Top 10 Dubai Wholesale Clothing Suppliers For Business

Learn about Dubai wholesale clothing and choose the best suppliers. Make an investment in high-quality clothing right now to grow your retail business.

Explore the world of Dubai wholesale clothing in our blog post. Take a front-row seat to the Middle East’s fashion scene, where price and excellence collide. Find out where wholesalers can get stylish, high-end clothing at affordable prices.

1. A look at the Dubai wholesale clothing market

Dubai is always associated with massive buildings, skyscrapers, gold-plated items, and luxurious, flashy shopping centers. Over the past 20 years or so, Dubai has developed with a full range of skyscrapers that are no less than New York, and most of these buildings have some high floors reserved for shopping areas.

Dubai wholesale market for clothing is growing strongly and is increasingly attracting the attention of many wholesalers. Dubai is known as the bride of the United Arab Emirates. Every year, many tourists and businessmen visit this city to buy wholesale clothes from Dubai. The Dubai wholesale clothing market offers a variety of products in colors, designs, and styles. Everything from worldwide fashion brands to casual clothing and traditional Middle Eastern garments like kanduras and abayas can be found here.

A look at the Dubai wholesale clothing market

A look at the Dubai wholesale clothing market

2. Pros and cons of buying Dubai wholesale clothing

In this part, we will give you the pros and cons of buying Dubai wholesale clothing to help you make more intelligent business decisions.

2.1. Pros of buying Dubai wholesale clothing

Buying wholesale clothing in Dubai is becoming a more popular choice for businesses. There are a number of benefits, such as:

  • Many product types and patterns are available in the Dubai wholesale market for clothing since the city is well-known for its vibrant, diverse fashion industry. Therefore, wholesalers may meet the various tastes of many customer groups and acquire a choice of clothes. The materials used to make these products are sourced straight from fabric suppliers in Dubai so the raw materials costs can be reduced.
  • Dubai wholesale clothing products are famous for high quality and longevity. Dubai has skilled artisans and tailors in garment industry.
  • Dubai garments wholesale market products have competitive prices, so wholesalers can get better prices and offer products at more affordable prices to their customers.
  • Dubai wholesale clothing products are also famous for their ability to keep up with the latest trends. Thanks to that, wholesalers can easily access the latest fashion trends and offer them to customers.
  • Dubai has robust logistics infrastructure, so the process of buying and shipping Dubai wholesale clothing is quite easy. Additionally, many wholesalers in Dubai have online sales platforms, helping you save time and effort when sourcing.

Choosing wholesale clothing in Dubai is a good choice for businesses looking for a diversity of clothing at competitive prices.

Pros of buying Dubai wholesale clothing

Pros of buying Dubai wholesale clothing

2.2. Cons of buying Dubai wholesale clothing

Trading in Dubai wholesale clothing has many pros, but there are also some cons to consider. Here are some cons you should know before buying:

  • Dubai wholesale clothing market offers a wide range of products and designs but quality can vary significantly. You can buy high-quality items but you may also encounter products of lower quality or inconsistent quality, so finding a reputable supplier is very important.
  • Many Dubai wholesale clothing suppliers have minimum order quantity requirements. If you’re just starting out or your business is small, meeting these minimums when finding a reputable supplier to work with can be quite difficult.
  • You must learn about the cultural aspect of clothing selection when buying Dubai wholesale clothing. Some clothing items may not be appropriate for some markets, and understanding cultural norms is important.
  • You must factor in shipping costs if you buy Dubai wholesale clothing with the intention of exporting or reselling it abroad. Dubai is a major international shipping hub and these costs can be quite expensive.
  • Clothing imports into your nation could be governed by import laws and customs procedures. It is crucial that you be aware of these specifications and account for them in your cost estimates.

In some cases, you may encounter fake or poor-quality goods, especially when you accidentally encounter scammers. Therefore, choosing and finding reputable Dubai wholesale clothing suppliers is very important.
Before buying wholesale clothing in Dubai, you should consider the above disadvantages to avoid risks for your business.

Cons of buying Dubai wholesale clothing

Cons of buying Dubai wholesale clothing

3. How to choose a reliable place to buy Dubai wholesale clothing

The following tips can assist you in selecting the best Dubai wholesale clothing supplier if you’re just starting out in the clothing industry and need to source wholesale apparel:

  • Establish your target market and company objectives. You must choose the clothes you want to sell and the clientele you wish to reach.
  • Find out about Dubai garments wholesale market: You may look for information about Dubai wholesale clothing suppliers through websites that specialize in wholesale trade, social media platforms, e-commerce sites, and clothing wholesale marketplaces.
  • Check the product’s quality: Request samples or product photos from your Dubai wholesale clothing suppliers. To see and inspect the quality of the goods, if at all feasible, you should visit the supplier or retailer personally.
  • Check prices: When choosing a place to buy Dubai wholesale clothing, take into account both its price and quality. Compare prices and quality from many suppliers and choose the best deal
  • Select reliable wholesale clothing suppliers: You’ll save time and boost consumer confidence in your goods by selecting reliable and trustworthy Dubai wholesale clothing suppliers.
  • Find out about the return and warranty policies. By choosing wholesale clothing suppliers that have a strong return and warranty policy, you can be confident that the item you are purchasing is of the highest caliber.

If you follow the above advice, you’ll definitely find a trustworthy source for Dubai wholesale clothing.

How to choose a reliable place to buy Dubai wholesale clothing

How to choose a reliable place to buy Dubai wholesale clothing

4. The 10 Dubai wholesale clothing suppliers

To save you time in searching for the top place to buy Dubai wholesale clothing, we will give you a list of reputable places where you can buy Dubai wholesale clothing

4.1. Al Safeer Group

Al Safeer Group is a prominent retail and Dubai wholesale clothing supplier. They operate a chain of stores and offer a variety of clothing for men, women, and children.

Hypermarkets are the main business of Al Safeer Group. From a single retail location in Sharjah in 1998, it has expanded to become one of the Gulf’s biggest hypermarket chains, with 35 locations and counting. With convenient locations throughout Qatar and Oman, they are loved by clients of many ethnicities!

4.2. Redtag

Redtag is a well-established brand in the Middle East, and they have both retail and wholesale operations. They provide affordable clothing and are known for their trendy collections.

REDTAG, a novel idea that debuted in 2006, has grown at a pace of 20 percent each year and now operates more than 225 fashion and lifestyle outlets around the Middle East and Asia. REDTAG is a network of affordable clothing and home shops that provides a delightful shopping environment at competitive costs.

REDTAG is a huge popularity with families that like keeping up with the newest home and fashion trends, offering 365 days of value. Customers who are budget sensitive choose REDTAG first because of its competitive product pricing, high standards of quality, and extensive selection of sizes, shapes, and colors. Over the last thirty years, BMA International Group—of which REDTAG is a part—has accomplished significant milestones in the retail, fashion, and lifestyle industries. With the goal of becoming a market leader in value fashion and lifestyle, REDTAG has big ambitions to establish a lot of new shops throughout MENA, both on high streets and in malls.

4.3. Sun and Sand Sports

While primarily focused on sports clothing, they offer a wide range of casual wear and sportswear. They also supply wholesale to businesses.
Sun & Sand Sports began operations in 1979 and has accomplished many significant goals to become the top sports shop in the Middle East.

Along the way, Sun & Sand Sports will keep innovating and evolving as they work to promote a strong active culture across the Middle East via their expanding portfolio of the most well-known sports, fitness, and lifestyle brands worldwide. Being the premier source for all things sports, you can also obtain the most recent information on those eagerly awaited seasonal releases and keep up to date with their dietary and exercise recommendations, which are highlighted on the Sun & Sand Sports blog.

4.4. Alanic Wholesale

Alanic Wholesale has earned a good reputation as being among the top clothing companies in Dubai. You can source top-notch garments made by them at good prices if you buy large quantities. As one of Dubai’s top-notch apparel makers, this business offers customized garment services specifically tailored to meet the strict requirements of business owners, retailers, and private label businesses.

If your company is located in a country that is in close proximity to Dubai and you desire to expand your clothing lines, do not hesitate to get in touch with the customer support team from Alanic Wholesale. Take a look at the wide range of Dubai wholesale clothing options available on this company’s website to discover products that are suitable for your wholesale needs. 


On the website, you can discover a wide selection of Dubai wholesale clothing and various items that cater to what you want. They have the capacity to fulfill your needs, regardless of whether you are a startup or a long-standing business.

If you have your designs, feel free to reach out to them so that can provide you with a price estimate for manufacturing. The range of services provided by them consists of every stage needed in the clothing-making process.

4.6. Emirates Apparel

Emirates Apparel is available to help those in need of exceptional T-shirts, uniforms, polo shirts,caps, hoodies, or other accessories. They are really famous in Dubai as a company that specializes in selling clothes in bulk, offering a range of plain apparel and accessories. They assure you that what you receive is of excellent quality, as they handle every single stage, including manufacturing, sourcing materials, incorporating designs, and applying label tags. 

You can expect the most exquisite branding services and premium materials. There is a varied range of goods, colors, and materials for you to choose from. You can make a purchase with any quantity, as there is no MOQ required. They also have a unit that is capable of making clothes continuously for 24 hours.

4.7. Shafat Trading Co., LLC

Shafat Trading Co. LLC is a reputable apparel business that specializes in selling all types of Dubai wholesale clothing. The establishment of this company began in 1989. Murshud Bazar, situated in the heart of Dubai, is where the company was found. Many wholesalers have been stocking good baby clothes at affordable prices for over 30 years. Sellers and buyers can rely on Shafat Trading Co., LLC for its consistent delivery of outstanding service, highlighting the commitment to customer satisfaction.

Shafat has a great ability to offer all the necessary high quality garments to ensure your young children have a delightful time. When it comes to finding the finest baby garment producer in the Middle-east or UAE, Shafat stands out as the ideal choice.

4.8. Polo Garments

Selling uniforms and custom clothing in large quantities, Polo Garments is a reliable company in the UAE. For a considerable time, they have been manufacturing visually appealing uniforms. With their utilization of cutting-edge equipment and fabrics, this well-known uniform provider crafts trendy attire. 

Polo Garments guarantees a correct and constant variety of colors and sizes for their products. Small and large orders are both welcomed, with customers coming from both nearby locations and different countries.

4.9. Dubai Uniforms

Dubai Uniforms goes the extra mile to make sure that the workers in the thriving industries of the UAE have an adequate amount of uniforms. The company has existed for over 15 years. Their apparel caters to aviation companies, educational institutions, industrial facilities, medical centers, and hospitality establishments.

The more you buy, the cheaper the price you get from this business. Dubai Uniforms is responsible for manufacturing and designing your apparel. Everything required for uniforms, including attire and footwear, is readily available with them. I guarantee that there will be an adequate amount of the products available.

4.10. specifically manufactures t-shirts and has its office located in Dubai. The top spot for t-shirt sales is held by them in Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi. Customers from everywhere in the world can receive a variety of t-shirts that are produced by them.

Their t-shirt sales focus on both B2B and B2C transactions. All you have to do is visit their website and pick a style that suits your character. has a wide variety of t-shirts suitable for men, women, teenagers, and kids. Orders that are priced above $99 enjoy free delivery.

5. Tips to get better deals when buying Dubai wholesale clothing

Negotiating with Dubai wholesale clothing suppliers is one of the important steps for any retailer. However, for startups, this is an extremely difficult task because they do not have enough experience and courage to negotiate. Here we will give you some tips for effective business negotiations with suppliers.

5.1. Know what you want and what your partner wants

It sounds very simple but doing it is not easy because many times we don’t really know what we want. However, in business, you need to know specifically what you want from the transaction or negotiation.

What do you want and what are your requirements for the product from quality, quantity, warranty, time, discount… Absolutely do not let Dubai wholesale clothing supplier state their position and determine your rights. To be sure, you can write those things down systematically or in the form of a mind map before starting the negotiation.

Along with knowing what you want, you also need to know your partner’s strengths, weaknesses and needs, and even know exactly what they need. Again, be very specific about price, percentage, number of times… Then, you have a better scenario for the negotiation, directing content and results according to the predetermined scenario.

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5.2. Business negotiations must always be persistent

Lack of patience can ruin your entire career and show that you are not a professional. One expert has observed that “your impatience can wreak havoc on negotiations if you are too hasty to achieve results.

Be alert and don’t be hasty with the first offer. Never accept the first offer.” Since any first offer favors the person making the request, you will receive less. Let your Dubai wholesale clothing partner see that they have pushed you to your breaking point and that if they continue like that, they will lose you.

Business negotiations must always be persistent

Business negotiations must always be persistent

5.3. Consistent with partner’s interests

Any negotiation is reciprocal, so when expecting anyone to provide you with anything, you need to know that you must provide value, benefit to them, whether in a negotiation. Negotiate by verbal or written proposal.

Once you know what Dubai wholesale clothing wants, check out the list of engagement points for yourself or your company, and look for the ones that fit your negotiating partner’s needs. A professional negotiator will find areas where the other side’s desires may not have been addressed and show how to satisfy them.

5.4. Keep your own negotiating limits but still be flexible

A negotiation with your Dubai wholesale clothing supplier is like an auction. In many cases, buyers will continuously be pushed into a spiral of increasing prices, eventually, the highest bidder will be able to buy at a much higher price than the original, after which they never believe they have accepted. such price.

Experts explain that it is because they do not know the ceiling price of the product. This is very common in business negotiations with any suppliers, including Vietnamese apparel manufacturers. Therefore, you must determine and remember your limit points and flexibility, absolutely not get caught up in the spiral set by the opponent.

5.5. Eliminate the mindset of winners and losers in business negotiations

There should not be clear winners and losers in a business negotiation, the best result is for both sides to benefit from long-term cooperation. That way of thinking will easily bring success.

Find gaps in your Dubai wholesale clothing partner’s interests that you can fill to negotiate, use your advantages, and they will also use their advantages to fill your gaps. Both will win if all sides continue to listen to the needs of the opposition instead of just looking for ways to defeat them.

Eliminate the mindset of winners and losers in business negotiations

Eliminate the mindset of winners and losers in business negotiations

5.6. Hold your weapon firmly

In case you make a good offer then be comfortable with it. Absolutely do not be condescending or nervous in front of your partner, otherwise, they will try to gain more by asking you to change their disadvantages in the negotiation.

Don’t be too humble. In case you have offered the best benefits but cannot reach an agreement, business negotiation expert Brodow advises you to “always be ready to walk away” from another transaction.

6. Vietnam wholesale clothing: A great alternative to Dubai wholesale clothing

Vietnam wholesale clothing is also an increasingly popular choice for wholesalers and retailers around the world. This country is famous for its long tradition of textiles and highly skilled workers. Buying Vietnam wholesale clothing is a safe choice for most businesses because it brings high profits and little risk.

  • Vietnam is known as a large and long-standing textile production center, with much experience in exporting garments. Dubai is more known for its retail and commercial sectors. The clothing market in Dubai is thriving, but most of its products are also imported from other countries, including Vietnam.
  • The cost of buying Vietnam wholesale clothing is often more affordable than buying Dubai wholesale clothing. This is because production costs in Vietnam are lower, and because Vietnam has signed many free trade agreements when buying clothes from Vietnam, you will enjoy preferential tariffs.

Depending on your target market, the type of clothes you want to buy, and your budget, you can decide between Vietnam and Dubai to wholesale clothes and bring optimal profits to your business. Vinaz Garment is a company that can provide Vietnamese wholesale garments for your business. You can buy any type of clothing, from T-shirts, jackets to jeans, skirts, etc. When you cooperate with this company, you will understand why they can quickly step into the ranks of leading garment manufacturers in Vietnam. Contact VinaZ Garment:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong Street, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 369907777
  • Email:

Vinaz Garment Factory

Final thoughts: running a clothing retail business that imports Dubai wholesale clothing necessitates a thorough investigation of wholesale clothing suppliers in the UAE. Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing textile markets. Create a solid relationship with your suppliers, whether you buy from street textile markets or from top firms in Dubai. We hope our comprehensive information assists you in selecting the best wholesale clothes supplier in Dubai.

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