Are Clothes Cheap In Bangladesh Is A Matter Of Concern

A lot of people in the apparel sector have been asking the question are clothes cheap in Bangladesh. Details about Bangladesh clothes prices will be explained.

Are clothes cheap in Bangladesh is a topic that is worthy of attention. Bangladesh is one of the world’s biggest clothing exporters. That’s why everyone wants to know about the price, quality, and ability of every Bangladesh apparel manufacturer.

1. Are clothes cheap in Bangladesh: The ability to produce clothes in Bangladesh

In terms of ready-made clothing manufacturers and global sales, Bangladesh ranks as the second largest contributor. To remain in their current position, distributors from Bangladesh need to compete against suppliers from other countries like Vietnam or Turkey. Currently, they send out more goods than their competitors, but their selling prices are significantly lower. These paragraphs will answer why are clothes cheap in Bangladesh.

According to the United States Fashion Industry Association, Bangladesh stand out as a leader among nations that produce clothing in terms of having the most affordable prices.  The ability to produce cheap clothes and why are clothes cheap in Bangladesh is attributed to various reasons in Bangladesh. Additionally, these factors assist in ensuring the country’s clothes remain inexpensive.

  • Inexpensive workforce: There is a significant workforce in Bangladesh, and their compensation is comparatively cheaper than that of workers in the Western world. The clothing industry reaps significant positive aspects from the fact that workers play a major role in determining the cost of garment production.
  • Effective supply chain: Bangladesh has successfully established a reliable and effective system for manufacturing and distributing clothes. This implies the presence of sufficient cotton resources and individuals capable of manufacturing and sending out goods. Efficiency plays a relevant role in achieving cost savings and is a factor in why are clothes cheap in Bangladesh.
  • Economies of Scale: With a considerable contribution to the international industry, Bangladesh is renowned for exporting a large volume of apparel. With increased production, the expense incurred for making each item decreases.
  • Industry Clusters: The country has created specific zones that accommodate a high concentration of clothing factories. By consolidating manufacturing facilities in a single location, they can take advantage of shared resources such as equipment and buildings, resulting in reduced costs.
  • Trade Agreements: Different nations have entered into trade agreements with Bangladesh, which explains why are clothes cheap in Bangladesh. These agreements have a good impact on Bangladesh as they enable the country to reduce tariffs on its exported items, resulting in lower taxes. Additionally, they contribute to making products sourced from Bangladesh suppliers more affordable for international consumers.

Bangladesh has the ability to produce apparel items at a low cost due to these factors. This assists in decreasing the affordability of clothing for individuals who are keen on purchasing it. Compared to other nations, garments made in Bangladesh are generally renowned for their affordability and competitive prices.

The lack of diverse clothing selections in Bangladesh leads to decreased income for exporters, as they primarily specialize in low-cost apparel exports. Bangladesh is lagging behind as the global need for artificial fiber clothes continues to rise. Concerns have been raised regarding the treatment of workers, their salaries, and safety conditions in Bangladesh owing to the inexpensive production of clothing.


Are clothes cheap in Bangladesh: The ability to produce clothes in Bangladesh

2. Are clothes cheap in Bangladesh: The reasons behind the affordability of Bangladesh clothes

Cheap clothes in Bangladesh can be produced due to various factors. These reasons also become the pros that help Bangladesh vendors stay advantageous.

2.1. The availability of raw materials

The availability of ample resources for manufacturing apparel at a low cost is a key factor in the affordability of clothing in Bangladesh. This is the effect it has on why are clothes cheap in Bangladesh:

  • The location of Bangladesh is advantageous as it is near places that furnish the required materials and supplies for manufacturing clothes, primarily cotton. Owing to the close proximity, transportation costs are reduced as there is no requirement to import raw materials from far-off regions. Cutting transportation costs helps minimize overall production costs.
  • Shorter Time: When materials are readily available, the production process can be done in a shorter amount of time. When Bangladesh producers are able to shorten lead times, they can respond more quickly to changes in market demand and trends. The capacity to be adaptable in their production methods has the potential to are clothes cheap in Bangladesh and increase the speed of clothing manufacturing.
  • Cheaper Inventory Expenses: The consistent availability of basic supplies enables manufacturers to minimize their inventory expenses by decreasing the inventory levels of their products. This not only aids in saving money but also reduces the possibility of excessive possessions being stored. Moreover, it enables us to create items at the precise moment we require them, leading to the reason why are clothes cheap in Bangladesh.
  • Supplies Sources: There is a variety of raw materials in Bangladesh that manufacturers can use. This offers them the ability to pick materials that are most fitting for their products’ specifications. Having a variety of options available can simplify the search for more affordable choices of are clothes cheap in Bangladesh.

Sufficient raw materials and proficiency in their acquisition and utilization lead to cost savings during the garment manufacturing process.


The availability of raw materials can affect why are clothes cheap in Bangladesh

2.2. Cheap labor

The reason why are clothes cheap in Bangladesh lies in the utilization of cheap labor. Compared to other nations, Bangladesh benefits from lower labor costs, which helps to keep the garment affordable. Affordable employees hold great significance and have the potential to bring about significant changes:

  • Cost Savings: The reduction in labor costs accounts for a substantial portion of the total expenses incurred in the clothes making process, resulting in significant cost savings. With its substantial and cost-effective workforce, Bangladesh enables producers to produce clothing at a more affordable rate as opposed to nations with costly labor. This is one of many main reasons why are clothes cheap in Bangladesh.
  • Companies aiming to reduce manufacturing expenses find it attractive to employ Bangladeshi garment workers who receive lower wages in comparison to their Western counterparts.
  • In recent times, Bangladesh has seen the emergence of a skilled and accomplished labor force in the textile and garment industry. This proficient staff can be recruited and utilized efficiently, resulting in monetary savings.

Workers in Bangladesh receive low wages, resulting in are clothes cheap in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, considering the broader perspective is relevant. The inadequate wages given to workers give rise to serious issues about their well-being and workplace safety.


Inexpensive labor is the answer to are clothes cheap in Bangladesh

2.3. Preferential policies

Although favorable regulations can contribute to reducing clothing prices in Bangladesh, these policies are not the primary factor enabling are clothes cheap in Bangladesh. Despite the potential benefits of preferential pacts and policies, various other factors play a more crucial role. This is a breakdown of how specific measures can impact the price of clothing in Bangladesh:

  • Trade Pacts: Simplifying trade processes between nations or groups of countries, trade pacts are arrangements that promote smoother trade interactions. These agreements, such as the Generalized System of Preferences program, have proven beneficial for Bangladesh, facilitating smoother trading processes with specific nations and trade alliances. These agreements have the potential to make expenses more inexpensive or eliminate taxes imposed on Bangladesh’s clothing exports to specific countries. The taxes imposed on imported clothing can be decreased to improve the affordability and competitiveness of Bangladeshi garments in those markets. These trade pacts is an important factors to the question are clothes cheap in Bangladesh.
  • Market Access: Market access entails the opportunity to join and conduct business in expansive and more financially rewarding markets. The rephrasing process aids in the development of the Bangladesh clothes producers, empowering them to reap the advantages associated with producing goods on a larger scale. If a larger number of individuals have the ability to purchase large amounts of clothes, the cost of production may decrease due to increased quantity, resulting in are clothes cheap in Bangladesh.
  • The reduction of export fees for apparel from Bangladesh can result in decreased prices for international customers. Such a feature adds to the atractiveness of Bangladeshi apparel for those customers.

Cheap labor and an effective supply chain are the primary factors contributing to why are clothes cheap in Bangladesh, although preferential policies also hold importance. When attempting to grasp the factors behind the country’s inexpensive clothing, it is very important to consider various factors.


Preferential policies are the reason of are clothes cheap in Bangladesh

3. Are clothes cheap in Bangladesh: How to get the best deals on affordable garments

Cheap clothes in Bangladesh has always been a cheap option for companies to source from but with these tips below, you can still get a better deal on clothes.

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3.1. Do careful research on suppliers

Thoroughly researching suppliers is crucial for businesses and consumers to know are clothes cheap in Bangladesh and these items are manufactured in an ethical and sustainable manner. When conducting this kind of research, it is essential to consider these crucial factors:

  • Vendor Choice: Opt for those vendors with a solid reputation in terms of fair treatment of workers, adherence to safety protocols, and compliance with environmental laws. Identify suppliers that possess certifications such as WRAP or SA8000, indicating their commitment towards making products with ethical practices.
  • Inspections: Conduct audits and inspections or enlist third party to verify if the supplier’s facilities adhere to global regulations concerning labor rights and safety. This method enables the assessment and validation of the factories’ operations and methodologies. This also helps you know are clothes cheap in Bangladesh.
  • Environmental Impact: Contemplate how the production of items in a Bangladesh factory influences the environment. Encouragement should be provided to suppliers of cheap clothes in Bangladesh for embracing sustainable practices, which involve the utilization of environmentally-friendly materials and the reduction of waste.
  • Partnerships with Suppliers: The establishment of favorable and transparent partnerships with suppliers is of utmost importance. By consistently engaging in open dialogue and collaborating, we can make sure that we remain aligned with ethical guidelines and produce high-quality products.

Careful supplier research and the choice of fair and sustainable vendors enable you to buy cheap clothes in Bangladesh at a fair cost while promoting responsible and ethical values in the clothing industry. This method aids in are clothes cheap in Bangladesh, along with ensuring social and environmental consciousness.


Do careful research on suppliers

3.2. Join as many shows and exhibitions as possible

Getting involved in trade shows and exhibitions can enhance your learning experience in regard to the garment sector in Bangladesh. By carrying out this method, it is possible to comprehend the reason for are clothes cheap in Bangladesh.

An enhanced comprehension of the reasons behind the affordability of garments in Bangladesh can be achieved through utilizing insights from all of the trade shows and exhibitions, coupled with diligent research and the use of ethical sourcing methods. This will enable you to make educated decisions when purchasing apparel items from the nation.


Join as many shows and exhibitions as possible

3.3. Use the right bargaining strategies

Using effective negotiation techniques is crucial when trying to obtain the most favorable price and know are clothes cheap in Bangladesh. These suggestions can assist you in securing a favorable agreement and reducing costs during negotiation:

  • Bargain on various terms: Engage in discussions regarding numerous aspects, rather than exclusively focusing on the cost. Engage in a conversation, alter, and come to a consensus regarding various terms, such as the deadline of payments, the duration of goods delivery, the delivery expenses, and the potential modifiability of the order. Remain receptive to change and willing to find a compromise on various aspects of the agreement.
  • Supplier Costs: Gain an understanding of the expenses suppliers have to incur and the amount of profit they generate. Knowing can assist in determining the maximum room for negotiation for the best deal on are clothes cheap in Bangladesh. Show politeness and consideration towards suppliers, being cautious not to overly pressurize them.
  • Ways to pay: It would be advantageous if you could pay in advance or with tangible currency, if possible. Paying immediately often results in sellers offering discounts, making many customers pleased. We should attempt to have a conversation, brainstorm, and come to an agreement with top wholesale clothing manufacturers on alternative methods of payment, such as receiving a reduction for making early payments.

It is very crucial to remember that effective negotiation requires the collaboration of both parties involved. Fairness and fostering positive, enduring partnerships with your distributors of cheap clothes in Bangladesh are key factors in securing the best deal. A vital aspect of successful negotiations when sourcing are clothes cheap in Bangladesh is to prioritize the satisfaction of both yourself and the supplier in order to achieve a favorable outcome.


Use the right bargaining strategies

4. Are clothes cheap in Bangladesh: Some recommended suppliers

Bangladesh typically offers low-cost clothing selections, with a variety of stores and shops catering to different price ranges, ensuring accessibility for individuals seeking affordable options. Typically, these vendors manufacture or procure clothes in bulk quantities, thereby allowing for affordable pricing and help people know are clothes cheap in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there are several major vendors who provide affordable clothing options.

4.1. Beximco Apparels Group

Beximco, a significant company in Bangladesh, is involved in various operations. Engaged in the apparel sector, they contribute significantly by manufacturing a diverse array of clothes for both domestic and foreign markets. Their products cater to different brands, providing affordable options to answer are clothes cheap in Bangladesh.

Beximco is also one of the top Bangladesh wholesale clothing suppliers. This company is turning their clothing sector into a fashion sector. This Bangladeshi clothing manufacturing firm was founded in 1997 in Dhanmondi, and its factory is situated in Savar, Dhaka. This business is a collaboration with a joint the structure of ownership. They produce many things including women’s fashion items.

4.2. DBL Group

DBL Group, based in Bangladesh, is a large firm specializing in the production of garments and textiles. The company specializes in manufacturing budget-friendly attire, encompassing regular clothing, knitwear, and professional clothing options. DBL Group markets and distributes its products both locally and in international markets.


Are clothes cheap in Bangladesh: DBL Group is a vendor that has cheap selling prices

They are well-known as knitwear manufacturers in their own country. This corporation employs 35,000 people at this time. They are supplying their made goods to the international market. The company’s main office is in Dhaka, Kawran Bazar, the capital city of Bangladesh. They are well known for having top-notch facilities for producing apparel.

4.3. The Standard Group

Standard Group is one of Bangladesh’s oldest clothing manufacturing enterprises, having been in operation since 1984. Both the company’s size and clientele have increased dramatically over time. It boasts one of Bangladesh’s biggest textile production plants, along with a facility for making sweaters. Furthermore, the company maintains in-house capabilities for clothing design, testing, washing, printing, embroidery, and diverse accessory manufacture.

The Standard Group is an enterprise specializing in affordable clothing manufacturing. They manufacture a range of clothing types, such as woven and knitted attire. Their customer base encompasses various profiles and demographics, including individuals who are mindful of their budget.

4.4. Square Fashions

Square Fashions Limited is another well-known and respectable important Bangladesh’s manufacturing industry. They are part of the Square Group, a company that specializes in producing a broad variety of textiles and other goods connected to apparel.

They provide their services everywhere throughout the world, not just in Bangladesh. Meeting customer needs is this industrial company’s mission and vision. This Bangladeshi apparel manufacturer’s headquarters are in Uttara, Dhaka.

4.5. Hula Global

Hula Global is a one-stop shop for all things clothes related. starting with the concept and design phase and moving on to technology packages and prototypes. Hula Global offers all-inclusive services. Hula Global further manages shipping and provides purchase order financing for a few businesses.

Bangladesh is home to Hula Global’s principal manufacturing location. Despite having extremely low prices, you are still receiving a product that is specifically made for your luxury audience.

4.6. Opex Sinha Group

More than 18,000 sewing machines from Opex are spread across 300 production lines, 44 of which are dedicated to the creation of Knot clothing. Every day, it creates around 220,000 clothes. Separate production lines are used for clothing, shirts, and knitting.

This company serves both home and foreign markets by manufacturing its products and offering its services. A significant amount of their ready-made clothing is sent to global markets. They are situated in Bangladesh’s Kanchpur and Dhaka.

4.7. Fakir Group

The Fakir Group is one of Bangladesh’s top apparel manufacturers with an emphasis on exports. They provide a range of services, including apparel manufacture, elegant design, and knitwear. This manufacturing firm clothes factory is located in Bangladesh’s Narayangonj, Dhaka.

Fakiv is a full-service manufacturing and shipping firm. It consists of state-of-the-art garment industry factories that can independently do knitting, dyeing, sewing, finishing, and packing with full backlink support.

4.8. Epyllion Group

The biggest producer clothes that are ready to wear in Bangladesh is Epyllion Group. These Garment Companies produce garments and knitwear.

They export their produced items to markets in the US, Europe, and Australia in addition to selling them domestically in Bangladesh. There exist four distinct segments within the garment industry.

4.9. Asian Apparels

Asian Apparels Ltd. is a prominent Bangladeshi clothing company, and we are proud of that fact. With sustained success, Asian Apparels Limited, the original factory, began operations in 1992 and has since grown. Our skilled team is full of energy and is committed to providing timely and high-quality work.

In addition to washing services, they have to offer sixteenth garment services to its clients. There are thirty thousand workers in this production industry.

4.10. Viyellantex

Viyellatex Limited, a well-known export-oriented manufacturing corporate in Bangladesh, was founded in 1996. This industry’s structure of ownership is private enterprise. This apparel industry operates a power plant and offers manufacturing services. They offer printing support services as well as at-home t-shirt printing to its clients. There are 8 apparel groups in this sector. The firm headquarters of this textile company was founded in 2000 and is situated on Airport Road in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Despite the low cost of clothes made by these sellers, there are concerns regarding the treatment of workers in those factories that make cheap clothes in Bangladesh. There is a collective endeavor to find solutions for these issues and enhance the well-being of staff in this sector. Consider the impact your clothing order decisions have on the world if you aspire to be a skilled shopper who knows that are clothes cheap in Bangladesh. Seek out brands and stores that prioritize people’s well-being and promote moral and environmental consciousness.

5. Vinaz Garment Factory: A potential partner for your business

They are proficient in offering and developing a wide range of apparel products for the global market. Vinaz Garment Factory prioritizes sustainability and ethical standards in its production of high-quality apparel, taking into account the effects on workers and the environment.

Vinaz Garment has been producing high-quality apparel in Vietnam since 2005. They offer a large selection of products, including jackets, T-shirts, and more, at reasonable prices. Their product line includes plain T-shirts and T-shirts with printing possibilities, among many other trendy items.

Contact VinaZ Garment:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong Street, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 369907777
  • Email:

As we concluded our in-depth adventure into the fascinating field of “Are Clothes Cheap in Bangladesh?” there was a resounding answer – an emphatic “yes.” Bangladesh has emerged as a model of affordability, inviting us into a treasure trove of luxurious yet affordable clothing options. For thrifty shoppers and shrewd wholesalers alike, the country is an open door, offering an enchanting journey into a world where thrifty fashion leads the way.

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