Top 10 Best Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers For Business Success

Vietnam clothing manufacturers offer a wide range of items in terms of qualities, designs, and price points that can be highly advantageous for businesses.

Vietnam stands out as one of the most successful countries in the garment industry. This nation hosts an extensive network of clothing manufacturers and distributors, positioning it as a perfect choice for those seeking wholesale clothing manufacturers.

1. The strength of Vietnam clothing manufacturers compared to others

Vietnam clothing manufacturers possess several strengths, such as abundant raw materials, high-quality products, affordable prices, modern technology and machinery, and government support, which contribute to their competitiveness in the global market when compared to others.

1.1. Abundant material sources

Vietnam boasts a rich history in the garment industry, which is complemented by an abundance of local raw materials.

  • Vietnam’s favorable climate and soil conditions create an environment conducive to the cultivation of various fibers, such as cotton and silk, providing Vietnam clothing manufacturers with a readily available and sustainable source of inputs for production. This proximity helps streamline production processes, reducing costs and the environmental impact associated with transportation.
  • Situated adjacent to China, the world’s leading fabric supplier with affordable raw materials, Vietnam clothing manufacturers have access to exercise control and discretion in selecting input materials, ensuring the production of garments of the utmost quality.
  • Additionally, as the global demand for sustainable and locally sourced materials grows with the abundance of domestic fibers, Vietnam clothing manufacturers can easily fulfill these changes. The focus on sustainability aligns with the country’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, further enhancing its reputation in the international garment industry.

With the aforementioned factors, Vietnam clothing manufacturers can choose and control the source of raw materials for manufacturing high-quality products.

Abundant material sources

Abundant material sources

1.2. Skilled workforce

Currently, Vietnam clothing manufacturers boast a relatively highly skilled workforce in garment manufacturing.

  • The country’s rich textile history is evident in traditional craft villages like Van Phuc Silk Village, Trieu Khuc Village (Hanoi), and Meo Village (Thai Binh) provide specialized knowledge, fostering a workforce with deep-rooted expertise.
  • With traditional craftsmanship and textile techniques that have been passed down through generations, Vietnam clothing manufacturers possess a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to create high-quality products.

In summary, the experienced workforce in Vietnam’s textile industry is a key factor in its success and prominence in the global textile market.

Skilled workforce

Skilled workforce

1.3. Competitive prices

Wholesale Vietnam clothing and apparel manufacturers are well renowned for their very competitive pricing on top-notch goods.

  • Vietnam clothing manufacturers have cheap and abundant raw materials. The stability of the input source, coupled with the efficient optimization of raw materials and accessory manufacturing, characterizes Vietnam’s wholesale clothing market.
  • Benefiting from a predominantly young population, Vietnam enjoys a plentiful workforce and low labor costs. This helps wholesale Vietnam clothing manufacturers reduce production and operating costs, providing high-quality products at affordable prices.
  • Furthermore, Vietnam clothing manufacturers receive government support, including exemption from import taxes on input materials and no tariffs on exports, enhancing their competitiveness.
  • Vietnam’s strategic location near the East Sea further minimizes transportation expenses, allowing suppliers to offer their goods at significantly lower prices compared to other nations, solidifying their position in the global garment market.

In summary, wholesale clothing manufacturers in Vietnam leverage these advantages to solidify their position in the global garment market, delivering top-notch products at cost-effective prices.

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1.4. High-tech production lines

Vietnam clothing manufacturers maintain rigorous quality control and production processes, providing cutting-edge equipment to enhance both output and product quality for wholesalers.

  • With a long history in clothing manufacture, wholesale Vietnam clothing manufacturers regularly update their products, ensuring high quality and guaranteeing product designs.
  • Manufacturing of garments is a vital part of Vietnam’s economy, so the government places a constant emphasis on fostering and improving the equipment and machinery of Vietnam clothing manufacturers.
  • Wholesale Vietnam clothing manufacturers invest in specialized technology and equipment to keep up with the industry’s high degree of specialization.

The advancement of technology and digitalization in manufacturing eliminates the necessity for customers to visit a garment factory in Vietnam for in-person product examination; now, they can conveniently do so online.

High-tech production lines

High-tech production lines

1.5. Supportive government policies

Many government policies are imposed to encourage wholesale Vietnam clothing manufacturers to export their products abroad.

  • The materials imported from wholesale Vietnam clothing manufacturers will not be taxed. In addition, with the participation of many trade agreements, the products of Vietnam clothing manufacturers as well as Vietnam kidswear supplier are also easier to penetrate foreign markets.
  • Besides actively promoting products through international events, media, and online platforms, Vietnamese trade agencies, both abroad and domestically, play a vital role in connecting local enterprises with foreign markets, aiding the expansion of Vietnam’s textile and garment industry.
  • Ongoing free trade agreements, such as CPTPP, EVFTA, and RCEP, provide substantial opportunities for wholesale Vietnam clothing manufacturers to expand in international markets, including Canada and Australia. These agreements offer preferential tariff commitments and regulations on origin, enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods abroad.

Vietnam clothing manufacturers are always supported by the government in production and export, so Vietnamese clothing products are increasingly capturing a large share of the international market.

2. The benefits of buying from Vietnam clothing manufacturers

Explore the numerous advantages associated with purchasing your garments from Vietnam clothing manufacturers.

2.1. High-quality products

Vietnam is renowned for producing high-quality fabrics and clothing items, making it a preferable choice for wholesale clothing buyers.

  • With a longstanding history in the textile industry, many Vietnam clothing manufacturers have had expertise for generations.
  • Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process, Vietnam clothing manufacturers ensure excellence in every aspect of the garment, from stitching to buttons and zippers.
  • Remarkably, even with large quantities, their products consistently maintain supreme quality, fostering reliability for customers.

Overall, the high-quality offerings from Vietnam clothing manufacturers can be a major advantage for buyers, providing them with clothing items that are well-made, durable, and tailored to meet their needs.

High-quality products

High-quality products

2.2. Competitive prices

Vietnam clothing manufacturers offer competitive prices for their clothing items, making it a cost-effective option for buyers.

  • Vietnam clothing manufacturers have lower production costs than other countries with similar quality, such as Italy or France. This is due to the availability of raw materials, cheap labor, and lower overhead expenses.
  • Many Vietnam clothing manufacturers offer discounts for bulk purchases or loyal customers.
    Investing in modern technologies and equipment allows them to produce high-quality clothing items at a lower cost.

In brief, the competitive prices offered by Vietnam clothing manufacturers can be a significant advantage for buyers, allowing them to get high-quality products at a lower cost than they might find elsewhere.

2.3. Customer service

Vietnam clothing manufacturers excel in customer service, with specific departments including sales and multilingual customer service teams to assist international clients effectively.

  • These proficient teams are well-versed in multiple languages, ensuring seamless communication and a personalized experience for foreign clients, whether it’s addressing inquiries, providing product information, or resolving any concerns.
  • Vietnam clothing manufacturers prioritize quick and effective resolution of issues, ensuring a positive and smooth experience for clients throughout their engagement with manufacturing services

By consistently investing in customer service capabilities, Vietnam clothing manufacturers aim to not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clients, contributing to the overall satisfaction and success of their partnerships.

Customer service

Customer service

2.4. Production time

In terms of production time, Vietnam clothing manufacturers stand out for their efficiency and speed.

  • With a skilled workforce, modern technology, and advanced machinery, Vietnam clothing manufacturers prioritize meeting deadlines without compromising on the quality of their products.
  • The emphasis on speed not only benefits businesses looking to minimize production lead times but also allows for a quicker response to changing market trends. This is a significant advantage in the dynamic and fast-paced world of fashion.
  • A large-scale factory with 4,000 or more employees, such as those in Vietnam, demonstrates remarkable efficiency. Even for substantial orders, like 10,000 jackets or 50,000 t-shirts, the manufacturing turnaround time is impressively quick, taking only about one month.

In summary, businesses partnering with Vietnam clothing manufacturers can enjoy the benefits of both speed and reliability in their production cycles.

2.5. Delivery

Another key benefit of buying from Vietnam clothing manufacturers is reliable and efficient delivery.

  • Vietnam clothing manufacturers prioritize timely shipping, ensuring that products reach their destination within agreed-upon timelines.
  • Vietnam’s strategic geographical location enhances the efficiency of the shipping process, contributing to the overall reliability of deliveries from these manufacturers.

In summary, Vietnam clothing manufacturers offer dependable and efficient delivery services, leveraging their strategic location for timely shipments.

3. Prominent products from Vietnam clothing manufacturers

Dive into the diverse world of fashion as we explore the noteworthy products from leading clothing manufacturers in Vietnam.

3.1. T-shirt

Sourcing T-shirts from Vietnam clothing manufacturers offers cost savings on shipping and import taxes compared to other foreign goods.

Vietnam clothing manufacturers provide a wide array of styles, colors, materials, and prices, as well as the advantages of attractive uniforms, promoting brand identity, fostering a professional image, and building customer trust.

Compared to other fashion products, T-shirts exhibit varied production costs, so the profit from selling T-shirts is also highly valued, averaging 40% of revenue.



3.2. Shirt

This shirt offers a refined and sophisticated appearance with its four-way stretch material, providing both a youthful look and comfort. Shirts always have a refined and elegant look, are versatile for various body types, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

Wholesalers favor this type from Vietnam clothing manufacturers for higher profits due to readily available materials and cost-effectiveness. The shirt’s sales in the Vietnam wholesale clothing market exceeded last year’s by 30%, showcasing its popularity and market success.



3.3. Dress

Dresses appeal to a wide market, providing versatile choices suitable for different occasions, ranging from casual to formal wear. This makes them a popular choice among consumers with diverse preferences.

The international market has shown consistent demand for dresses, and Vietnam clothing manufacturers have efficiently tapped into this demand by offering a wide variety of styles and designs.



3.4. Kidwears

Kidswear stands out as a prime product category for wholesale from Vietnam clothing manufacturers, enticing buyers with its blend of high quality, affordability, and an extensive array of options.

Vietnam clothing manufacturers’ commitment to ethical and sustainable practices aligns with the evolving preferences of consumers, making Vietnam a reliable and in-demand source of children’s clothing in the global market.



4. Tips to find reliable Vietnam clothing manufacturers

Finding reliable clothing manufacturers in Vietnam is crucial for wholesalers’ success. Below are some tips that might help you discover your perfect choice and mitigate the challenges.

4.1. Steps to explore trustworthy Vietnam clothing manufacturers

To find trustworthy Vietnam clothing manufacturers, you need to do thorough research and make sure to partner with a reputable company. Here are some steps:

  • Online Research: Conducting online research to identify potential Vietnam clothing manufacturers. Explore directories, trade platforms, and industry-specific websites such as Alibaba, Global Sources, and Vietnam’s official trade portals.
  • Check Reviews and Testimonials: Look for reviews and testimonials from other companies that have worked with Vietnam clothing manufacturers under consideration. Feedback from previous clients can offer valuable information about reliability and service quality.
  • Verify Business Credentials: Check Vietnam clothing manufacturers’ business credentials, such as their business registration, licenses, and certifications. This step helps gauge their legitimacy and adherence to industry standards.
  • Visit Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attend trade shows and exhibitions within the garment and textile industry. These events often feature Vietnam clothing manufacturers and many other protective clothing manufacturers in the country, providing a chance to meet potential partners in person and assess their capabilities.
  • Request Samples: Before committing to a large order, request product samples from Vietnam clothing manufacturer. Evaluate the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in the samples.
  • Production Capacity and Specialization: Assess the production capacity of Vietnam clothing manufacturers and whether it aligns with your requirements.
  • Start Small: Consider starting with a smaller order to test Vietnam clothing manufacturers’ capabilities and reliability before committing to larger production runs.

Finding trustworthy Vietnam clothing manufacturers is really important. Taking the time appropriately will ultimately lead to a successful and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Steps to explore trustworthy Vietnam clothing manufacturers

Steps to explore trustworthy Vietnam clothing manufacturers

4.2. Some features to distinguish between clothing manufacturers and trading companies

To differentiate between a manufacturing facility and a trading company, here are important features:

Features Clothing manufacturers Trading companies
Production facilities Own and operate factories. Do not own manufacturing facilities.
Involvement in production Actively participate in production. As intermediaries, not directly involved in production.
Customization and design Offer customization. Offer pre-existing products.
Order volume Handles larger orders with flexibility. Suited for smaller orders.

Moreover, it is advisable to visit the manufacturing facility directly for an on-site inspection.

  • During the visit, assess infrastructure, inquire about workshop scale and the workforce, and ensure their ability to meet production timelines.
  • Engage in discussions about production processes to gauge the factory’s industry expertise. Reputable manufacturers readily share detailed information, while trading companies or potentially fraudulent entities may be less forthcoming with industry-specific details.

5. Top 10 reputable Vietnam clothing manufacturers

Embracing the latest trends in fashion and ensuring product quality, these top wholesale clothing manufacturers in Vietnam stand out as trusted sources for retailers seeking diverse and stylish apparel options.

5.1. Vinaz Garment

Vietnam boasts a thriving garment industry, and Vinaz Garment stands out as a leading Vietnam clothing manufacturer for online wholesale purchases.

  • Our commitment to quality, ethical production practices, and competitive pricing make them a preferred choice for businesses seeking clothing-sourcing options in Vietnam.
  • We provide comprehensive services encompassing fabric sourcing, pattern development, sample production, and mass production, emphasizing efficiency and high standards.
  • VinaZ Garment specializes in crafting diverse garments for various sectors, including fashion, workwear, uniforms, and more, with a commitment to excellence.
  • Our website also showcases a wide range of products and services, covering custom Vietnam garment manufacturing, private label branding, and product development. These offerings enable businesses to bring their creative vision to life.

Contact VinaZ Garment:
Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong Street, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
Whatsapp: (+84) 369907777.

Vinaz Garment Factory

Vinaz Garment Factory

5.2. Dong Xuan Knitting Company

Dong Xuan Knitting Company, one of the top wholesale clothing manufacturers in Vietnam, specializes in high-quality sweaters and cardigans, utilizing advanced machinery and innovative techniques. Recognized for their commitment to sustainability and ethical production, they stand out as one of Vietnam’s most environmentally friendly knitting companies.

5.3. May 10

May 10, a standout garment factory in Vietnam’s textile market for seven decades, now delivers its fashionable products to global fashion hubs like the EU, the US, Japan, and Canada. With over 18 factories, a network of 300 stores, and Garment 10 agents, it remains a top performer in the industry.
Main products: shirts, trousers, masks, etc.
Address: Long Bien, Gia Lam, Ha Noi.

5.4. Dony

Dony is a custom Vietnam garment factory specializing in end-to-end package production, covering everything from raw materials to embroidery printing for a variety of garment products. Their primary focus is on producing uniforms for companies, factories, and groups, as well as serving as fashion makers for fashion brands and shops.
Main products: T-shirts, shirts, dresses, masks, etc.,
Address: Ho Chi Minh City.

5.5. Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory is one of the best Vietnam clothing manufacturers among sewing and apparel companies. The factory caters to diverse clothing styles for men, women, and children, offering designs from dresses to sportswear. Renowned for reliability, Thai Son Sewing Factory holds various legitimate certifications, making it a good choice among Vietnam clothing manufacturers.

5.6. G & G II Garments Factory

G&G is a unique Vienam clothing factory, catering to both domestic and international customers. Unlike many other businesses in Vietnam that primarily produce clothing based on customer designs, G&G stands out by specializing in creating clothes based on customer ideas.
Established in 2002 in Ho Chi Minh City, the company has become one of the largest Vietnamese clothing manufacturers. G&G releases new fashion collections annually, serving customers in both Vietnam and the United States.
They offer a diverse range of distinctive apparel, including dresses, sporty trousers, jackets, scarves, T-shirts, suits, shirts, and knitwear. Notably, G&G holds several certifications, including C-TPAT, WRAP, BSCI, and Macy’s code of conduct, showcasing their commitment to quality and ethical manufacturing practices.

5.7. 9mode Clothing Manufacturer

9mode, operating in Ho Chi Minh City since 2006, provides services to customers in Singapore, Australia, the US, and New Zealand. Renowned for their expertise in crafting garments with personalized designs, 9mode upholds a dedication to delivering high-quality goods. The company has established a broad network with connections to various subcontractors.
For many customers in Vietnam, 9mode clothing is a fantastic, small-purchaser-friendly solution. Due to their narrower scope than the other businesses on the above list, 9mode produces clothing more quickly, but they also have a minimum order number requirement.

5.8. Vinatex Vietnam Textile and Garment Group

Vinatex Group, a leading clothing manufacturer in Vietnam, not only produces quality products but also houses departments for communication, modelling, and technical expertise. Operating in both domestic and international markets, Vinatex Group has garnered positive customer feedback for its commitment to quality and reliable services.
As Vietnam’s wholesale clothing market rapidly expands, making significant contributions to the country’s revenue, the growth of the garment industry is expected to give rise to more high-quality Vietnam clothing wholesalers.

5.9. Thygesen Textile Vietnam Company Ltd

Thygesen Textile Company Ltd stands out as a top choice among Vietnam clothing manufacturers for your business. Originally established as Thygesen Textiles Vietnam Company Ltd in 2004, it is part of the Thygesen Textile Group, which owns several plants worldwide, including in Slovakia, the United States, China, and Mexico.
The company specializes in selling a diverse range of products, including knitted clothing, activewear, kidswear, workwear, casual clothing, lingerie, and medical wear. Notably, Thygesen Textile Company Ltd holds certifications such as WRAP, ISO, BSCI, SA 8000, and Oeko-Tex, reflecting their commitment to quality and ethical manufacturing practices.

5.10. Fashion Garment Ltd

Fashion Garment Ltd., stands out as one of the premier Vietnam clothing manufacturers. They boast four factories and employ around 8,400 people. Established in 1994 in Dong Nai province, it is owned by the Sri Lanka-based Hirdaramani group. Serving global clients, including Hurley, Levi’s, Hush Hush, and Jordan, they offer a diverse range of products, from woven shirts to polos, crewnecks, pullovers, hoodies, and coats.

6. Steps to collaborate with Vietnam clothing manufacturers

Working with Vietnam clothing manufacturers involves careful consideration of product details, quantities, contracts, and related terms. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Find reputable Vietnam clothing manufacturers: Research and identify reputable suppliers based on reviews, testimonials, and industry recommendations.
  • Browse the supplier’s website: Visit the supplier’s website to review their product range, pricing, and terms, assessing professionalism and transparency.
  • Contact the supplier: Initiate communication to discuss your needs, production capabilities, and terms. Evaluate their responsiveness and willingness to provide information.
  • Discuss the policies and commitments: Clearly understand the price list, order costs, product quality commitments, deposit requirements, expected completion time, and warranty or exchange policies. Reputable Vietnam clothing manufacturers will provide detailed contracts covering order information, deposit and full payment details, and product quality commitments.
  • Track your order: Regularly monitor the progress of your order to ensure quality and timely production. Before payment, thoroughly inspect the received goods for any discrepancies, such as incorrect fabric, model, color, logo, or late delivery.
  • Receive and inspect your order: Upon delivery, inspect the products for adherence to specifications. Communicate promptly with the supplier regarding any issues and work together to address concerns.

By following these steps, you can establish a transparent and secure working relationship with Vietnam clothing manufacturers.

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