Order & Payment

Order Process at Vinaz Garment

Please follow the steps outlined below as our recommendation for your orders:

1. Contact to order

There are 2 ways to contact Vinaz Vietnam Garment:

  • Method 1: Contact via Whatapp at +84369907777
  • Method 2: Contact via email:

2. Consulting and quotation

After making a phone call to know about the specific requirements of the customer such as quantity, color, style, quality, and delivery time … then we will base on those requirements and then quote a price. immediately to the customer.

3. Design

Design is an important first element to help employees and customers connect with each other. With a team of professional designers, we will design according to customer requirements from size, color, shape, and printing position…

4. Sign the contract

Any company needs a clear contract of sale to give customers peace of mind. The content of the contract includes: Name of the representative to buy and sell products, quantity and unit price. In addition, there is also the company’s seal and signatures of both parties on the contract so that later, if there is anything wrong, it can be easily proven.

5. Deposit

For Vinaz Vietnam Garment, the deposit is 80% of the total bill. Receive a deposit so that we have a basis to produce goods for you.

6. Start to production

Select fabric -> Plan -> Spread fabric -> Cut fabric -> Print – Embroidery logo -> Finished sewing -> Buttons -> Cut excess thread -> Check the quality.

During the production process, we will closely follow your orders to ensure your goods are standard and beautiful

7. Packaging and shipping

Products will be neatly arranged in the most beautiful way, packed with the most care. On the packaging, there is also our brand logo to affirm the product quality professionally.

Order process when buying from Vinaz Garment

Order process when buying from Vinaz Garment

Payment at Vinaz Garment

All prices are quoted in US dollars.

Payment method at Vinaz Garment

Payment method at Vinaz Garment