The Best Way On How To Match Color Clothes

Discovering the secrets of how to match color clothes expertly will simplify your life, offering time-saving convenience and enhancing your overall style.

Do you often have a headache when every time you open your wardrobe you don’t know what to wear today? Even though you have a lot of clothes, you don’t know what to wear today, how to how to match color clothes? How much time do you usually spend before deciding to choose that set of clothes? 

1. Why learn how to match color clothes

The color scheme of clothes is appreciated by the art world as not only an art but also a high science. Many people often forget how to match color clothes, so no matter how beautiful the body design is, the overall outfit will not impress or lose its inherent characteristics of the designer who made the outfit. If we have enough knowledge to master the properties, functions and effects of each different color, we can apply to the variety and uniqueness of color schemes not only in fashion but also in many different ways in many fields in art and life such as interior design, fine art, painting, photography, graphics.


Why learn how to match color clothes?

2. How to match color clothes to make you look stylish

There are many different color combinations for different fashion styles. However, the color scheme so as not to be “lost” will all have separate color schemes that not everyone knows. Properly applying the following extremely scientific the way on how to match color clothes will help you become a genuine fashion expert.

2.1 The principle of adjacent colors

Rated as the safest choice for fashionistas who do not know how to match color clothes skillfully.

  • By using clever combinations of adjacent colors on the color wheel to blend together, the overall color of the outfit is also harmonious, personality and outstanding. And it is also the safety and similarity when combining these adjacent colors that give your outfit a nuance that no other color mix can do.
  • Depending on the design theme of the outfit, you can also choose to combine it with accessories with matching colors. Of course, you don’t have to choose all the subpages that how to match color clothes with skin tone perfectly.

Occasionally, you can point or combine many different but moderate colors that are suitable to create accents.

2.2 How to match color clothes that match skin tone

Each person will have a unique skin pigmentation and each type of skin pigment will be suitable for separate fashion colors. This is also one of the first things that top fashion stylists usually do to evaluate and choose for their clients the most suitable fashion outfits. If you have a warm skin tone (warm undertone), you should choose clothes with warm, hot colors such as red, coral, orange, peach, yellow. On the contrary, if you have a cool undertone, colors like turquoise and blue will suit you better.

2.3 How to match color clothes in monochromatic colors

This is considered the first choice for those who pursue the minimalist fashion style – one of the most favored fashion styles of all ages. How to match color clothes in monochromatic colors is also very simple, which can be understood as choosing clothes without textures and carrying the same colors. When learning how to match color clothes, you should know that the typical neutral colors help the overall outfit to be very harmonious, such as gray, gray, white, black, gray, skin color, brown, cream… For office girls, this is also a great choice. The perfect choice for both a trendy personality and a feminine and elegant look. And especially the combination of this color scheme is easy, fast and can be worn every day.

2.4 The principle of contrasting colors

The principle of contrasting color scheme is simply understood as the combination of colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. These colors are contrasting colors, helping to create a striking and vibrant fashion set. Besides, the contrasting colors also complement each other, making your overall set more harmonious. Contrasting color pairs are often chosen in fashion clothing color schemes such as: Blue – Yellow – orange; Green – Red; Purple – Yellow… Just by mastering this contrasting color scheme, it will be easier for you to coordinate, become a stylish person by combining unique contrasting colors that are attractive, harmonious and unique. this unexpected explosion.

2.5 Warm colors and cool colors

Hot tones are warm warm tones that bring strong visual stimulation effects, such as orange, red, black, yellow, pink, etc. That is also the reason when mixing clothes according to different colors.

  • Warm colors will give the opposite person the feeling that you have a slimmer body. The cool tones can be mentioned as blue, purple, white, cream … often bring a cool and pleasant feeling.
  • Fashionable clothes with deep and subdued colors require the wearer to know how to mix colors to harmonize with their body shape and with many other colors, so they are also more picky.

However, if you know how to color clothes according to these cold colors, it will help your fashion style become very impressive.

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2.6 How to match color clothes in neutral colors

Wearing clothes with neutral colors is also a safe and perfect choice for fashion styles at different ages. Because the costumes with these colors are often very easy to wear, suitable for all situations, all situations and they are almost not picky about age, so they are also considered the most popular clothing color scheme. The current favorite neutral colors in fashion can be mentioned as black, moon, blue, nude …


How to match color clothes to make you look stylish

3. Important note when choosing how to match color clothes

To become very stylish with sophisticated, shimmering and eye-catching clothing color schemes, please “put it in your pocket” the following clothing coordination tips to become a genuine fashion expert.

3.1. Do not mix more than 3 colors 

An important note that fashionistas need to know is that you should not mix more than 3 colors on one of your outfits. You absolutely should not be too “greedy” in the color scheme of clothes, to make yourself very personal and stand out, because it may be invisible to backfire compared to what you hope and want in your life. your outfit, making the outfit also colorful and messy. Therefore, even if you are an “avid believer” who loves bright and outstanding colors, you should not choose to mix more than three colors. You should be more restrained and choose the right colors to have a beautiful, attractive and personal multi – colored outfit.

3.2. Be aware of weather issues 

Leading design experts say that choosing colors that are not suitable for the weather can backfire on the outfit you are wearing, bringing uncomfortable feelings to the opposite person. For example, in the hot summer, it is necessary to avoid wearing clothes with hot colors such as red, orange and yellow, because it will give the opposite person a feeling of heat and may also avoid you.

Knowing the principles of color coordination and what to avoid in the above clothing color scheme brings a lot of effectiveness to your own fashion style.

Hopefully, the above useful sharing has helped you to rank up in stylish and impressive fashion in a short time. Any color will stand out and can also become a fashion trend in the future. There is a saying that “Beauty is for silk”, so if you know how to match color clothes and accessories, it will turn you into a genuine fashionista, with an unmistakable personal style.

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