Top 10 Best Vietnam Jacket Manufacturers You Can Consider

Vietnam jacket manufacturers are gaining global attention with their exceptional quality products, highly competitive prices, making them a preferred choice.

Besides China, Vietnam is also one of the leading countries in the production and supply of jackets. Vietnam jacket manufacturers have the strength of an abundant source of cheap raw materials, skilled workers and machinery, and are currently waiting with the support of the state.

1. Advantages of Vietnam jacket manufacturers compared to other factories

When buying Vietnam jacket original from Vietnam jacket manufacturers, you can get high-quality goods at affordable prices, with prompt delivery at a reasonable cost.

1.1. Unique quality jacket products

Vietnam jacket manufacturers have jacket products with quality and unique features, diverse designs. Vietnamese jackets always impress international customers and bring their own identity:

  • From the selection of input materials, Vietnam jacket manufacturers are always carefully selected to ensure the products are durable and of the highest quality.
  • Vietnam jacket products are available in a variety of colors and designs for customers to choose from at affordable prices, so it attracts a lot of wholesalers and customers around the world.
  • With a long tradition of producing jackets, along with modern machines and skilled workers in Vietnam jacket manufacturers, the products created are always the most complete, each pattern is meticulously detailed, light but still bring the warm feeling for the wearer.

Vietnamese jacket products always have their own unique characteristics and quality that attract many large customers and wholesalers in the world.


Vietnam jacket manufacturers have unique quality jacket products


1.2. Competitive prices

Vietnam jacket manufacturers offer competitive prices due to the country’s low labor costs and favorable exchange rates:

  • Vietnam is a large cotton producer and has a long-standing textile industry. Vietnam jacket manufacturers have easy access to raw materials, which reduces input costs. Vietnam’s geographical location near China – the country with the most abundant fabric materials in the world also helps Vietnam to access cheap raw materials.
  • In comparison to many other nations, Vietnam jacket manufacturers have a sizable and highly trained worker force, and labor costs are also relatively affordable. Vietnam’s labor expenses are about $2,5 per hour compared to China’s $6,0 per hour, which is a 50% difference. This supports Vietnam jacket manufacturers’ position as a more affordable alternative to its regional competitors.
  • Vietnam has a number of advantageous trade agreements with nations like the US and the EU. The taxes on imports and exports have been cut or removed as a result of these accords, making it simpler and more affordable for Vietnam jacket manufacturers to sell their Vietnam jacket original in these markets. So Vietnam jacket manufacturers now have a competitive edge over those in nations without such trade agreements.

Overall, cheap raw materials, experienced and affordable labor, and and government support have made Vietnam jacket manufacturers a dependable partner for many businesses.


Vietnam jacket manufacturers offer competitive prices

1.3. Modern production lines

Vietnam jacket manufacturers are renowned for modern production lines, and they use cutting-edge technology and equipment to guarantee accuracy and uniformity in their production operations:

  • To create high-quality jackets, Vietnam jacket manufacturers utilize a variety of tools and technology, including cutting, sewing, printing, and embroidery machines. These tools aid in increasing productivity, cutting down on manufacturing time, and guaranteeing product uniformity.
  • Vietnam jacket manufacturers focus quality control procedures in addition to cutting-edge technologies and equipment to guarantee that their Vietnam jacket original satisfy international standards. To guarantee that their jackets are of the greatest caliber, they carry out meticulous quality checks from raw materials to final goods.

Vietnam jacket manufacturers are well-liked suppliers to apparel companies all over the globe because to its reputation for creating high-quality, cheap price, and long-lasting items.


Vietnam jacket manufacturers have modern production lines

1.4. Skilled workers

Vietnam jacket manufacturers are famous for providing high quality goods. This is thanks in large part to Vietnam’s well-trained workforce:

  • Many employees in Vietnam jacket manufacturers have many years of experience. Thanks to their expertise, they have grasped the entire production process, which allows them to consistently produce high-quality Vietnam jacket original. Some employees of Vietnam jacket manufacturers have also had placements with foreign businesses where they have been exposed to best practices and cutting-edge technology.
  • Workers at Vietnamese jacket manufacturers are renowned for their high level of professionalism. They are well-trained and produce according to a strict pre-existing process to ensure the quality of the output
  • To have a qualified workforce, the Vietnamese government has invested heavily in education and training initiatives. There are many technical and vocational institutions across the country that offer education in specialist areas such as jacket manufacturing. These programs provide participants with the necessary capabilities to operate in the field and enhance their knowledge of Vietnam jacket manufacturers.

Thanks to a professional workforce, Vietnamese jacket manufacturers are now able to produce products of excellent quality and compete successfully on a global scale.

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1.5. Well-developed logistics infrastructure

Vietnam jacket manufacturers can supply Vietnam jacket original to clients quickly and affordably because of their well-developed logistical infrastructure and excellent transportation network:

  • In order to improve the flow of products and people throughout the nation, Vietnam has recently made large investments in its infrastructure, including ports, roads, and airports. This keeps the input flow and output flow of Vietnam jacket manufacturers stable
  • Vietnam’s central position in Southeast Asia also makes it a great place for Vietnam jacket manufacturers to reach out to clients in nearby nations. Vietnam has a number of significant ports, including those in Ho Chi Minh City, Haiphong, and Danang. These ports are outfitted with contemporary amenities and provide effective cargo-handling services.
  • In addition to its ports, Vietnam has a vast network of roads and railroads that link important industrial hubs to ports and airports, facilitating effective cargo transportation. This makes exporting goods from Vietnam jacket manufacturers convenient and fast

Vietnam jacket manufacturers make use of this sophisticated logistics system and transportation network to provide consumers with prompt and economical service. In order to optimize shipping routes, shorten delivery times, and cut costs while still guaranteeing that their clients get their items at fair rates, they closely collaborate with logistics service providers.

1.6. Vietnam jacket manufacturers are supported by the government

When your business buys wholesale clothing from Vietnam jacket manufacturers, you might profit from free trade and lower taxes:

  • Vietnam jacket manufacturers won’t be obligated to pay taxes on materials imported. Also, accessing international markets for wholesale apparel from Vietnam is made easier because Vietnam participate in many trade agreements
  • Vietnam jacket manufacturers and the top Vietnam fabric manufacturers are extensively promoted via trade shows, international exhibits, and the media. The State and the Ministry of Industry and Trade both encourage supporting local businesses with international markets in order to grow the Vietnam wholesale jacket sector.
  • FTAs are constantly being negotiated, giving Vietnam jacket manufacturers good opportunities to grow considerably on the international market and making it easier for them to enter new countries. Meanwhile, the EVFTA system, which steadily lowers the import tax rate, helps boosts Vietnamese products’ competitiveness in international markets.

Vietnam’s government is always encouraging Vietnam jacket manufacturers to make and export goods. This has helped Vietnamese clothing quickly take up a large share of the global market.


Vietnam jacket manufacturers are supported by the government

2. Some notes when choosing Vietnam jacket manufacturers

To cooperate with Vietnam jacket manufacturers, some requirements must be met. These requirements might vary based on the supplier and the particular project, however, some typical specifications can be:

  • Consult the market price: Refer to the price list of many different Vietnam jacket manufacturers. Take some time to learn and contact Vietnam jacket manufacturers, you should choose a safe, average and suitable price for your financial ability and cost plan.
  • Consult information from previous customers: When choosing the top Vietnam garment supplier, you should also learn about its reputation for customers. You can find that information on the internet or from forums specializing in clothing sales. When the top Vietnam garment factory is highly appreciated and recommended by many people, it must be a good address for you to choose.
  • Many Vietnam jacket manufacturers require MOQ (minimum order quantity), which denotes that a certain quantity of goods must be purchased to produce in order to keep manufacturing economical. This MOQ could vary based on the supplier and the item.
  • Lead time: Vietnam jacket manufacturers might need a certain period of time to produce a good. This lead time may vary based on the complexity of the product and the manufacturer’s production capabilities.
  • Payment terms: You may need to abide by each factory’s specific payment requirements. This might include a down payment before work begins, payments at crucial junctures along the process, and a final payment just before shipment.

Vietnam jacket manufacturers can have various standards. Before you buy something, you should always make sure the manufacturer knows all of your needs.

3. Some reliable Vietnam jacket manufacturers for business

Vietnam is a leading market in manufacturing and supplying jackets with high-quality and diverse designs. We have compiled some reliable Vietnam jacket manufacturers for your business below

3.1. Vinaz Garment

Vinaz Garment is one of the leading Vietnam jacket manufacturers, known for their high-quality jackets that are stylish, durable, and comfortable:

  • Vinaz Garment has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing jackets, with many years of experience in the garment industry. They have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which they use to create jackets that meet the highest standards of quality and durability.
  • Vinaz Garment has a team of highly skilled designers who are always exploring new trends and techniques to create innovative and exciting jacket designs. They work closely with customers to understand their needs and preferences and develop customized designs that meet their specific requirements.
  • Vinaz Garment uses only the highest quality materials to create their jackets, ensuring that they are durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. They source their fabrics and other materials from reputable suppliers and use the most advanced production processes to create jackets that meet the highest standards of quality.

Their dedication to quality, efficiency, and continuous improvement makes them an excellent choice for customers looking for high-quality jackets that are both fashionable and durable.


Vinaz Garment is one of the leading Vietnam jacket manufacturers


3.2. Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory

Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is a household name and well-recognized as a top-tier producer in the local sewing and garment industry. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is home to its headquarters. The brand’s wide variety of circular knit fabric fashion items is a major point of differentiation.

  • There are around 1000 employees and 1203 machines in the firm. Each month, two Ho Chi Minh City manufacturers controlled by Thai Son Sewing Factory produce around 100,000 jackets.
  • For men, women, and kids, Thai Son Sewing Factory produces a wide variety of garment designs. They offer everything from dresses to athletic clothing.
  • Clients can choose from a variety of patterns at Thai Son Sewing Factory, including those for children, men, and women. One of the top Vietnam garment manufacturers, Thai Son Sewing Factory, has a variety of trustworthy and legitimate certificates.

If you’re looking for reliable Vietnam jacket manufacturers, go no farther than Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory.

3.3. 9mode Clothing Manufacturer

9-mode Clothing is one of the top Vietnam jacket manufacturers for many businesses. They produce more rapidly than the other factories because of their more limited focus, yet they also require a minimum order quantity.

  • This is one of the biggest Vietnam jacket manufacturers that specializes in producing clothing with customized designs and serve clients in Australia, Singapore, the US, and New Zealand.
  • Based in Ho Chi Minh City, they have been in business since 2006. 9-mode continues to focus on producing high-quality products and has a wider network with links to several subcontractors. They market swimwear, sporting clothing, headgear, dresses, pants, hoodies, and t-shirts.

9mode Clothing Manufacturer is your best bet for finding high-quality garments made in Vietnam.

3.4. G & G II Garments Factory Vietnam

G & G II Garments Factory Vietnam produces unique apparel for both local and foreign clients. Every year, they introduce new trends and give services to both Vietnam and the US.

  • Although most factories make clothes according to customers’ designs, it is one of the largest clothing manufacturers in Vietnam and stands out from its competitors in developing and manufacturing products based on customer’s request
  • The company was established in 2002 in Ho Chi Minh City, and since then it has been producing a wide range of unique clothing for consumers in Vietnam and beyond, including the United States. A large variety of dresses, casual pants, jackets, scarves, T-shirt suits, shirts, and knitwear are among their most popular items.

G & G II Garments Factory is a fantastic option if you’re seeking the top Vietnam jacket manufacturers.

3.5. May 10 – The third option of Vietnam clothing manufacturers

May 10 – Garment Corporation 10 is an enterprise that always ranks in the Top of the Vietnam textile and garment industry. Over 70 years of construction and development, fashion products produced by May 10 have been exported to EU, US, Japan, and Canada fashion markets …

With over 18 factories, enterprises, a distribution system of nearly 300 stores, and Garment 10 agents, it is also affirmed that it always ranks at the top of the brand “High-quality Vietnamese goods”, with many awards: “Awards Asia Pacific quality “,” Vietnam Golden Star “,” Strong Vietnamese Brand “, honored by the Government as” Vietnam National Brand “.

Main Products: shirts for men and women, trousers, masks,…

3.6. TNG Fashion

TNG Fashion is among the famous Vietnam jacket manufacturers that have a good reputation for making wholesale jackets. Their wholesale jacket lines include numerous varieties, including casual, outdoor-use, and the most trendy styles. Known for their emphasis on the smallest details and unwavering dedication to making the best clothing items, TNG Fashion is a strong competitor in the Vietnamese apparel sector. 

With a diverse range of jacket designs from TNG Fashion, companies collaborating with this business will have the opportunity to expand their product lines. Customers will have access to a variety of products at good prices.

3.7. Dony Garment

Dony Garment has established its position as an environmentally and socially-conscious clothing business. They try to make sure that their manufacturing processes have no harmful impact on the environment. People hold Dony Garment in high regard because of their diverse collection of beautifully-made jackets they produce, which are crafted with care and the best materials possible.

Dony Garment’s main goal is to operate clothing production lines using sustainable, environmentally friendly methods. Most companies, including Dony Garment, always ensure that wastewater from the production process is carefully treated before being discharged into the environment.

3.8. Tin Thanh Group

Tin Thanh Group’s main products consist of jackets and outerwear. Their expertise and industry background have made them a reliable source for providing multiple jacket styles. The effective completion of tasks, high quality, and agility are highly esteemed by Tin Thanh Group.

Tin Thanh Group is famous because they can complete orders extremely quickly. This company ensures that customer orders will not be interrupted and will be shipped on time.

3.9. OGC

OGC, a company in the Vietnamese clothing sector, excels in manufacturing jackets that have the best quality. OGC has invested a good amount of dedication in crafting jackets of outstanding quality. They offer their customers numerous choices of jackets to meet individuals’ desires. 

OGC, as well as other Vietnam jacket manufacturers, has invested heavily in researching new solutions to simplify and optimize their jacket production processes. This will help save long-term operating costs for businesses and will also bring many benefits to partners who buy wholesale jackets from them.

3.10. Song Hong Garment

For a considerable amount of time, Song Hong Garment has been a highly respected jacket manufacturer in Vietnam. Throughout their career, they have produced various styles of clothing, such as jackets, that are suitable for varying seasons. 

Song Hong Garment’s popularity comes from the way they ensure customer satisfaction. Customers who order from this business will receive extremely enthusiastic care and the best jacket packages. Song Hong Garment always updates the latest apparel trends in the fashion industry.

4. Vietnam jacket manufacturers occupy a large market share in the international market

Many coat traders around the world work with Vietnam jacket manufacturers, and many big brands get their jackets from Vietnam:

  • Exporting products from Vietnam jacket manufacturers to most markets has grown strongly such as the United States, EU, CPTPP, and Korea … The forecast of Vietnam’s jacket exports continues to increase when the average income per capita and purchasing power are increasing.
  • In the global apparel market, Vietnam jacket manufacturers is increasingly asserting its position and becoming the supply destination chosen by many importers thanks to its highly competitive products, stable political environment, and regulations and production scale is increasing…
  • Trade tensions between the United States – China and Covid -19 epidemic have made the trend of moving supply from the Chinese market to Asia, especially Vietnam faster. In addition, the textile and garment industry of some competitive supply markets adjacent to Vietnam such as Bangladesh and Turkey also have internal problems that cannot be overcome to compete directly with Vietnam.

Vietnam jacket manufacturers are investing in renovating and developing new products and also focusing on the use of sustainable raw materials, which is expected to promote market growth in the future. Moreover, companies are offering a variety of products with creative designs and advanced features, thus improving product quality along with the expansion of the product line, promoting exporting to other countries.

5. Popular products of Vietnam jacket manufacturers

Vietnam jacket manufacturers have developed and researched to produce jackets that meet standards, have diversity in design, material quality, and comfort with reasonable costs.

5.1. Jeans jackets

Among the common types of jackets from Vietnam jacket manufacturers, jeans or denim jackets are a favorite item not only for men but also for women, making them a hot-selling item that brings high profits:

  • Jeans jackets from Vietnam jacket manufacturers attract both men and women, especially the young and dynamic customer segment, helping wholesalers reach a larger customer base. As a result, sales and revenue also increased.
  • Customers can freely transform this item according to different situations. In addition, coordinating with a denim jacket is also very easy and not afraid of going out of fashion. Therefore, even if this item is not sold out this year, you can still sell it next year without fear of inventory.
  • The price of jeans jacket is not cheap but compared to the quality and design that Vietnam jacket manufacturers offer, it has the most competitive price. Wholesalers in other countries when importing jeans jackets can make high profits from this jacket and attract more customers

Vietnam jacket manufacturers have built a strong reputation and a loyal customer base by making high-quality jean jackets that can be worn in different ways and appeal to a wide market.


Jeans jackets: One of the most popular jacket models of Vietnam jacket manufacturers

5.2. Bomber jackets

Another item that is as popular as other jackets from Vietnam jacket manufacturers is the bomber jacket. Young and personality, this is the item that wholesalers need if they want to attract the young customer segment:

  • Bomber jackets tend to be more popular among younger customers, who may be more concerned with fashion and style. With a strong color scheme and variety of materials, wholesalers importing this product from Vietnam jacket manufacturers have the ability to attract new, young customers to their brands.
  • This type of jacket has a variety of prices from low to high. When importing this type of jacket from Vietnam jacket manufacturers, wholesalers can target a wide range of customers with different budgets

Everyone should have some bomber jackets in their closets because they can be worn with so many different outfits. And wholesalers importing bomber jackets for resale are an ideal business.


Bomber jackets: One of the most popular jacket models of Vietnam jacket manufacturers

5.3. Wind jackets

One of the most popular jackets from Vietnam jacket manufacturers is the wind jacket, which comes in many different designs and materials:

  • Vietnamese jackets are mainly made of thin and light, keeping warm and creating a comfortable feeling for the wearer. Entering this type of product, you will certainly not worry about not selling because almost everyone has 2-3 coats in their wardrobe.
  • Moreover, Vietnam jacket manufacturers offer wind jackets that come in a variety of colors, giving customers more choices. The price is also very affordable so this is a very easy product to sell.

Your business would do well if you buy wind jackets in bulk from Vietnam jacket manufacturers for resale.


Wind jackets are the most simple style model in Vietnam jacket manufacturers

5.4. Puffer jackets

Besides the above jackets, puffer jackets are also a popular item of Vietnam jacket manufacturers. Referring to puffer jackets, many customers are fascinated by this item of Vietnamese fashion:

  • Puffer jackets made in Vietnam jacket manufacturers have a thin and light design but still keep the body warm, so if your business has these items, customers will surely love them.
  • Puffer jackets don’t go out of style either, so you can buy them in bulk and if you don’t sell them all this year, you can still sell them next year.

Having high quality and cheap products when buying from Vietnam jacket manufacturers, your business is sure to make a great profit.


Puffer jackets: One of the most popular jacket models of Vietnam jacket manufacturers


In conclusion, Vietnam’s combination of quality, affordability, and adaptability makes it a top choice for jacket production. Choosing manufacturers with a solid track record, doing extensive research, and giving ethical and environmental concerns first priority are all essential when looking for Vietnam jacket manufacturers. Establishing a successful cooperation with a Vietnam jacket manufacturer requires clear communication, well-defined objectives, and stringent quality control methods.

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