How To Buy Clothes From Japan And Top Picks

This post will outline how to buy clothes from Japan, some of the top retailers for apparel, as well as the easiest way for you to purchase Japanese brands.

Recognizing the Japanese for their particular style is common. Not only will there be vibrant clothing, but there will also be well-groomed preppy looks. This post will show you how to buy clothes from Japan and a section on well-known Japanese garment retailers.

1. Why should we know how to buy clothes from Japan

Japan, the enchanting island nation located in the heart of Asia, has carved an indelible place in the world of fashion. Widely known for its avant-garde style, Japan has achieved aura in the field of luxury clothing. You may be wondering why your wholesale company should buy wholesale clothing from Japan to meet the needs of its customers. Allow us to shed light on the reasons why you should consider how to buy clothes from Japan for your wholesale company.

  • Quality and craftsmanship: Renowned for its commitment to quality, the painstaking attention to the minutest of details, and the masterful stitching that verges on the sublime, Japanese apparel stands as a testament to the unrelenting pursuit of perfection. This is not merely clothing; it’s a tapestry of human ingenuity interwoven with the finest threads. Clothing designs dance with the essence of Japanese culture, marrying tradition with innovation and creating harmony in every thread.
  • Trendsetting Styles: In the ever-evolving, ever-shifting realm of fashion, Japan transcends mere conformity to global fashion currents; instead, it surges forward as an avant-garde luminary, embarking on uncharted odysseys through the vast cosmos of style and aesthetics. On how to buy clothes from Japan online, for the astute entrepreneur navigating the wholesale fashion cosmos, the act of procuring garments from Japan becomes akin to unearthing a bottomless trove of the most recent, riveting, and spellbinding trends.
  • Cultural Appeal: The magnetism of Japanese fashion lies within its harmonious amalgamation of age-old traditions and the zeitgeist. When Japanese fashion becomes an integral facet of your inventory, you’re not merely augmenting your product selection; you’re meticulously orchestrating an immersive sojourn. These clothing ensembles transcend the conventional definition of products; they metamorphose into living canvases of art in perpetual motion. Whether it’s the intricate, kaleidoscopic mosaics adorning a kimono, the sleek, enigmatic contours of contemporary streetwear, or the harmonious synthesis of both, Japanese fashion offers your customers a sanctum to embrace their singular identities.

When learning how to buy clothes from Japan, in the kinetic landscape of wholesale fashion, the decision to procure attire from Japan transcends mere practicality; it evolves into a deliberate strategic masterstroke, infusing an indomitable character, unwavering superlative quality, and peerless panache into your retail repertoire. It ceases to be a matter of hawking clothing; it metamorphoses into a gracious invitation to submerge your patrons within the mesmerizing kaleidoscope of Japanese cultural artistry.


Why should we know how to buy clothes from Japan

2. Step-by-step how to buy clothes from Japan

Now that you know why you should know how to buy clothes from Japan, it’s time to embark on the journey of uncovering the procedures of buying clothes from the Land of the Rising Sun.

2.1. Step 1: Research and trends

To truly excel in how to buy Japanese clothes online, it is imperative to embark on a comprehensive journey of knowledge in the captivating world of Japanese fashion trends. This is not a mere suggestion; it’s a pathway to align your inventory with the ever-evolving demands and discerning market tastes.

Here’s how you navigate this course:

  • Keep up with Japanese fashion trends: When searching how to buy clothes from Japan, begin by diving headfirst into the expansive universe of Japanese fashion. This entails consuming everything – from books, magazines, and online articles to documentaries, fashion shows, and social media platforms.
  • Choose the kind of apparel you wish to purchase: Armed with a profound understanding of Japanese fashion, curate your inventory thoughtfully. It’s not just about picking pieces; it’s about selecting items that resonate with the demands and tastes of your target market. Balance the traditional and the contemporary, the understated and the avant-garde.

In conclusion, knowing how to buy clothes from Japan is not just a business transaction; it’s an odyssey into the artistic realm of fashion. By dedicating yourself to a thorough study of Japanese fashion trends, you’re not just adapting; you’re thriving. Your shop reflects your commitment to excellence, a testament to your dedication to satisfying the dynamic market. It’s a journey of knowledge and style; with each step, you inch closer to sartorial success.

2.2. Step 2: Find reliable suppliers

Now, as you stand at the crossroads of resolute purpose, your quest leads you to the elusive keepers of exquisite Japanese attire. Behold the enigmatic guide:

  • How to get a clothing manufacturer? On how to buy clothes from Japan, find Japanese clothing distributors and suppliers by searching trade directories, websites, or online platforms.
  • You can find suppliers through trade exhibits, internet marketplaces, or by contacting manufacturers directly. Online directories such as Rakuten or Alibaba are great for finding suppliers—level of Japanese. You can connect with reliable suppliers by contacting manufacturers directly or attending trade events in Japan.

To build lasting relationships, start by diligently finding reliable Japanese clothing wholesalers and suppliers. Prolonged and mutually advantageous, guaranteeing your company’s quality and reliability on how to buy clothes from Japan.


Step-by-step how to buy clothes from Japan

2.3. Step 3: Verify authenticity

A good business partnership depends on ensuring your suppliers are reliable and respectable. Here’s how to confirm the legitimacy of the supplier you’ve selected when searching how to buy clothes from Japan:

  • Verify the legitimacy and standing of the supplier you have selected: Research the supplier’s background, client testimonials, and industry reputation to verify their legitimacy and status. Keep an eye out for any warning signs or unfavorable reviews that can point to possible issues.
  • Request samples to evaluate quality: Ask for examples of the apparel you plan to buy to assess the quality. When learning how to buy clothes from Japan, you can use this to see if the supplier meets your quality requirements.

In conclusion, wholesalers must take precautions to ensure the quality of the clothing they acquire and the reliability of their business ties. One crucial step in ensuring these two things is to confirm the legitimacy and standing of the supplier they have selected.

2.4. Step 4: Negotiate terms

Skillful negotiation is required to ensure that you and your selected provider uphold the agreed-upon terms and conditions. This is how to proceed with this step of how to buy clothes from Japan:

  • Discuss costs, minimum order quantities, and delivery conditions. Negotiate openly with your Japan clothing manufacturers to agree on prices, minimum order amounts, and delivery options that work for you. Your company requires it. Find a win-win situation and be prepared to make concessions.
  • Make sure terms and communication are understood. It is best to put all agreements in writing to prevent confusion. When searching for how to buy clothes from Japan, this should cover terms for payment, delivery schedules, quality requirements, and any other particulars pertinent to your company.

In summary, establishing solid, mutually beneficial relationships with clothing suppliers requires skillful negotiation and open communication during the terms’ finalization in Japan, enabling distributors to guarantee advantageous rates and logistics that align with their corporate objectives.

2.5. Step 5: Place your orders

It’s time to submit your order after you and the supplier have agreed. Here’s where your investigation and bargaining skills come in handy when learning how to buy clothes from Japan:

  • Indicate in your order to the seller the kind, size, and quantity of clothes you wish to purchase in bulk. Verify again that every detail is accurate and compliant with your company’s needs.
  • Keep a detailed record of each transaction, including order confirmations, invoices, and receipts. On how to buy clothes from Japan, these records are crucial for accounting and conflict resolution.

Putting in a successful order, then, is the result of a systematic and well-thought-out procedure that enables wholesalers to transform their preparation, research, and negotiation skills into material for successful acquisitions.

2.6. Step 6: Shipping and customs

The logistics of how to buy clothes from Japan to your shop are the last step. Plan shipping and handle customs clearance: Work with your supplier to organize shipping and ensure all necessary paperwork is for customs. Understand any import laws, taxes, and fees that apply to the import of apparel from Japan.

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3. Tips on how to buy clothes from Japan from reliable places

Now, let us voyage into the labyrinthine world of astute strategies for procuring sartorial treasures from esteemed Japanese purveyors when learning how to buy clothes from Japan.

  • Relationship building: Establishing rapport and trust is not only prudent but the very essence of success. When your collaborators resonate with your ethos, a veritable symphony of mutual respect and trust emerges. In return, they unfurl the silken fabric of competitive pricing, an exclusive tapestry of limited editions, and access privileges accessible to the chosen few. On how to buy clothes from Japan, your ascendancy is thus assured, grounded in these cherished bonds.
  • Understand Sizing: A profound understanding of Japanese garment dimensions, coupled with the masterful communication of these intricate details to your discerning clientele, serves as the key to enhancing their retail odyssey. This harmonious integration diminishes the dissonance of exchanges and returns, sculpting a serene shopping pilgrimage. When engaging with suppliers, your grasp of the size matrix ensures that the garments you procure align seamlessly with your patrons’ expectations.
  • Stay Informed: To satiate the discerning palate of your clientele and maintain your competitive edge, a perpetual vigilance of Japanese fashion’s rhythmic cadence is non-negotiable on how to buy clothes from Japan. Thus, your warehouse metamorphoses into a sanctuary of contemporaneity, etching its relevance upon the tapestry of the market. Here, you offer your clients a veritable kaleidoscope of the latest vogue and style. Furthermore, your ability to preempt shifts in consumer preferences and mold your sourcing strategy accordingly propels you to the zenith of strategic fashion purveyance.

In summation, this enigmatic counsel unveils a comprehensive blueprint for embarking upon a Japanese sartorial odyssey when searching for how to buy clothes from Japan. A triumphant wholesale enterprise thrives on its pledge to fulfill its customers’ desires, its dexterity in size intricacies, and the art of weaving unbreakable bonds with suppliers. These arcane tactics not only ensure your prominence amidst the tumultuous seas of fashion wholesale but also elevate your procurement voyage into an unparalleled masterpiece of retailing sagacity.


Tips on how to buy clothes from Japan from reliable places

4. How to buy clothes from Japan: Top 10 Japanese clothing suppliers

Have you browsed internet fashion sites but are still figuring out how and where to purchase Japanese goods without going to Japan? These are the most well-liked and reasonably priced websites where you may buy Japanese apparel in all price ranges and styles, ranging from high fashion to alternative styles!

4.1. Zozotown

A well-known online retailer, ZOZOTOWN is comparable to ASOS in Japan because it offers a wide range of brands and goods. They now provide proxy services along with international shipping. We suggest you check out the website, as everything there is authentic Japanese!

Yesstyle is what we suggest if you’re on a tight budget! This website offers Japanese and Korean fashion and is constantly updated with the newest trends. Even cosplay accessories are available at excellent prices!

4.2. Wego

One of my favorite shops, WEGO, is well-liked by young people. It surpasses most brands in doing everything. They have more than 150 locations around Japan and are based in Tokyo.

This store offers worldwide shipping via an approved service, and it sells a wide variety of clothing, including street-style and adorable clothing. Additionally, the website is exceptionally user-friendly because it is available in both Japanese and English. We suggest trying Japanese fashion if you’ve never done it; Wego has some adorable items.

4.3. Yesstyle

For people on a restricted budget, YESSTYLE is an excellent website! The website is highly up-to-date with the newest fashion trends and sells many Japanese and Korean fashion things.

The wonderful part about this website is how affordable everything is; cosplay accessories are also sold there for meager costs! Check the website for more details, as this site does ship internationally! You should visit this website if you want to purchase inexpensive Japanese clothing.

4.4. Jshopper

JSHOPPER is a fantastic shop that offers worldwide shipping on a wide range of Japanese products! Japanese cosmetics and other products, together with a large assortment of Japanese fashion goods, are available on this website.

Since every item on this website is genuine Japanese, the prices are fair! We strongly advise looking over this website if you’re trying to purchase anything other than Japanese clothes!

4.5. Domodemo

The website DOKODEMO has a section devoted to Japanese fashion, but its main concentration is on Japanese skincare and cosmetics, among other things! This website is available in five languages and is simple to use.

You should browse and see what Japanese goods are on sale on this website! The website is very affordable and ships internationally.

4.6. Matsumaru, INC

Matsumaru, INC. was founded in June 1956 with a 50 million yen capital. Marubeni Fashion Link, Ltd., ITOCHU MODE PAL CO., LTD., UNITED ARROWS LTD., Matsuo International Corporation, WORLD CO., LTD., Itkin Co., Ltd., TOMORROW LAND CO., LTD., SANYO SHOKAI Ltd., and Anglobal Ltd. are its partner firms.

Kiichiro Matsumaru, the owner and president, oversees Matsumaru. It comprises the Distribution System Research Institute, the Tokyo Knitting Association, and the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Their 250 skilled specialists provide 100% local production for well-known brands by producing all kinds of apparel using Japanese sewing techniques.

4.7. ELLE UN Group

With 40 million yen in paid-up capital, the clothing maker ELLE UN Group was established in October 1969. ELLE PROJET Co., Ltd., an overseas business, was founded in September 2001 with a 10 million yen paid-up capital.

The ELLE UN Group produces 350,000 pieces annually and brings in 1,400 million yen annually. The company operates five garment facilities in China and Japan, employing 240 people to produce ready-to-wear apparel. Machines for hand stitching, zigzag stitching, buckle stitching, scalloped pattern stitching, over trimming, and saddle stitching are available in their facilities.


On May 1, 1959, Ogita Hemto Co., Ltd. was founded as a domestic factory with a 48.6 million yen capital. Ogita Hemto began sewing samples in her first year of business with ten workers.

With 30 workers, they increased their output as a large-scale manufacturing in the second year. They enhanced the technique in the third year by adding production quotas for unique designs, casual shirts, and women’s blouses. The company still trains recent graduates in the rigors of clothes manufacture, and it currently employs 87 people. Shinsuke Mori, who boasts a revenue of 3,453 million yen as of June 2021, is the current President and CEO.

4.9. Long Yong Japan Corporation

Sportswear maker Long Yong Group Japan specializes in OEM business. With a 10 million yen share capital, it started operations on January 5, 1993. In 2004, the corporation created a department dedicated to uniforms. The business established a plant in 2006 that employed 80 people.

Since they started operating abroad in China and Taiwan, their workforce has grown yearly. President Tomoe Inoue oversees the business and is satisfied with a completely integrated production management system. To produce high-quality goods, their factories are outfitted with cutting-edge printing, embroidery, sewing, and laser processing equipment.

4.10. Nakano Apparel

Knitted apparel is the primary focus of OEM and ODM Nakano Apparel’s operations. They operate seven factories, which are dispersed among Shirataki, Nanyo-shi, Yamagata, Japan, and Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. In its factories, 400 workers blend conventional and cutting-edge technologies.

Their skilled stylists and designers are always prepared to produce unique, fashionable models and present them to apparel producers. As a partner in planning, Nakano Apparel collaborates with companies, keeps expanding the apparel industry’s diversity, and develops innovative goods that benefit society. The target market for their products is shipping women in their 30s and 40s.

5. How to buy clothes from Vietnam compared to how to buy clothes from Japan

How to buy clothes from Japan can sometimes be quite difficult if you are not really clear and certain about each step. Furthermore, wholesale clothing suppliers in Japan also have quite high requirements and prices can be expensive. So please try to consider how to buy clothes from Vietnam, especially from Vinaz Garment company:

  • Vinaz Garment is among the best garment manufacturers in Vietnam. They have continuously cooperated with many foreign customers. Those customers often buy large garment orders from Vinaz Garment.
  • Vinaz Garment provides garment products to customers at super good prices. Although the price is cheap, it still goes hand in hand with high quality. Products are meticulously processed by a team of skilled workers and high-tech product lines.

Contact VinaZ Garment:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong Street, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 369907777
  • Email:

Vinaz Garment Factory

Wrap up, wholesalers may find that their success lies in knowing how to buy clothes from Japan. Japanese fashion may set your store apart thanks to its superior craftsmanship, avant-garde aesthetic, and distinct cultural appeal. You may effectively source Japanese apparel for your wholesale business by paying attention to our advice and following our easy-to-follow guidelines. Remember to look over the offerings of top Japanese apparel producers to locate the ideal complement for your shop.

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