Find out The Top Vietnam Fabric Suppliers For Quality Textiles

Vietnam fabric suppliers have earned widespread acclaim among businesses for their exceptional textile quality and attractive, competitive pricing.

Vietnam is one of the most important places to make fabric, especially since the Vietnamese government fully supports the industry. This article will provide information about Vietnam fabric suppliers and explain why they are a potential partner for your business.

1. Overall information about Vietnam fabric suppliers

When it comes to clothing production, Vietnam fabric wholesale from Vietnam fabric suppliers has become one of the first ideas that every nation wants to import from.

  • Fabric production is a long-standing tradition in Vietnam fabric wholesale, some craft villages were formed very early, such as Van Phuc – Ha Dong, (Duy Xuyen – Quang Nam, Tan Chau (An Giang)
  • Fabric production and export is a strong and dominant economic sector for the Vietnamese market. Currently, Vietnam fabric wholesale is the main focal point for many big countries in the garment wholesale market. Specifically, Vietnam is in the top 30 countries with the largest fabric export rate in the world; the proportion of the export industry accounts for 35% of the national economy.
  • Vietnam has an abundant source of high-quality raw materials, so it is imported by wholesalers to make their products. Thanks to its good quality and affordable price, Vietnam fabric wholesale from Vietnam fabric suppliers is always the first choice for international wholesalers

In short, Vietnam’s fabric wholesale industry has become a popular destination for buyers and manufacturers looking for high-quality fabrics at competitive prices.


Overall information about Vietnam fabric wholesale


2. The advantages of Vietnam fabric suppliers in the global fabric industry

Exporting textiles made in Vietnam has many benefits for Vietnamese fabric makers. Vietnam has a long tradition of fabric production. It also has an abundance of low-priced raw materials, trained personnel, and cutting-edge machinery. Also, the Vietnamese state gives tax advantages and other regulations that benefit Vietnam fabric suppliers that export their goods overseas.

2.1. The raw materials are cheap and of good quality

Vietnam has a long history in the fabric industry and a plentiful supply of indigenous raw materials. Furthermore, Vietnam is close to China, the world’s largest fabric supplier, so the Vietnam fabric suppliers can access cheap raw materials.

  • Many famous traditional craft villages and abundant raw materials were formed in the country very early.
  • Vietnamese fabric manufacturers have access to cheap raw materials because the country is located next to China, which has the largest supply of fabric in the world and also has a large and long -term trade relationship with Vietnam.

With abundant ingredients, Vietnam fabric suppliers are always a destination for garment manufacturers in the world.


The raw materials used by Vietnam fabric manufacturers are cheap and of good quality

2.2. Skilled workers

Nowadays, more than 2 million people, equivalent to more than 20% of all employees in the processing and manufacturing sectors, are employed in Vietnam fabric suppliers

  • Vietnam fabric manufacturers have highly trained workers. Vietnam has a long history of clothing production, and old generations have a lot of knowledge to pass on to the next generation. Craft villages are also established very early, so production skills are made early and skillfully formed
  • Vietnam has a large workforce and a high proportion of youth, which leads to low labor costs. Vietnam fabric suppliers pay their workers a modest wage, but their workers are highly skilled and well-trained.

The workers in Vietnam fabric suppliers are always well -trained, and highly specialized to create the highest quality products.


Vietnam fabric manufacturers have skilled workers

2.3. Cutting-edge equipment and technologies

To provide the best products for the market, Vietnam fabric suppliers use strict production processes and quality assurance procedures.

  • Vietnam fabric suppliers use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to boost productivity and raise the quality of their products.
  • Vietnam has a long history of making fabric, therefore Vietnam fabric manufacturers constantly update their products with new technologies.
  • As the fabric sector is so crucial to Vietnam’s economy, the government makes it a priority to regularly update and improve the technology and equipment utilized by Vietnam fabric suppliers.
  • To keep up with the high level of specialization of the industry, Vietnam fabric manufacturers regularly update and focus on investing in specialized equipment and technology.

Now, information and digital technology is being widely used in the field of manufacturing, customers no longer need to visit a Vietnamese fabric factory directly to check the product and can be done online.


Vietnam fabric suppliers use cutting-edge equipment and technologies

2.4. Competitive prices

Vietnam fabric suppliers are renowned for providing high quality at affordable pricing.

  • Vietnam’s textile industry has the benefit of cheap and abundant raw resources. The raw material and accessory production for
  • Vietnam’s fabric industry is cost-effectively controlled, and the input supply is reliable. The production costs are lower than those of other countries, this is one of the reasons why Vietnam fabric suppliers can provide products at reasonable prices.
  • Vietnam has a vast labor force, a large young population, and cheap labor costs. Vietnam fabric suppliers are able to provide goods of outstanding quality at reasonable rates due to cheap labor and manufacturing expenses.
  • Moreover, Vietnam is close to the East Sea, a significant “bridge” for commerce on the global nautical map. Transport expenses for both raw materials and finished goods are greatly reduced thanks to this location. As a result, Vietnam fabric suppliers are able to provide their goods at a significantly lower cost than in other nations.

Vietnam fabric manufacturers have been occupying a large market share in the global fabric industry by providing high quality goods at affordable prices.


Vietnam fabric suppliers have reasonable prices

2.5. Vietnam fabric suppliers are supported by government policies

The Vietnamese government has put in place a variety of policies aimed at motivating domestic textile manufacturers to boost exports.

  • The supplies imported by Vietnam fabric suppliers won’t be subject to taxes. Participation in various trade agreements has also facilitated the export of Vietnamese textiles to other countries.
  • To increase the market for Vietnam fabric suppliers and Vietnam textile manufacturers, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the government actively support and encourage trade promotion events, exhibits, and connections between local businesses and overseas markets.
  • As free trade agreements are always being negotiated, Vietnam textile manufacturers have a great chance of growing greatly on the international market and gaining access to markets in places like Canada and Australia. With advantageous tariff requirements and rules of origin, FTAs continue to actively support Vietnam’s textile and apparel exports. Also, the EVFTA roadmap, which gradually reduces the import tax rate, continues to increase the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods in global markets.

Vietnamese fabric and apparel items are occupying a significant portion of the worldwide market as a result of the Vietnamese government’s support for Vietnam fabric suppliers in both production and export.


Vietnam fabric manufacturers are supported by government policies

3. How to find reliable Vietnam fabric suppliers for your textile need

Finding reliable Vietnam fabric suppliers or Vietnam cotton fabric suppliers for your textile needs can be challenging, but here are some tips that can help you:

  • Conduct thorough research: Use search engines and directories to find a list of potential Vietnam fabric suppliers. Look for wholesale fabric suppliers that specialize in the type of fabric you need and have a good reputation in the industry.
  • Check for certifications: Look for Vietnam fabric suppliers or Vietnam cotton fabric suppliers that have relevant certifications, such as ISO 9001 or Oeko-Tex Standard 100. These certifications indicate that the supplier has met certain standards and adheres to best practices.
  • Ask for samples: Before making a large order, request fabric samples from potential Vietnam fabric suppliers. This will allow you to examine the quality of the fabric and test its durability and colorfastness.
  • Check references: Ask potential Vietnam fabric suppliers for references from previous customers. Contact these customers to find out about their experiences with the supplier and the quality of their products.
  • Visit the supplier: If possible, visit the Vietnam fabric supplier’s factory or showroom to see their products and manufacturing process firsthand. This will give you a better understanding of their capabilities and quality control procedures.
  • Negotiate terms: Once you have found reliable Vietnam fabric suppliers or Vietnam cotton fabric suppliers, negotiate the terms of your order. This includes the price, delivery time, and payment terms. Make sure you have a clear agreement in writing to avoid misunderstandings.

In a nutshell, finding reliable Vietnam fabric suppliers requires patience, research, and due diligence. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of finding a supplier that meets your needs and provides high-quality products.


Tips to find reliable Vietnam fabric suppliers for your textile need

4. Top 10 best Vietnam fabric suppliers you should know about

Here are some of the top fabric suppliers in Vietnam:

4.1. Vinaz Garment

Vinaz Garment is a well-established textile manufacturer and one of the top Vietnam cotton fabric suppliers based in Vietnam. With their focus on quality and innovation, they have become one of the biggest fabric suppliers in Vietnam.

One of the key strengths of Vinaz Garment is their ability to produce a wide range of fabric materials, including cotton, polyester, and blends. They have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that uses the latest technologies to produce high-quality fabrics that meet the needs of their customers.


Vinaz Garment is one of the biggest Vietnam fabric suppliers


4.2. Pacific Textile

Pacific Textiles is a leading textile manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam. They offer various fabrics, including cotton, linen, rayon, and silk. They also have a comprehensive quality control process to ensure their fabrics meet industry standards.

Pagatex pledges that its fabrics won’t fade, won’t rumple when used, and won’t include any prohibited materials that might irritate the skin. Strong products from Pagatex include premium workwear fabric, office and school uniform fabric, medical uniform fabric, fabric pages for restaurants, hotels, resorts, and the armed forces, men’s and women’s khaki pants, bedding market-ready floral-printed fabrics, fabric for children’s clothes, backpacks, purses, and caps.

4.3. Thien Ha Fabric

As an experienced producer of gauze, yarn, khaki fabrics, and precursors from a fabric weaving establishment with a wealth of experience, Thien Ha Yarn & Trading Co., Ltd. has grown steadily from the scale of a single household that has progressively made an impression on the market.
They have grown to be a sizable organization with close to 200 canvas frames under the management of a group of talented, motivated, and energetic employees. Their goods, which include standard items like medical gauze cloth in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, gauze cloth, baby wipes, etc., have solidified their reputation in the market. –

4.4. Hoa Tho Textile

Hoa Tho Textile is a leading supplier of silk fabrics in Vietnam. They have been in the business for over 30 years and have a reputation for high-quality silk fabrics. They offer a range of silk fabrics, including raw silk, silk satin, and silk crepe. Besides, they still produce fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and nylon for both domestic and international markets.

In addition to producing, supplying, and exporting fabrics, Hoa Tho Company is also a business partner, providing equipment, machinery, and accessories related to garments. Hoa Tho’s partners include not only wholesalers and retailers but also factories.

4.5. Phuc Hao Fabric

Founded in 2008, Phuc Hao Trading Service Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and providing industrial and garment textiles that are extensively used in both local and international markets. Alongside completed polyester textiles and raw polyester fabrics, they also get textile dyeing, weaving, and finishing goods that combine UV protection, sweat-absorbing materials, waterproofing, and other features requested by customers.

Oxford Fabric, Poly Taffeta, Poly Satin, Poly Pongee, Poly Chiffon, Poly Melange, Poly Micro Fiber, and Textilene are some of their best-selling items. Among the many uses for which the patterns are appropriate are the following: fashion clothing (suits, office wear, jackets, counters, evening wear, coats, etc.); interior and outdoor décor (tarpaulins, tents, cushions, umbrellas, chairs, etc.);…

4.6. Santex Co., Ltd.

Casual cotton, soft linen, luminous silk, and various fabric blends are among the kinds of materials that Santex offers for sale. The fabrics made by Vietnam fabric suppliers are distributed to various sectors. Some of these are garments, household goods, and industrial uses. Santex has been really famous for its high-quality, carefully-made fabrics and ability to personalize products that match customers’ needs. 

From affordable to high-end fabrics, basic to complex, woven or knit fabrics, you can find them all in Santex’s wholesale fabric catalog. With such a diverse range of options, customers will not worry about not being able to choose the right fabric when cooperating with this company.

4.7. An Phu Fabric

An Phu Fabric is a material enterprise that supplies a lot of fabric options catering to various household or clothing preferences. From their offerings, you can discover multiple materials, consisting of cotton, polyester, and excellent choices as well. This company’s reliability and ability to respond to varied market needs have made them famous today. 

If you are wondering about a variety of Vietnam fabric suppliers, consider An Phu Fabric. This business can meet all the basic standards set for choosing a suitable business partner.

4.8. Thuy Tien Fabric Company

Thuy Tien Fabric has a good reputation for providing diverse sorts of fabric, such as cotton, linen, and mixes. Dozens of material alternatives are available for companies to pick from to produce clothing and textiles in the apparel industry. Their affordable rates and exceptional knack for sourcing merchandise are what make them reputable. 

Vietnam is currently among the strongest exporting countries in the garment market, thanks to its advantages in price and quality. So it is not surprising that Thuy Tien Fabric Company can offer an extremely affordable price for their fabric products. This has attracted countless customers to this business.

4.9. Long Hai Company Limited

Among the fabrics provided by Long Hai Company are numerous kinds, encompassing both knitted and woven. By selling the necessary materials and accessories, Long Hai Company has contributed to the formation and improvement of the wholesale clothing sector.

What makes this company so successful is that they continuously innovate and improve their production processes. They receive feedback and suggestions from customers and correct their imperfections. This makes every customer feel that it is a thoughtful and visionary business company. This is also what makes Long Hai Company different in today’s fiercely competitive garment market.

4.10. Nam Dinh Textile and Garment JSC – NAGOTEX

Many customers are very familiar with NAGOTEX, since it is a company recognized for providing fabrics utilized in clothing production processes. The effort to guarantee that the materials are environmentally friendly is absolutely relevant to them. You are presented with a large range of different fabrics, including organic, manmade, and recycled fabrics. 

Their renown lies in how they work tirelessly to come up with and produce the best environmentally concious products. If your company cares a lot about protecting the environment and strengthening its reputable image, cooperating with NAGOTEX will be an extremely good decision.

5. Types of fabrics that Vietnam fabric suppliers supply

Vietnam is known for its textile and garment industry, and fabric suppliers in Vietnam offer a wide range of fabric options to meet the needs of customers around the world.

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5.1. Shantung Taffeta

A silky woven cloth named shantung was first produced in the Shandong region. It has the appearance of dupioni, a common cloth in Vietnam but it’s a little thinner and less crooked. Shantung is mainly imported by manufacturers to make wedding dresses.

  • Shantung from Vietnam fabric suppliers is a silk fabric with distinctive uneven ridges known as slubs. Despite its somewhat uneven texture, fabric experts regard shantung as the gold standard of silk textiles, and this fabric is a favorite option for high-end wedding dresses.
  • Shantung has a crisp texture similar to that of many silk textiles, and because of its lightness, it drapes gracefully. One of the thinnest varieties of silk fabric available, stantung’s slightly fluted texture gives it a striking contrast to other varieties of silk fabrics.

This fabric is often chosen by wholesalers because it is reasonably priced, easy to sell, and brings high economic benefits.


The first popular fabric from Vietnam fabric suppliers is Shantung Taffeta

5.2. Bengaline Fabric

The beautiful Shantung Taffeta to the strong Bengaline weave is the most popular Vietnamese fabric.

  • Bengaline, a rayon and cotton fabric, rose to popularity as a clothing material for women and kids in the 1880s and 1890s. While it contained less silk than cotton, it gave the impression of real silk.
  • Bengaline is a robust, glossy, elastic fabric with a transverse rib that is often combined with polyester and spandex and is created from fibers like rayon, nylon, or cotton. It is one of the favorite fabrics of wholesalers since it is simple to work with and offers any clothing an exquisite appearance. It’s ideal for making form-fitting trousers, skirts, dresses, and customized suits.

This is a high-quality fabric from Vietnam fabric suppliers and is often exported to European countries.


The second type of fabric from Vietnam fabric manufacturers is Bengaline Fabric

5.3. Ebony Satin

One of the most exported textiles from Vietnam fabric suppliers is ebony satin, a stunning silky handwoven material manufactured in the country’s southern provinces.


Another popular type of fabric from Vietnam fabric manufacturers is Ebony Satin

6. Some questions related to Vietnam fabric suppliers

In this part, we will answer some questions related to Vietnam fabric manufacturers to help you better understand them

6.1. What countries are importing fabrics

Vietnam is well-known around the globe as a major manufacturer of fabrics. Vietnamese fabrics are popular among many nations that specialize in producing apparel because of their great quality and durability. These nations include the US, many European nations, China, and many other countries.

6.2. Why are Vietnam fabric suppliers so developed

Being one of the main economic sectors in the nation, the Vietnamese government always actively supports the fabric industry. In addition, making cloth has been a traditional craft in the nation for centuries. The biggest Vietnamese fabric producers are able to create textiles for export by fusing both cutting-edge technology and age-old traditions.

6.3. How big is the Vietnamese fabric industry

Vietnam’s fabric sector now accounts for 15% of the nation’s GDP, and in the next years, this percentage is anticipated to rise.

6.4. What fabrics are exported

Vietnam fabric manufacturers are renowned for both common cotton fabrics and unique fabrics including Shantung taffeta, Bengaline weave, and Ebony satin. The world-famous luxury designers who employ them to produce their masterpieces have a special fondness for these fabrics

6.5. Are Vietnamese fabrics handmade

Some of the fabrics produced in Vietnam fabric manufacturers are manufactured with the help of automated processes in order to provide a sufficient amount of fabrics for an ever-increasing demand. However, there are more exclusive types of fabrics that are handmade according to ancient Vietnamese traditions, such as high-quality hand-weaved silk fabric.


In conclusion, with a mix of quality, affordability, and a large selection of textile options, Vietnam fabric suppliers are a major force in the international textile industry. Their commitment to ethical behavior and sustainability further increases their appeal. In order to source textiles from Vietnam’s fabric suppliers successfully, you need to focus on quality control to make sure the materials match your requirements and standards, communicate effectively, and do thorough research.

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