Ranking The Top 10 Clothing Brands In India Dominating the World

The Indian-origin clothes line industries are fast penetrating the international market. Below is the list of the 10 most popular clothing brands in India.

Clothing brands in India have emerged as leaders in the world market with a true representation of traditional and contemporary outlooks. With a great cultural and historical background, fashion Indian clothing brands are interesting to a broad range of clients. 

1. Clothing brands in India – Clothing rooted in artisanal craft

The apparel worn by Indian people is famous for its bright colors, exquisite decorations and a high level of sewing. As one of the largest textile producers in the world – and one of the largest suppliers of organic cotton, as defined by Textile Exchange’s Organic Cotton Market Report (2022) – it is a fine example of where the emerging sustainable fashion trend might take root.

Indian fashion has always been defined by exotic fabrics, exquisite workmanship, and a well-founded adherence to traditions. Although these values remain critical, the sector is shifting at its very foundations. Today it is all about catering for the impaired and the disabled, and this change has led to creation of new generation clothing brands that are; quality, trendy and cheap.

In this essay, we will examine the factors that have prompted the growth of apparel companies in India including Bollywood and e-commerce. We will also identify which clothing brands in India have reached the optimum level of elegance and affordability.

The phenomenon of affordable fashion in India is no more a mere fad but a drastic change in consumer attitude and preferences. It proves that fashion is not for special occasions anymore, but it is a part of millions of people every day. Come with us as we explore India’s most prominent apparel manufacturers and see how they are transforming the country’s fashion sense one stitch at a time.


Clothing brands in India – Clothing rooted in artisanal craft

2. The pros and cons of buying clothing brands in India

The fact that wholesale buyers can source clothing brands in India for wholesale purposes has its advantages and disadvantage, or as a number of factors that can be in a pros and cons form.

2.1. The pros

Unveiling the various benefits of purchasing clothing brands in India reveals a plethora of opportunities for wholesale consumers interested in a wide range of styles, exceptional workmanship, and unbeatable prices in the global marketplace.

  • Diverse range of styles: Another important factor that makes purchasing clothing brands advantageous in India is that there is a wide range of styles. From the glamorous and detailed ethnic wear to the trendy and stylish western wears, Indian clothing brands have everything one can desire for.
  • High-quality craftsmanship: Clothing brands in India have always been famous for their fine work and detail. Well-trained fashioners and makers employ age old methods inherited from their forefathers to produce designs of high aesthetics.
  • Competitive pricing: It is also important to note that many Indian clothing brands are significantly cheaper than their counterparts in the western countries while maintaining quality. This makes them an ideal choice for wholesale buyers who are interested in purchasing quality clothing at reasonable prices.
  • Cultural appeal: Indian clothing brands originate from a rich cultural background hence they come with an added flavor that suits the global market. From the bright colors of a saree to the detailed work of a lehenga, Indian clothes definitely have a certain kind of appeal.

The numerous advantages of buying clothing brands in India have placed wholesale buyers in a vantage position of getting a variety of wears, quality and affordable prices hence making outsourcing in the Indian fashion industry a profitable and fruitful endeavor.


The pros and cons of buying clothing brands in India

2.2. The cons

Despite the great potential of the Indian clothing market, it is crucial to weigh the probabilities and threats of purchasing clothing brands in India to eliminate possible risks and make the best decision for a wholesale buyer.

  • Lead time: Another drawback of purchasing clothing brands in India is the possibility of greater lead times. It might be more time-consuming to source products from India because of factors like manufacturing, transportation, and customs.
  • Communication challenges: Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to interact with the top brands in India in clothing due to the language barriers and communication differences. Since these are significant barriers to effective collaboration, proper communication needs to be employed to minimize them.
  • Logistics: One of the issues that may be encountered in managing international supply chain is working with suppliers from India. Wholesale buyers should ensure that the transportation of products is well-coordinated and planned so as to avoid any disruptions in delivery.
  • Quality control: One of the challenges that may be encountered while working with clothing brands in India is the ability to maintain quality consistency. Wholesale buyers need to ensure that quality control measures are in place to check on each product and ensure it has met required standards.

Understanding these problem areas makes it easier to adapt and overcome issues that may arise when entering into the buying relationship, and to foster an ideal partnership in the ever-complex Indian fashion market.

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3. How to find trustworthy clothing brands in India

In the rapidly growing garment industry of India, it is crucial for wholesale buyers to identify genuine and reliable clothing manufacturers and suppliers for thriving business relationships.

  • Conduct thorough research: Begin the research process to identify clothing brands in India that are well recognized in India. Using Websites, directories, and trade journals, compile information about different brands that are established in the Indian market. Focus on aspects such as product quality, durability, company reputation and ethical standards of the company.
  • Attend trade shows and exhibitions: Clothing brand and manufacturers can be easily met through trade shows and exhibitions that are held in India. These events include the India Fashion Week, Lakmé Fashion Week and Textile India that feature various clothes brands and products. Visit these occasions to exchange contacts, discover innovations, and introduce potential suppliers directly.
  • Seek recommendations: Get referrals from other wholesalers, associates, and other wholesale buyers who have done business with the clothing brands in India. Connect with your peers, go to industry conferences and fairs, and participate in groups and forums to get ideas and suggestions from other professionals.
  • Utilize online platforms: There is a list of reliable online sources and directories that could be helpful in the search for trustworthy clothing brands in India. Website like IndiaMART, TradeIndia, Alibaba etc. com enables wholesale buyers to search for products and suppliers, check other buyers’ comments and ratings, and communicate with genuine and trustworthy brands.
  • Check credentials and certifications: It is always wise to read credentials and certifications when researching clothing brands in India. Check for brands that meet industry requirements and legal requirements and are certified like ISO certification, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and Fair Trade certification. These credentials can attest to the brand’s quality, sustainability, and good business practices.
  • Visit Brand websites and social media profiles: You can open the websites and social network accounts of the leading clothing brands in India that you would like to buy clothes from to know more about them, their products, and what they stand for. Search for the brands that have a neat and clean-looking website with information about production process, materials sourcing, and quality control.
  • Request samples and conduct quality checks: When choosing a clothing brand to partner with in India, ask for samples of their products so you can check the quality and workmanship. Take time to review the products to ensure that they are of the right quality. Specifically, they need to focus on the level of detailing, size, and material used in the product.
  • Check references and customer reviews: Request the potential clothing brands in India to provide some of their clients who have worked with them in the past or at the time of interviewing the brand, get to know what they have to say about the brand. Also, it is recommended to go through customer reviews and testimonials in order better understand the company, its credibility, and the level of its consumers’ satisfaction.
  • Establish open communication: Last but not the least, develop effective communication with clothing brands in India to let them trust you and become friends. Be clear about your expectations, expectations and issues and make sure the brand does the same. A good clothing brand will not only be customer-oriented and attentive, but it will also be committed to answering any queries that are present or problems that might surface in future.

Thus, the use of these approaches and spending time to search for proper clothing brands in India would help wholesale buyers to find the trustworthy and reliable partners for their businesses. Establishing good dedicated business relationships with appropriate clothing companies is especially important in the competitive and diverse Indian clothing industry.


How to find trustworthy clothing brands in India

4. Vinaz Garment: Great alternatives to clothing brands in India

Therefore, Vinaz Garament can be considered as an innovative form of a clothing brand in India. Being focused on quality, new technologies, and customers, Vinaz Garment provides wholesale customers with a great assortment of clothing products of high quality and reasonable prices. They offer a vast collection that boasts a blend of ethnic Indian motifs and modern trends, satisfying the needs of various clients around the world.

Wholesale buyers benefit from the strategic cooperation with Vinaz Garment as they acquire a trustworthy supplier committed to quality production, fast delivery, and clients’ satisfaction. Thus, cooperating with Vinaz Garment, the wholesale buyers can boldly navigate the Indian fashion market and choose the most intriguing and attractive clothing offer for their company.

CTA Vinaz Garment

5. Top 10 clothing brands in India

Delving into the dynamic landscape of the Indian fashion industry unveils a captivating array of top-tier clothing brands, each offering a unique blend of style, craftsmanship, and innovation. Here are the top clothing brands in India you can partner with.

5.1. Hungover

Hungover, a highly regarded and well-known brand among top men’s clothing brands in India, is revolutionizing men’s fashion with its unparalleled assortment of crew-neck t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, polo t-shirts, and Henleys. Hungover is a sustainable and tech-enabled Indian-origin apparel firm that has upended the Indian fashion industry by shunning mass production in favor of a more personalized approach.

Hungover’s devotion to create garments that perfectly meet each customer’s preferences has helped the brand secure a consistent spot among India’s top ten fashion brands. Aside from tailor-made apparel, Hungover takes pleasure in incorporating sustainability into all parts of its company approach.

5. 2. Raymond

Raymond is the favored option for formal suits. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and is the world’s largest integrated maker of worsted fabric. Additionally, it is India’s largest woolen fabric market. Raymond is one of the oldest clothing brands in India, established in 1925. Raymond is regarded as one of the most reputable clothing companies in India. Raymond owns several brands, including color plus, Parx, and Park Avenue.

5.3. Fabindia

Fabindia was founded by Mr.John Bissell in 1960, out of reputed clothing brands of India. This store offers a variety of clothing and focuses on Indian heritage in crafts. Not merely does Fabindia offer clothing to wear, it also facilitates the expression of rural craftsmen to the urban community. It is worth mentioning that FabIndia has been expanding its products to international markets via exports to more than forty countries in five continents currently.

Many are made out of natural fabrics and many of them include locally sourced fabric due to their unique outcome. The traders involve deal with a number of consumer products, some of which include garments and clothes.

5.4. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is among modern clothing brands in India that has consistently delivered a blend of elegance, comfort, and warmth through its extensive collection of winter wear and casual attire. It has been regarded as one of the top Indian fashion companies for almost three decades, providing quality and dependability in all of its garments. However, given the brand’s one-size-fits-all strategy, those looking for perfectly fitting garments may be disappointed.  

5.5. Manyavar

Manyavar is unquestionably one of the top men’s clothing brands in India. This legendary dress company in India has become linked with classic elegance, providing a gorgeous collection of ethnic apparel that oozes sophistication and charm. As one of India’s finest fashion companies, Manyavar flawlessly integrates tradition and current style, making it the go-to choice for discriminating gentlemen wishing to make a statement on any special occasion.

5.6. Provogue

Provogue is an Indian-origin clothing company that proudly belongs to the list of clothing brands in India that have created an everlasting impression on the fashion world. Despite already being one of the leading Indian garment businesses, they are always evolving to give their clients with the highest quality products. They have won the hearts of fashion fans both in India and beyond, thanks to their passion and commitment to achieving greatness.

5.7. Allen Solly

Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited’s Madura Fashion and Lifestyle subsidiary developed this uniquely British brand in 1993. The Economic Times Brand Equity Survey named Allen Solly as one of India’s top brands, with the highest score among all brands in its category. They have more than 490 stores across India. This brand is well-known for its casual and comfy apparel.

They offer a wide range of formal apparel for men and women, including overcoats, jackets, leggings, tunics, jeans, skirts, and pants. This company is also well-known for its contemporary tees, pants, casual jeans, and shirts. It also provides a fantastic accessories assortment for men and women, like footwear such as leather boots, sneakers, ballerinas, and so on.

5.8. Manish Malhotra

When discussing luxury Indian-origin brands, one cannot not but think about Manish Malhotra, the best clothing brands in India. His stunning designs have adorned celebrities, brides, and fashionistas alike, fusing traditional workmanship with modern sensibilities. His designs are a celebration of complex embroidery, rich textiles, and a strong admiration for India’s cultural past, serving as a tribute to emerging made-in-India apparel enterprises.

5.9. Mufti

Mufti was created in 1998 with a single goal: as an appeal to arrange something outside the ‘uniform’ standards of mainstream fashion. Mr. Kamal Khushlani started this organization with an objective of creating a niche difference in the market. They were very among the pioneers to introduce modern and trendy menswear brand in India. Soon the Bollywood celebrities copied their own style such as short shirt for the range up to club wear or street wear, stretch jeans to turn up sleeve and the like.

5.10. Biba

Meena Bindra founded Biba Fashion in 1988 as an Indian women’s and girls’ fashion line. It operates around 150 brand outlets and 225 multi-brand outlets. Biba is an Indian fashion clothing brand well-known for its designs for women and girls. In India, it operates about 150 stores and 250 multi-brand outlets. Biba is one of India’s best-known ethnic brands.

Bottom Line

From the classic styling of traditional luxury to the sophisticated look of today’s designer clothing brands, these best Indian clothing brands offer something for everyone. Whether looking for ethnic luxury, avant-garde fashion, or eco-friendly dress, these are the 10 top clothing brands in India that have set the bar high and have offered the best in quality and designs.

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