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Bangladesh jeans price can vary differently among numerous producers. This helpful article will show you how to get the best jeans pant price in Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh jeans price is one of those topics that many clothing companies in the world care about. Bangladesh has established its reputation as a major exporter of textiles worldwide, so there is a possibility that you can find a good denim pant price in Bangladesh.

1. Bangladesh jeans price of some best selling types

You should know the reasons why Bangladesh jeans are so cheap when discussing the purchase of jeans in large quantities and the effort to bargain Bangladesh jeans price:

  • Production Hub: Bangladesh serves as one of the world’s centers for the production of clothing items, including jeans. With numerous manufacturing facilities and factories specializing in manufacturing a variety of denim pants, the nation boasts a renowned clothing industry. This nation is highly recommended for companies that want to buy jeans at wholesale Bangladesh jeans price.
  • Variety: Bulk buyers can have the option of selecting from a diverse range of jeans in Bangladesh. There is a wide range of choices, including both inexpensive and elaborate designer Bangladesh jeans price options. An assortment of styles, concepts, and colors can be discovered to suit every taste of your specific customers.
  • Quality: Goods or services can exhibit quite big differences in quality based on the vendor involved. In order to attain the desired caliber, it is very relevant to conduct meticulous research and evaluate the standard of something. Locate distributors with a strong reputation for crafting excellent merchandise and cheap Bangladesh jeans price.

The reputation of Bangladesh manufacturers lies in offering denim pants at a cheaper jeans pant price in Bangladesh, primarily due to the reduced manufacturing costs. Here is a table including the most common types of jeans and their denim pant price in Bangladesh for you to refer to:

Kind of Jeans Prices
Skinny Jeans 3.21-6.34$
Straight-leg Jeans 5.90-12.90$
Baggy Jeans 10-14.60$
Flare Jeans 17.90-20.90$
Low-rise Jeans 8.00-14.80$
High-waisted Jeans 9.00-18.00$
Boyfriend Jeans 7.99-15.99$

The jeans pant price in Bangladesh provided above is just an average price so it is recommended that you do more research to find a better detailed price.


Bangladesh jeans price of some best selling types of denim pant

2. Some factors affecting Bangladesh jeans price

As you know, the Bangladesh jeans price or branded jeans pant price in Bangladesh is greatly influenced by a lot of factors. Some of these are listed below for you to be aware of more important information.

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2.1. The brand or the Bangladeshi manufacturer

Both the brand name and the Bangladeshi producer have the possibility of impacting the Bangladesh jeans price. Here are various ways in which the jeans pant price in Bangladesh can be influenced by each of these factors:

  • Reputation: The reputation and recognition of popular international or domestic brands result in an increase in their prices since customers trust and are familiar with them.
  • Marketing: Companies that dedicate significant financial resources towards the marketing efforts, other advertising activities, and upholding a glamorous reputation might mark up their Bangladesh jeans price in order to cover these expenses.
  • Designs: Owing to their unique designs or styles, certain denim businesses in Bangladesh are often pricier as they are considered more trendy and distinguishable.
  • Craftmanship: It is possible to notice quite a lot of differences in the caliber and skill of product production among various producers in Bangladesh. Asking for additional expenses can be expected from companies renowned for producing high-quality jeans, which might lead to higher Bangladesh jeans price.
  • Customization: Companies that offer customization choices, such as changing different colors, patterns may charge extra fees as they need to invest additional labor, resources and do more work.
  • Production scale: The ability of bigger firms to manufacture products in greater quantities leads to reduction in Bangladesh jeans price as economies of scale come into play. As a result, they could potentially offer their products at a cheaper denim pant price in Bangladesh.

When you are deciding which producer to get your denim pants from in Bangladesh, you need to consider who you will be selling them to, how much money you have, and how nice you want them to be.


The brand or the Bangladeshi manufacturer

2.2. Quality of materials

The choice of materials utilized in the production of denim pants can impact their Bangladesh jeans price. The choice of materials and basic supplies used influences the expense of jeans:

  • Kinds of denim: Various kinds of denim material are utilized in the production of jeans. The primary fabric utilized is denim, with different features present in each variety. Expensive denim material is commonly associated with superior caliber, as it tends to be more durable, offer a more high-end tactile experience, and demonstrate overall higher craftsmanship when compared to regular denim. This can add up to Bangladesh jeans price.
  • Weight: Denim material usually comes in varying weights, with measurements usually done in ounces per square yard. The strength of denim fabric often corresponds to its thickness, which may lead to a higher cost. While lighter-weight denim may be more inexpensive, its durability may not be as high.
  • Blend and Stretch: In order to enhance the comfort of the wearer, certain jeans utilize elastic materials such as elastane or spandex. Depending on the kind of elastic materials employed, the Bangladesh jeans price can fluctuate. Denim that possesses a stretch characteristic of superior caliber may be pricier compared to non-stretch denim.
  • Coloring and cleaning: How the dyeing and cleaning process of every jeans pant is done can have an influence on their overall cost. The Bangladesh jeans price may be increased through the use of special washes and unique dyeing processes.
  • Other materials used: The denim pant price in Bangladesh can be impacted by supplies like zippers and buttons. Durable and high-quality accessories used in a jeans has a longer lifespan, but it may come with a higher price tag.

When buying any type of jeans, it’s important to think about finding the right balance between a good quality pair and a reasonable price. Some people might be fine with spending more money on good quality stuff, but some people care more about how cheap it is.


Quality of materials

2.3. The manufacturing expenses

The Bangladesh jeans price depends greatly on the cost involved in making them in Bangladesh. These expenses can affect how much the jeans cost overall, and it is crucial for both the people making them and the customers to know about them. The cost of making denim pants has a direct impact on their retail price:

  • Labor Costs: The recruitment fees greatly contributes to the overall production expenses. Many countries have much more expensive labor costs compared to Bangladesh. The cost of hiring employees can be influenced by several factors, such as their abilities, productivity, compensation, and work conditions. The making of jeans requiring highly skilled labor or intricate designs may incur higher manufacturing costs.
  • Overhead costs: Expenses related to house rent, other utilities, machinery maintenance, and administration are considered overhead costs within the context of operating a factory. By effectively handling these overhead costs, it might become easier to minimize the Bangladesh jeans price.
  • Equipment and machines: The type and present condition of the machinery and tools utilized in the production process impact both the quality and cost of the products. Newer and better machinery can reduce the time it takes to produce jeans and, as a result, decrease how much money is needed to pay workers.

The combination of these mentioned factors determines the total Bangladesh jeans price. Providing affordable prices requires garment firms to manage these expenses well, and customers should take into account these aspects when evaluating the price of jeans.


The manufacturing costs

2.4. Quantity and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

In Bangladesh, numerous jeans producers have established a minimum order quantity (MOQ) regulation for sizable purchases. The denim pant price in Bangladesh can be influenced by the minimum order quantity (MOQ) in these ways:

  • Smaller MOQ: You might have the ability to secure a lower Bangladesh jeans price for each individual item if you opt to purchase a smaller quantity of jeans. Purchasing in huge amounts can be advantageous because of potential price benefits from suppliers, leading to reduced expenses.
  • Higher MOQ: Bangladesh wholesale clothing suppliers may request that you increase your purchase quantity for each jeans item in order to obtain a cheaper price. If you are constantly in need of huge quantities of jeans and desire to cut down on costs, this can be beneficial as it helps you save money by reducing the Bangladesh jeans price of each pair.
  • Negotiation: At times, some vendors might be willing to engage in conversations and reach an agreement regarding MOQs that are more suitable to the specific needs of your business, previous orders placed, or other vital considerations. Striking a balance between Bangladesh jeans price and order quantities that align with your company’s ability is essential when negotiating minimum order quantities (MOQs).
  • Inventory Costs: When you make purchases for larger quantities of jeans, it is possible for storage and inventory expenses to go up. As a consequence, the Bangladesh jeans price will rise. Consider the space needed and financial resources required to maintain a large inventory of jeans.

When discussing the MOQs and amounts with the Bangladesh denim suppliers, companies must thoroughly consider their business requirements, required quantity, and financial capacity. When purchasing denim pants at a cheap Bangladesh jeans price, finding the perfect balance between the MOQ and price is crucial for an effective purchasing strategy.


Quantity and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

3. Useful tips to help you negotiate the most beneficial Bangladesh jeans price

To secure the most favorable Bangladesh jeans price, effective communication, useful knowledge, and comprehension of price influencers are essential. To help you achieve the desired price during negotiations, consider these useful suggestions:

  • Do research: Before entering into discussions with the suppliers, make sure that you can gather useful information through research. Discover specific information regarding the market for jeans in Bangladesh and the average Bangladesh jeans price. To know are clothes cheap in Bangladesh, Gain knowledge on the latest trends, the usual costs of numerous kinds of jeans, and the level of competition.
  • Compare several vendors: It is significant to evaluate and consider various options when searching for jeans manufacturers, rather than immediately selecting the initial one you encounter. Inquire with various vendors about their Bangladesh jeans price and request samples. By comprehending the sector with enough knowledge, you will have a competitive edge while negotiating.
  • Knowing the things influencing price: Acquire information about all of the factors that significantly determine the Bangladesh jeans price, including their quality, aesthetics, brand reputation, and customization options. This knowledge will allow you to understand deeply the things influencing the supplier’s price determination.
  • Create a bond: Foster a strong connection by establishing a positive relationship between you and the potential vendors to ensure fruitful collaboration. Building trust and fostering a beneficial relationship can prove advantageous in the context of negotiations. If the manufacturers perceive your dedication to establishing a long-term partnership, they might be more motivated to meet your requests.
  • Clear expectations: Be clear about what you expect by openly telling the supplier what you want. In order to effectively communicate your expectations, it is vital to express your requirements regarding the desired quality and Bangladesh jeans price, specific deliverables, preferred delivery timelines, and any other crucial details. In the future, you can avoid the confusion through this preventive measure.
  • Payment terms: Consider how you can pay for the orders and have a conversation with the seller to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement on how to make the payment. There are a lot of popular options for repayment, including providing an initial cash payment, submitting a bank statement, or coming to a mutual agreement on terms.
  • Discounts: Do not hesitate to ask about the availability of volume discounts when you place bigger orders. Some vendors might give you cheaper Bangladesh jeans price if you buy a lot of their products at once.

It is of utmost relevance to make sure of a fair outcome that benefits both sides in negotiations. Creating robust and enduring relationships with your Bangladeshi jeans producers necessitates consistently displaying professionalism and practicing open communication.


Useful tips to help you negotiate the most beneficial Bangladesh jeans price

4. The best producers with cheap Bangladesh jeans price

The Bangladesh jeans price can differ significantly, influenced by factors such as their caliber, the possibility of customization, and the manufacturer’s level of recognition. There are a few reputable Bangladeshi clothing makers that specialize in manufacturing jeans of both high quality and affordability.

4.1. Shasha Denims Limited

Shasha Denims Ltd is a Bangladesh-based denim fabric company. The primary activities of the company include producing, dyeing, weaving, and finishing denim fabric, as well as exporting similar things. The company is entirely focused on exporting garments.

The usage of Lenzing ModaL and Tencel branded yarns enables the Company to produce products without the use of cotton. It makes use of recycled polyester, cotton, and stretch fabrics. The company has a monthly capacity of approximately 2.10 million yards to make various types of denim textiles. The company manufactures various varieties of denim in sizes ranging from 4.50 ounces (oz) to 15.00 oz, offering global consumers a selection of hues ranging from the lightest indigo to the darkest, as well as many different effects and textures.

4.2. Argon Denims Ltd

Argon Denims Ltd is a Bangladesh-based company that manufactures, dyes, and finishes denim fabrics for export. The company weaves, spins, bleaches, dyes, prints, finishes, and sells denim, yarn, fabric, linen, knitwear, and other commodities and materials that are knitted or looped. It manufactures mid-range and premium denim in a range of weights.

100% cotton, stretch cotton, polyester cotton, and stretch cotton-polyester are all available. The dyeing line includes light and dark indigo, sulfur black, SBIT, and IBST blanks and colors.

4.3. Mahmud Denims Ltd. / Mahmud Jeans Limited

MDL has built a fully vertical spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, and ETP factory using the most cutting-edge sustainable technologies. Mahmud Denims produces ecologically friendly denim for world-famous customers using green technology.

Mahmud Spinning Ltd is a well-established spinning mill that has invested in cutting-edge technology and machinery to manufacture high-quality pile and open end staple yarns. The company imports approximately 800 tons of raw cotton from West Africa, Brazil, and the United States, and always has enough inventory to last three months.

4.4. Partex Denim Ltd

Partex Denim, one of the top three denim manufacturers in Bangladesh, has established itself as a luxury denim manufacturer. Partex Denim began denim manufacturing in Roopganj in 2006 using the best and latest machinery available in the world, and is currently a vertically integrated plant that includes spinning, weaving, dyeing, cord dyeing, and wire dyeing. The denim ranges from 4.5 oz to 14.5 oz using multi-turn/twist/open yarn and has a current monthly capacity of 3.8 million yards/month.

The weaving is done on a Picanol machine (Belgium), and there are two lines of Benninger Slasher Indigo dyes capable of dyeing bottom/top denim/Sandwich/ reaction colors plus very dark indigo, as well as rope dyeing facilities.

4.5. Denim Expert Ltd

Denim Expert (DE) is a specialized denim factory in Chittagong that was founded in 2009. DE creates and offers its own wash and treatment formulae, as well as its own collections, to brands. Denim Expert also covers workplace safety, sustainability, social compliance, and worker and family well-being. It is a partner in the Partnership for Cleaner Textiles (PaCT) project of the International Finance Corporation. It intends to reuse 100% of the water and use 100% solar energy.

Denim Expert is a member of the International Apparel Federation (IAF), the Sustainable Apparel Alliance (SAC), the Zero Degrees Celsius Coalition (ZDHC), and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

4.6. NASSA-Taipei Denims Ltd / NASSA Denims Ltd

NASSA is based in Kanchpur, Dhaka, on a 28-acre textile manufacturing facility. Their textile operations are one of the largest in Bangladesh, with a production capacity of 60 tons per day, allowing us to provide end-to-end textile manufacturing services to customers all over the world.

The business manufactures a wide range of fleece, knitted, dyed, and printed fabrics on computer-controlled Swiss, German, and French machinery that offer sophisticated technology and long-lasting standards. judgments that the US and European markets expect. NASSA Denims Ltd specializes in producing high-quality indigo denim for its clients.

4.7. Ha-Meem Denim Limited

The Bangladeshi apparel business Ha-Meem Group is the world’s biggest provider of ready-to-wear and denim fabrics. The company manufactures some of the most stylish denim and apparel products in Bangladesh and has one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities.

Every month, the company manufactures 7 million items of woven clothes in all sizes, from babies to adults, men and women. Today, Ha-Meem Group employs over 50,000 people and has 26 garment factories, including a unique denim factory, a sweater factory, an embroidery and printing factory, and so on. Ha-Meem Knit will be up and running within a year. It will start with a capacity of 10 tonnes of synthetic fibers and gradually rise to 50 tonnes. It will manufacture a wide range of knitted products, including shirts and pants for men, women, and children.

4.8. Square Denims

Square Denims is a sibling company to the Square Textile division, which is based in Habiganj, Northeast Bangladesh. Square Denims is one of the inventive fabric manufacturers since they provide a wide selection of denim textiles. This denim plant is completely equipped with advanced denim fabric manufacturing gear and equipment.

The company has a dedicated research and development team that is constantly developing novel washing procedures and adding value to consumers’ jeans. Its most advanced washing treatment plant lends an artistic appearance to aesthetic works.

4.9. Jamuna Denims Ltd

Jamuna Denims was founded in 2005 as an aggregator. Denim textiles ranging from basic to premium are produced by the company. The factory is equipped with completely computerized ultra-high speed air looms. Regular fabrics, canvas fabrics, chambray fabrics, denim jeans, oxford fabrics, and bradford fabrics are all available from the company.

Precision in production technology is ensured by the use of cutting-edge machinery acquired from the United States, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. Furthermore, the factory contains a wastewater treatment plant. Jamuna’s jeans have a very refined quality in terms of varied usage due to the uniform thread tensioning and controlled stretching technique.

4.10. Chittagong Denims Limited

CHITTAGONG DENIM COMPANY LIMITED is the region’s most advanced denim factory, with one of Bangladesh’s most extensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities. The Mill, founded in 2005 in Bangladesh, is a 100% export-oriented denim producer.

The company began commercial operations in 2007 and quickly rose to become the industry’s leading Denim Fabric Manufacturer. Chittagong Denim Limited’s plant is located on a 30-acre plot of land in Kewa, Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh, and is designed with a sustainable landscape and infrastructure.


The best producers with cheap Bangladesh jeans price

The most suitable producer for your business will be determined by your specific requirements for the jeans, including distinctive manufacturing specifications, desired order volumes, and preferred target market. Before you are able to reach a decision, it is recommended to seek Bangladesh jeans price and service information from different producers. Select the manufacturer that can match perfectly with your requirements and financial constraints.

5. Vinaz Garment Factory: The top place to buy wholesale clothing in Vietnam

If you have trouble looking for the proper Bangladesh jeans maker, try considering Vinaz Garment. This company is a clothing manufacturer from Vietnam, which is one of the leading countries in exporting textiles. Vinaz Garment has a diverse range of clothing options, including every kind of jeans, which are offered at a competitive price.

Vinaz Garment maintains affordable prices using efficient production processes, operational efficiency, and enduring supplier relationships. By streamlining their processes and passing the savings along to their clients, they may lower the cost of production. Their established relationships with material suppliers allow them to negotiate fair prices for fabrics and trims, which further lowers the overall cost.

While Vinaz Garment strives to offer reasonably priced clothing, it’s crucial to remember that the total cost will differ based on a number of variables, such as fabric selection, design complexity, order quantity, and any other customization needs. It is advised that you speak with Vinaz Garment directly about your needs and price range to obtain precise pricing information.

Contact VinaZ Garment:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong Street, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 369907777
  • Email:
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