outfit or style.
  • Organic cotton t-shirt: For those companies with an eco-conscious mindset that care a lot about the environment, the organic cotton T-shirt stands out as a basic and sustainable option. Although the Turkey t-shirt price for the organic cotton t-shirt is not as cheap as other items, it is worth every penny.
  • Graphic print t-shirt: Graphic print T-shirts are a clothing option that turn heads and tell stories through the images and patterns printed on.
  • Simple plain t-shirt: The timeless plain T-shirt, a must-have for effortless style, can be found in the Turkey wholesale supplier’s catalog. Simple yet essential, these pieces are what you need to build any capsule wardrobe.
  • Long sleeve t-shirt: Transition seamlessly between seasons around the year with long sleeve T-shirts that have cheap Turkey t-shirt price, providing comfy feeling and style. This item will be suitable for customers seeking both coziness and fashion.
  • Crew neck or V-neck t-shirt: Your company can satisfy every customer’s neckline preference with V-neck or crew neck T-shirts, showcasing varied fashion tastes.
  • Customized t-shirt: Customized or personalized T-shirts are available for companies that already have the desired designs, expressing the unique style.

The table below contains information about the newest Turkey t-shirt price. These are the average price of t-shirt in Turkey based on the data collected from many suppliers in Turkey, and are not affected by any MOQ standards.

Kind of t-shirt Turkish price International price
Basic cotton t-shirt 20-60 Turkish Lira (TRY) 0,7-2,1 USD
Organic cotton t-shirt 40-100 TRY or more 1,4-3,5 USD
Graphic print t-shirt 30-80 TRY 1,05-2,8 USD
Simple white t-shirt 20-50 TRY 0,7-1,75 USD
Long sleeve t-shirt 30-70 TRY 1,05-2,45 USD
Crew neck or V-neck t-shirt 25-60 TRY 0,875-2,1 USD
Customized t-shirt 40-120 TRY or more 1,4-4,2 USD

Please remember that these prices might not be accurate for every manufacturer or vendor in Turkey because they might be different according to some objective factors.


Some popular types of t-shirt and their Turkey t-shirt price

2. Major factors that change the Turkey t-shirt price

There are numerous factors that can contribute to the fluctuations in the Turkey t-shirt price. If you are a company looking to buy wholesale t-shirts from Turkey, you should be aware of this information.

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2.1. Fabric quality and composition might influence the Turkey t-shirt price

Fabric quality and composition are the first two main reasons that have a profound influence on the difference in Turkey t-shirt price. Here’s a detailed explanation of how the composition and quality of the fabric can shape the cost of T-shirts:

  • The affordability of basic cotton: Factories that use basic cotton to make t-shirts are often considered the most affordable options. Standard cotton, while still able to provide comfort, has cheaper production expenses, leading to T-shirts that are accessible to a wide range of varied customers.
  • Organic cotton and its sustainability premium: T-shirts made from organic cotton, usually known for their eco-friendly cultivation practices, command a more expensive Turkey t-shirt price in the market. The higher cost of sourcing and processing this material contributes to a higher price of t-shirt in Turkey.
  • Specialized Fabrics and Luxurious Blends: T-shirts utilizing luxurious fabric blends or specialized materials, such as modal or bamboo fabric, tend to have a higher production cost. It results in a pricier Turkey t-shirt price.
  • Performance-driven Innovations: T-shirts especially designed for performance with features like moisture-wicking blends, heatech, or technical textiles often come with a premium price tag.
  • Designer Fabric Affluence: In the realm of designer or mid-end to high-end branded T-shirts, the fabric selection is a key factor that makes the difference. These T-shirts often feature unique and high-quality fabrics, with detailed techniques adding to the exclusivity of the brand.

In summary, fabric quality and composition play a highly vital role in determining the Turkey t-shirt price. Consumers can navigate this diverse pricing landscape by choosing T-shirts from manufacturers that align with their preferences, ethical considerations, and budget limits.


Fabric quality and composition might influence the Turkey t-shirt price

2.2. The complexity of t-shirt designs

The complexity of T-shirt designs is a significant factor that can play a role in changing the average Turkey t-shirt price:

  • Simple Designs and Inexpensive Options: T-shirts with completely basic and uncomplicated designs are generally more budget-friendly for customers. These simple designs involve fewer production processes and less work to be done, contributing to a lower overall price of t-shirt in Turkey.
  • Graphics and Customization: As the complexity of graphics and design elements increases, so do the manufacturing expenses of t-shirts. T-shirts featuring complicated graphics, detailed prints, or customizations require more specialized printing techniques, additional labor, and potentially higher-quality materials to meet the needs.
  • Limited Editions and Exclusive Designs: Limited edition or exclusive t-shirt collections, often characterized by unique artwork or collaborations with famous artists, command a premium Turkey t-shirt price.

Overall, the complexity of T-shirt designs directly correlates with how the production cost can increase, subsequently influencing the pricing of wholesale t-shirts.


The complexity of t-shirt designs

2.3. The quantity of each order

The quantity of each order is an absolutely crucial factor that can significantly impact the Turkey t-shirt price:

  • Big Wholesale Orders and Economies of Scale: Sourcing T-shirts in larger quantities often leads to cost advantages owing to economies of scale. Manufacturers can easily optimize every production process, utilize resources more efficiently, and get better deals on input materials when handling bigger orders.
  • Medium-sized Orders and Balanced Pricing: Medium-sized orders, falling between large and small quantities, may still be beneficial because of some economies of scale. While the per-unit cost reduction may not be as much as with big wholesale purchases, manufacturers may still offer competitive Turkey t-shirt price for medium-sized quantities, which can range from a few dozen to a few hundred T-shirts.
  • Small Orders and Higher Unit Costs: Small orders, involving a limited quantity of T-shirts, often incur more expensive per-unit expenses. Small orders are typically defined by quantities that are less than a few dozen pieces.
  • Customization and Personalized Orders: Orders with customization, such as specific designs, colors, or branding, may incur additional setup and processing costs. Customized orders, irrespective of quantity, often involve tailored production processes that contribute to a slightly higher per-unit cost.

In summary, the quantity of each T-shirt order from Turkish suppliers plays a pivotal role in determining the unit Turkey t-shirt price. Individuals or businesses can leverage economies of scale by opting for bigger Turkey t-shirt wholesale orders to achieve cost savings.


The quantity of each order

2.4. The reputation and position of the Turkey t-shirt wholesale manufacturers

The reputation and position of each Turkish T-shirt manufacturer are other critical factors that can greatly impact the pricing dynamics in the market. Here’s how:

  • Established manufacturers with their premium pricing: Well-established Turkey t-shirt manufacturers with a long-standing reputation in the market for quality, reliability, and ethical practices often command premium Turkey t-shirt price. The trust, reputation built over the years, and perceived value associated with these manufacturers significantly contribute to their higher market positioning.
  • Trendsetting and Innovative Manufacturers: Manufacturers known for great innovation, trendsetting designs, or cutting-edge technology may position themselves as industry leaders. T-shirts produced by them, featuring the latest trends or technological advancements, may come with higher Turkey t-shirt price tags.
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable Manufacturers: T-shirts produced by eco-friendly manufacturers, incorporating organic materials or environmentally conscious processes, may be priced more expensive due to the added costs associated with sustainable processes.
  • Quality and craftsmanship as key differentiators: Manufacturers focusing on superior quality and craftsmanship often position themselves as providers of premium products. T-shirts known for meticulous attention to detail, durability, and comfort may be priced at a premium.

The reputation and position of Turkey t-shirt wholesale manufacturers play a pivotal role in shaping pricing strategies.


The reputation and position of the Turkey t-shirt wholesale manufacturers

3. Get the cheapest Turkey t-shirt price using these tips

If you can come up with a perfect strategy for finding suitable Turkish t-shirt manufacturers, getting the best deal on Turkey t-shirt price is not challenging at all. These tips we provide will help you a lot in the negotiation:

  • Order in bulk: Benefit from economies of scale by placing bigger orders, as we mentioned above. Manufacturers often offer advantageous discounts for larger quantities, reducing the cost of each T-shirt. This is a cost-effective approach, especially if you have consistent demand for these manufacturers.
  • Choose Standard Fabrics: Opt for T-shirts that are made from standard fabrics, like basic cotton. While premium materials like organic cotton or luxurious blends may offer enhanced features, they also come at a higher price. Choosing simpler fabrics can help keep costs down, which means that you can lower the Turkey t-shirt price.
  • Minimize Customizations: Customizations, such as complex designs, special prints, or intricate embroidery, can add to the production cost. Companies should consider simplifying the design if possible or choosing standard options to reduce the overall Turkey t-shirt price.
  • Negotiate Terms and Discounts: Don’t hesitate to negotiate with the Turkey t-shirt wholesale manufacturers. Discuss terms such as payment methods, delivery schedules, and potential discounts for bigger orders. Negotiating effectively can lead to more beneficial pricing.
  • Explore Different Manufacturers: You ought to try to explore different T-shirt manufacturers with varying reputations and market positions. While established manufacturers may offer premium products, newer entrants may provide cheaper alternatives without compromising the quality needed.
  • Build Long-Term Relationships: Establishing a long-term and faithful relationship with a Turkey t-shirt wholesale manufacturer can lead to more beneficial pricing over time. Manufacturers may be willing to offer loyalty discounts or better terms to customers with consistent orders or previous big orders.

Remember to communicate openly with your manufacturers, express your budget constraints, and work collaboratively to find a Turkey t-shirt price range that suits both parties. By using these tips strategically, you can enhance your chances of securing the cheapest Turkey t-shirt price for your specific needs.


Get the cheapest Turkey t-shirt price using these tips

4. Top suppliers with the most inexpensive Turkey t-shirt price

In order to identify the absolute cheapest Turkey t-shirt suppliers, it may require direct negotiation and exploration based on your specific requirements. However, here is a list of some manufacturers and suppliers known for providing cost-effective options in the Turkish market.

4.1. Beyazit Giyim

Beyazit Giyim has long been recognized for offering a versatile range of T-shirts designed especially to match with as many customer groups as possible. Their T-shirt collection encompasses various styles, from simple and basic to fashion-forward, and promotional designs.

Their emphasis is on providing the most comfortable and trendy options suitable for diverse consumer preferences. This manufacturer can quickly catch up with today’s prominent trends.

4.2. Ozgun Textile

Ozgun Textile stands out for its ability to handle small to extremely large T-shirt orders with a focus on customization and the effort to minimize overall expenses. They offer a wide variety of T-shirt styles, ranging from simple tees to more intricately designed choices that could fit almost every taste.

Clients can benefit from tailored solutions provided by Ozgun Textile that meet specific design and branding requirements.

4.3. Bravo Textile

Bravo Textile is a Turkish business that focuses on T-shirt production and is known for its flexibility in customization and good Turkey t-shirt price. Their T-shirt offerings include so many designs, and they are very good at providing options for custom prints, designs, and embroidery.

This makes them an incredible choice for those firms and individuals looking for personalized T-shirt solutions. This company can thoroughly understand all customers’ special requirements related to designing wholesale t-shirts.

4.4. Ataman Tekstil

Ataman Tekstil is another Turkey t-shirt wholesale supplier on this list that caters to the men’s fashion and apparel market with a focus on T-shirts. Their T-shirt collection is designed with a concentration on alignment with contemporary men’s style preferences.

From casual to more formal T-shirt options, Ataman Tekstil aims to provide a variety of choices for different occasions that still have to have an inexpensive Turkey t-shirt price.

4.5. Seza Textile

Seza Textile is a supplier of activewear, sportswear, and fashion-forward apparel, including T-shirts. Their T-shirt line can feature some designs that are suitable for various physical activities or outdoor activities.

This company puts lots of emphasis on quality materials that ensure durability and comfort.

4.6. Akcakaya Textile

Akcakaya Textile is recognized for its expertise in rainwear, but they may also produce T-shirts and other popular clothing items. Their T-shirt line is strongly focused on providing weather-resistant options, combining functionality with fashionable styles for individuals looking for practical yet trendy apparel.

Not only do they have great uses, but their wholesale t-shirt products also have extremely good Turkey t-shirt prices for customers. They ensure that every clothing product produced will meet the requirements of usefulness as well as aesthetics. This manufacturer also has a very affordable Turkey jeans price for you to consider.

4.7. Tambuk Tekstil

Tambuk Tekstil focuses on women’s fashion, offering a diverse range of clothing items, including T-shirts. Their T-shirt collection includes most of the trendy and fashionable designs suitable for different tastes, providing retailers and businesses with attractive options for their customers.

Tambuk Texstil will be a great business cooperation choice for your company if quality is what you are looking for.

4.8. LMG Textile

LMG Textile, as a Turkey t-shirt wholesale supplier with a focus on women’s fashion, likely includes a variety of T-shirt styles that have a really affordable Turkey t-shirt price.

From casual tees to more fashionable options, LMG Textile aims to cater to the diverse needs of women seeking trendy and comfortable clothing, including trendy t-shirts.

4.9. Adoksan

Adoksan, known for having a wide range of luxurious fabrics, may provide T-shirts made from premium materials like denim, knitwear, or woven fabrics. The T-shirt models from this company do not have a very unique design, but what makes them stand out is the fabric they choose to make the T-shirt while still ensuring a cheap Turkey t-shirt price.

Their T-shirt offerings are able to stand out for their innovative and unique fabric choices, providing distinctive and stylish options for fashion-forward consumers.

4.10. Kotonteks

Specializing in denim and denim-related fabrics, Kotonteks is able to offer a diverse range of denim T-shirts. People rarely see wholesale T-shirts made from denim fabric, but T-shirts like this will be extremely suitable for cool, street, and attractive hiphop styles.

These T-shirts may show off various finishes, weights, and colors, combining the classic appeal of denim with modern and fashionable designs.


Top suppliers with the most inexpensive Turkey t-shirt price

Before choosing a Turkey t-shirt wholesale manufacturer, it’s absolutely relevant to communicate directly with them so that both parties can understand the specific T-shirt options and needs, including styles, materials, and customization possibilities.

5. Vinaz Garment has prices as cheap as Turkey t-shirt price

Vietnam is a country that owns a garment industry that is among the top successful markets, with a total industry value of up to billions of dollars. Such achievements are possible because Vietnam has many existing advantages, along with the appearance of many outstanding wholesale manufacturers. Wholesale T-shirts are one of the key products made by them.

  • Vinaz Garment is one of the prominent names on the list of leading wholesale clothing manufacturers in Vietnam. Their wholesale t-shirts have competitive prices comparable to Turkey t-shirt price.
  • Thanks to many outstanding reasons, such as cheap labor, available input materials, in-depth accumulated experience, etc., Vinaz Garment is one of the few factories in Vietnam that can handle orders with diverse quantities while still ensuring uniform T-shirt quality.

If your company is having difficulty finding a wholesale clothing factory with a cheap Turkish t-shirt price, try considering Vinaz Garment Company from Vietnam.


Vinaz Garment has prices as cheap as Turkey t-shirt price

This article has compiled and provided all the detailed information about aspects of the Turkey t-shirt price to help you get the necessary data and make appropriate decisions. In addition, you can find out more information about wholesale T-shirt prices in Turkey by researching documents from search engines as well as other garment factory companies.

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