Jeans Price In Pakistan: The Latest Price List In 2024

Several companies care about denim jeans price in Pakistan when they are searching for reputable Pakistani apparel manufacturers to be their business partners. 

Denim jeans price in Pakistan has long been known as a competitive price in the worldwide denim market. If your business can find the perfect jeans pant price in Pakistan, your revenue might have the chance to increase, and your business will be more successful than ever.

1. Some most famous denim pant models and their jeans price in Pakistan

A lot of groups of customers in Pakistan show preference for various wholesale denim pants available. Various companies and factories produce and distribute these jeans. In the Pakistani wholesale apparel market, one can find a range of popular denim pants in multiple designs. Although there may be variations in specific designs, some most common and popular ones can be identified:

  • Straight leg jeans: The simple straight leg denim jeans are a classic choice that never go out of fashion and can be effortlessly worn by various individuals. Pakistani manufacturers’ collections mostly consist of straight-cut pants, available in a variety of colors, and jeans price in Pakistan.
  • Skinny Jeans: Famous for their sleek fashion, this model is tightly fitting pair of trousers that have gained immense popularity. Youthful people still enjoy them and have numerous options in terms of colors and designs.
  • Bootcut Jeans: The timeless and classic look of bootcut denim pants is achieved through the small flare at the bottom. They are typically chosen for a more relaxed fit.
  • Distressed Denim Pants: Distressed denim trousers are deliberately designed to have a worn and torn look, adding a fashionable and stylish vibe.
  • Stretched Jeans: The reason why individuals are so interested in buying stretch denim jeans is because they offer a high level of comfort and flexibility. Usually, they have a little bit of spandex or elastane so that it will help make them more stretchy.
  • Flared denim pants: Jeans that have wide bottoms are known as flared denim jeans. Their classic and old-fashioned look is getting more love in the fashion industry.
  • High-waisted denim pants: Speaking of high-waisted denim jeans, they have a waistband that sits higher than usual. People have started loving them as they have proven to be successful in making legs look longer.

Pakistani manufacturers provide numerous options for wholesale denim pants, and the ones described here are just a limited sample. We have gathered a table including information about the jeans price in Pakistan:

Straight leg jeans PKR 200-PKR 600 0,72 – 2,16 USD
Skinny Jeans PKR 250-PKR 700 0,9 – 2,52 USD
Bootcut Jeans PKR 300 per piece Around 1,08 USD
Distressed Denim Pants PKR 300-PKR 800 per piece 1,08 – 2,88 USD
Stretched Jeans Around PKR 250 Around 0,9 USD
Flared denim pants PKR 300-PKR 700 per piece 1,08 – 2,52 USD
High-waisted denim pants Around PKR 250 Around 0,9 USD

1PKR (Rupee Pakistan) is 0,0036 USD, according to the latest currency exchange. Overall, the average jeans price in Pakistan is among the cheapest in the world. You can easily get a large quantity of jeans from Pakistan without spending too much money.


Some most famous denim pant models and their jeans price in Pakistan

2. A couple of factors affecting jeans price in Pakistan

The jeans price in Pakistan is usually known as one of the most inexpensive price in the global clothing sector. There are multiple factors that can affect it. Some of these are listed below for businesses to acknowledge.

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2.1. The design and style of every model

The appearance of jeans and how they are designed play a vital role in determining their jeans price in Pakistan and also in other locations. The cost of jeans can be changed by how they are sketched and designed:

  • Unique features: Jeans can become more expensive because of distinctive elements such as distressing, adornments, embroidery, or unique washes. Adding extra accessories to the jeans design results in a pricier cost of production.
  • The cut and fit: In order to cater to distinct style preferences and all body types, there are various types of garment cuts available, including skinny, loose, bootcut, straight leg, or baggy fits. The jeans price in Pakistan for denim pants with a particular fit or shape might be different based on how they are made.
  • The signature of brand: Most brand names or producers often have their own unique concepts and easily distinguishable styles. The reason why these signature clothes from them frequently have costly jeans price in Pakistan is because of their reputable name in the market.
  • Customization: There is usually a costly price tag for jeans pant price in Pakistan associated with making denim trousers that can be adjusted to meet the customer’s tastes, manufacturing, and preferences. Customizing activities involve making decisions on various features, including the cleaning type, times of wear, and any extra accessories used on jeans.
  • Brand reputation: Some manufacturers or providers that have a strong and established reputation for making excellent and fashionable denim pants can charge a higher jeans price in Pakistan, regardless of the complexity of their designs. There are many people who may be comfortable paying an additional amount to ensure that the products they are purchasing are of top-notch quality.

The jeans price in Pakistan can be different partly based on their appearance and design. Clothing with quite unique features often comes with a more expensive price tag, especially when it comes to jeans. Customers can have the freedom to choose jeans that go along with their personal fashion preferences and budget.


The design and style of every model

2.2. The basic supplies used might affect the jeans price in Pakistan

The jeans price in Pakistan can be influenced by the necessary components for their manufacturing. How the jeans pant price in Pakistan is influenced by the initial supplies used is explained below:

  • The quality of fabrics: It is crucial to think about the type and standard of the denim material. Many jeans distributors can expect varying prices depending on the denim material used in the production of the jeans. As usual, better denim quality often comes with a higher price point.
  • Labels: Prices can be impacted when selling items in large quantities due to the inclusion of brand labels, tags, and other branding components. Generic or unbranded jeans generally come at a lower price compared to their branded counterparts.
  • Sustainable sourcing: The jeans price in Pakistan may differ depending on the emphasis placed on eco-friendly actions and fair treatment of workers. Since these factors can incur extra expenses associated with materials and practices aligned with environmental sustainability and fair labor standards, companies should consider carefully when choosing suppliers.
  • Performance materials: Stretchy or flexible fabrics and specialized materials are incorporated into certain jeans to offer the wearer increased comfort and flexibility. Purchasing these kinds of jeans in large quantities may result in a higher jeans price in Pakistan.

Apparel companies that are looking forward to partnering with any jeans supplier in Pakistan should note that the convergence of these factors in Pakistan can lead to significant fluctuations in the prices of wholesale jeans.


The basic supplies used might affect the jeans price in Pakistan

2.3. Seasonal and sales promotion may influence jeans price in Pakistan

Jeans price in Pakistan can be influenced by fluctuating occasions, seasons, and promotional offers, impacting both bulk and retail prices. The bulk clothing market undergoes changes that closely resemble those in the retail market. However, the effect that has had on wholesalers and their partner producers can vary depending on the specific circumstances. This is the great impact that special deals and discounts can have on jeans pant price in Pakistan when they are sold in large quantities.

  • Seasonal Influences: Distributors can adjust their purchases and inventory levels based on the season and their anticipation of clients’ tastes. For instance, individuals can choose to purchase thinner jeans during the summer and thicker denim pants during the cold season. The fluctuations in demand over the course of the year can change the jeans price in Pakistan negotiated with the factories.
  • Discounts on big purchases: Distributors or makers of jeans often offer discounts to wholesalers who order a large quantity of jeans at one time. Big orders could potentially lead to manufacturers providing discounted jeans price in Pakistan or exclusive offers. Wholesalers may receive big discounts from producers at specific periods throughout the year in order to incentivize increased purchases.
  • Clearance Sales: Vendors or manufacturers can offer wholesale jeans at discounted prices during clearance sales or when they find themselves with excessive inventory. By taking advantage of these clearance sales, wholesalers can buy jeans at more affordable prices and subsequently distribute them to retailers at competitive rates.

Wholesalers in Pakistan can strategically schedule their bargains and orders with suppliers to benefit from seasonal and promotional discounts in order to maximize their benefits.


Seasonal and sales promotion may influence jeans price in Pakistan

2.4. Demand and supply

The fundamental concepts of demand and supply play a vital role in determining the jeans price in Pakistan when they are sold in bulk. The interplay between supply and demand holds significant importance in understanding the determination of prices within the wholesale market. These important factors can have a huge influence on the jeans pant price in Pakistan:

  • Demand: Things like wholesalers’ preferences, clients’ needs, seasonal fluctuations, and overall economic conditions impact the wholesale demand for jeans. When the need for a product or service rises, the prices tend to soar as well. This is usually accurate when there is a limited amount of the product or service.
  • Supply: The amount of denim pants available for bulk purchase depends on some factors such as manufacturing capacity, raw material accessibility, production expenses, and the expertise of manufacturers. When the jeans product is produced rapidly and efficiently, or when numerous companies are producing it, the purchasing jeans price in Pakistan can be reduced.
  • Competition among vendors: The competition among wholesalers can change the selling price of wholesale jeans. In order to outperform one another, many suppliers may reduce their jeans price in Pakistan when selling identical products. By obtaining improved deals and reduced prices for jeans, companies can have a lot of benefits.

Wholesalers can adjust their plans periodically to regulate the correlation between product availability and consumer demand.


Demand and supply

3. The best strategies for your business to obtain the cheapest jeans price in Pakistan

To obtain the most affordable jeans pant price in Pakistan, one must employ various approaches and methods. It is really vital to achieve a middle point between cost-saving measures and ensuring the reliability and quality of your suppliers. Consider these suggestions to secure the most affordable jeans price in Pakistan:

  • Forge a robust bond with your supplier: Build enduring partnerships with Pakistan jeans manufacturers you have confidence in. These outcomes could include receiving cheaper pricing, finding more advantageous terms, and gaining the ability to avail of exclusive promotions.
  • Volume Discounts: Get more favorable jeans price in Pakistan by committing to purchase a huge amount of products from your suppliers. Purchasing large quantities of jeans simultaneously often leads to a reduced price for each individual one.
  • Seasonal Purchasing: You should take advantage of less popular periods throughout the year to stock wholesale jeans and negotiate for more inexpensive prices, as the reduced demand allows for better bargains on jeans price in Pakistan.
  • Quality vs. Price: Companies should focus on the comparison between quality and quantity. Exercise caution when purchasing lower-priced products instead of ones with superior quality. When you decide to choose high-quality and durable jeans, they can provide long-lasting use and greater value for your customers.
  • Diversify Providers: Instead of depending on just one provider, consider working with various suppliers. Gaining an upper hand in bargaining the jeans price in Pakistan and guaranteeing a consistent source of supplies can become easier with this, even when businesses have to face difficulties.
  • Online Sourcing: Apps or webpages that work as sourcing platforms allow businesses to search for and engage with suppliers in order to make purchases. By frequently showing and updating the diverse prices of various types of jeans, these platforms make it easy for you to discover new businesses with cheap jeans price in Pakistan to buy from.
  • Quality Control: It is very important to make sure that your business partner have effective quality control and assurance mechanisms in place. Trying to reduce mistakes and the number of returns from customers can lead to cost savings down the line.

While it is important to know the significance of obtaining the most beneficial prices for bulk purchases, it is equally essential to guarantee that the products meet the standards of good quality, reliability, and ethical production. Clothing companies from around the world ought to check their plans and modify them according to market dynamics in order to maintain a competitive advantage.


The best strategies for your business to obtain cheapest jeans price in Pakistan

4. Leading producers of clothing with the most affordable jeans price in Pakistan

There are so many apparel firms in Pakistan that produce and offer inexpensive denim pants in bulk. These suppliers are frequently appealing to a wide range of clients, including both wholesalers and individuals engaged in selling jeans to others. The jeans price in Pakistan can vary based on various factors such as your purchase quantity, the jeans’ quality, and the availability of goods from each vendor. In Pakistan, there are several reputable garment businesses that provide affordable wholesale jeans for you to choose from.

4.1. Nishat Mills

The principal enterprise of the Nishat Group—the biggest conglomerate in Pakistan—is Nishat Mills Limited. It was established in 1951, and in 1961, it went public on the Karachi Stock Exchange. At the moment, it is listed on Pakistan’s three stock exchanges. It is Pakistan’s biggest, most vertically integrated, most integrated contemporary textile company.

Nishat Mills, located in Pakistan, is a significant textile company in the clothing sector. They provide a huge range of denim products, including pants, at a jeans price in Pakistan that is comparatively more affordable for businesses to source.

4.2. Gul Ahmed

In the first decades of the 1900s, Gul Ahmed established his textile company. Gul Ahmed entered the retail industry in 2003 and established the Ideas by Gul Ahmed chain of stores. The company sells clothing for both men and women and home textiles and furnishings for bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Additionally, it provides bespoke design services, embroidery, and monogramming in-house.

Within the nation of Pakistan, Gul Ahmed holds significant prominence in the textile sector. Wholesalers from around the world have the opportunity to purchase denim goods, including jeans, at discounted rates when buying in large quantities from this company.

4.3. Alkaram Textile Mills

With a presence in the US, UK, France, and Portugal, Alkaram Textile Mills has become one of Pakistan’s top producers and exporters of textiles. Alkaram’s name and unique image have been steadily built over 35 years, spanning numerous products, brands, and global markets. The largest vertically integrated textile facility in Pakistan is Alkaram Textile Mills.

Alkaram Textile Mills has gained popularity and reputation for its ability to offer clothes and denim products, in particular at an affordable jeans price in Pakistan. Businesses are presented with the great chance to purchase products in large quantities at reduced rates.

4.4. Firdous Cloth Mills

Firdous Textiles is a lifestyle fashion brand that was established in 1960. Our design philosophy combines tradition and contemporary style for modern women. Their legacy is centuries of flawless craftsmanship in subcontinental style.

Firdous Cloth Mills serves as a prominent textile enterprise based in Pakistan. When you work with this company, you are offered a variety of affordable denim clothing options produced by them.

4.5. Artistic Milliners

Established in 1949 as a little retail outlet in Pakistan, Artistic Milliners has expanded to become one of the top denim producers globally. Artistic Milliners has always been a leader in denim innovation and sustainability.

Artistic Milliners, a renowned denim producer, is recognized as one of the leading companies in Pakistan. Businesses specializing in the apparel sector can find a wide variety of denim and jeans available for purchase from them.

4.6. Mekotex (PVT.) Limited

Mekotex Private Limited was founded in 1979 and is an exporter of various textiles, such as cotton and denim goods. With its own textile mills and electricity generation plants, the company creates cutting-edge products that are approved by multiple international organizations such as GOTS, BSCI, Organic Exchange, WRAP, and GOTS.

Mekotex (Pvt) Ltd specializes in producing and distributing premium textiles in Pakistan. The basic ingredients for our goods are premium textiles. They offer affordable rates along with high-quality items.

4.7. Siddiqsons Denim Mills Limited

Siddiqsons Denim Mills Limited was renowned for being a trailblazer in Pakistani denim fabric manufacture when it was founded in 1959. In 2014, the company was recognized for being among Asia’s top 5 denim makers. Siddiqsons’ denim plants have a capacity of 2.6 million meters and are fully furnished with the necessary machinery to carry out the service.

Siddiqsons Denim Mills Limited is experienced in supplying and trading denim fabric, cotton yarn, organic clothing, and related items. The supplier company is one of the top sellers of the products on the list and is headquartered in Karachi, Sind. Buy cotton yarn, denim fabric, and organic clothing from us for top-quality products.

4.8. Style Textile (Pvt) Ltd

Style Textile is a Lahore-based textile producer operating in the Pakistani textile sector. They manufacture and supply full-service clothing solutions to international partners like ’s, Nike, Reebok, and Tom Tailor, with a focus on textile innovation. In 2021, Style Textile Ltd held the top position as the biggest exporter, with $429 million in export revenue.

With their cutting-edge technology, they can create a vast array of knitted materials, such as fleece, jersey, pique, rib, interlock, and more. These are some of the greatest knitted textiles available.

4.9. Interloop Ltd.

Located in Pakistan, Interloop Limited is a vertically integrated textile factory specializing in knits, denim, hosiery, and seamless garments for numerous top worldwide brands and retailers.

Interloop is Pakistan’s largest textile firm listed on the stock exchange and a top exporter. With $331.54 million in exports, it was Pakistan’s second-biggest exporter in 2020–21. With over 26,000 employees, Interloop Ltd. is a global network with a presence on three continents and industrial infrastructure centered in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

4.10. Pak Denim Limited

With an annual production of 16.8 million meters, Pak Denim Limited is one of Pakistan’s biggest and oldest producers of denim fabric. The company, which was founded in 1997, is a vital component of the sector that produces 20% of its fabric for domestic use and 80% for export. To maintain their unrivaled track record of success in the sector, they also make significant investments in research and development.

It is advisable to directly work with the distributors and producers recommended above to inquire about their wholesale jeans price in Pakistan and terms. Engaging in this activity might also guarantee that you possess the latest information on price from them.

On the other hand, you should also refer to some other manufacturers from other countries. Vinaz Garment from Vietnam is a great clothing producer to work with. They are able to mass produce clothes according to their designs or your ideas. Their clothes are famous for being cheap and outstanding at the same time.


Leading producers of clothing with the most affordable jeans price in Pakistan

Wrap up, jeans price in Pakistan are affected by aspects such as material, brand, fit, and design. Jeans have been popular in Pakistan for a long time. Jeans pants never bore the young since they last longer than other pants. It is comfortable, practical, and simple to care for, making it suitable for daily wear. It feels excellent next to the skin and does not require any clothing to be worn under or with it.

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