Clothes Price In Bangladesh The Latest Update In 2024

Clothes price in Bangladesh are a hot topic that is mentioned by almost every garment business. This thorough article will give you all the details you need. 

Clothes price in Bangladesh are known to be very affordable. These cheap prices also come with a high caliber and a lot of other factors. These paragraphs below will show you some useful tips and tricks to achieve the best prices.

1. Clothes prices in Bangladesh market today

Bangladesh manufacturers are able to supply their customers with numerous kinds of clothes. Depending on the quality, materials used, quantity, etc., each kind of garment will have a different price:

Tops Jackets Bottoms
  • Plain colour t-shirts: 3.90-7.90$
  • Printed t-shirts: 5.00-10.00$
  • Sweaters: 5.00-10.70$
  • Polo shirts: 3.00-3.50$
  • Blouses: 1.98-2.58$
  • Waterproof Kaki Jacket: 11.50-13.50$
  • Blazer: 12.00-13.00$
  • Puffer Jackets: 7.00-8.00$
  • Sporty shorts: 1.20-2.20$
  • Skirts: 0.80-3.80$
  • Denim shorts: 0.99-1.99$
  • Dresses: 5.00-12.00$

The information above includes the prices of some popular kinds of clothes that are bought from Bangladeshi producers. The clothes price in Bangladesh may differ among producers, so individuals should do careful research on prices to find the most suitable garment maker.


Clothes prices in Bangladesh market today

2. What to know about the garment sector and clothes price in Bangladesh

The presence of the apparel sector significantly contributes to Bangladesh’s economic viability. The clothing industry and clothes price in Bangladesh contain crucial information that should be known:

  • Economic Importance: Bangladesh’s economy greatly takes advantage of the significant involvement of the clothing industry. Selling this commodity to international markets is the primary economic activity of the country, constituting a substantial portion of its financial resources and GDP.
  • Export Hub: Bangladesh is renowned globally for its significant role in exporting manufactured clothing, and clothes price in Bangladesh is very good. Numerous stores and famous clothing brands from abroad opt for factories in Bangladesh to manufacture their products, primarily due to the lower wages paid to the workers.
  • Cheap Labor: Bangladesh provides clothing factories with an advantageous environment with its large pool of workers who are available at low wages, which contributes to the low production cost.
  • Difficulties: Despite its strong performance, the garment sector in Bangladesh confronts a few issues. Some of the issues that need to be handle are the treatment of workers, the maintenance of a safe workplace, and environmental preservation. Some workplace incidents, like fires and building collapses in factories, have made the whole world aware of these matters.
  • Price Competitiveness: The industry’s ability to make clothing at inexpensive prices is a significant factor contributing to its expansion. Cheap clothes price in Bangladesh has guaranteed that the selling prices are competitive around the world.
  • Customer Aspect: In terms of ordering huge amounts of clothing, the cost of garments in Bangladesh is considerably cheaper than in Western countries. This scenario arises because of the economic benefit of producing items and remunerating workers at a lower cost in that specific country.
  • Diverse price ranges: There are garments available from many Bangladeshi producers at different price points. In addition to affordable clothes price in Bangladesh and popular garments, the country also produces more expensive and superior quality clothing.
  • Quality and some ethical problems: Customers should recognize that while this nation is famous for affordable clothes price in Bangladesh, there can be variations in the caliber and ethical attributes of the products. Conducting thorough research and choosing proper brands that prioritize ethical production practices is absolutely relevant, as not all factories have consistent regulations regarding worker treatment and safety.
  • Laws and Changes: The government of Bangladesh, international organizations, and various apparel enterprises have all been working towards improving working conditions and safety standards in the industry. Safety measures and monitoring system networks have been put in place to ensure the well-being of every worker in the workplace.

The economic well-being of Bangladesh is closely linked to its apparel sector in general and the clothes price in Bangladesh. It is renowned for its ability to produce clothes cheaply and offer them at pretty competitive rates. On the other hand, the garment sector has faced difficulties related to workers’ rights, occupational safety, and environmental preservation. As a consequence, there have been recent alterations, advancements, and improvements implemented. Customers should be aware of the disparities in quality and ethical practices within the sector. Encouraging responsible manufacture, individuals should choose to support brands and goods that prioritize this aspect.


What to know about the garment sector and clothes price in Bangladesh

3. Things that affect clothes price in Bangladesh

There are numerous things that can alter the clothes price in Bangladesh. The selling prices of garments made by Bangladeshi apparel producers are affordable and competitive.

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3.1. Labor costs

The wages received by employees influence the clothes price in Bangladesh and other nations. Clothing manufacturing in Bangladesh is fiercely  productive, with their outputs being distributed and sold internationally. The reason they have the ability to make them inexpensively is due to the fact that the employees receive meager salaries. In Bangladesh, the prices of clothes are partly determined by the amount of wages paid to workers:

  • Cheap Labor: Workers in Bangladesh are known for earning lower wages in comparison to their counterparts in some Western countries. By doing this, firms are able to minimize the clothes price in Bangladesh.
  • Producing Costs: The production of apparel necessitates spending money on several aspects. A major cost involves compensating employees for their labor in the manufacturing process. When employees are inexpensive to recruit, it makes everything cheaper to make, which means things can be sold for less money.
  • Competitive Pricing: Manufacturers can present appealing clothes price in Bangladesh to international buyers for their garment products due to the lower labor expenses in the country, thereby boosting their global market competitiveness.

In response to pressure and apprehension from other countries in the world, the industry in Bangladesh has undertaken measures to enhance working conditions and remuneration. The clothes price in Bangladesh can be affected by the decision to raise worker salaries and improve working conditions, leading to increased production expenses.


Labor costs is the first factor that influences the clothes price in Bangladesh

3.2. The quality and popularity of the producer

The fame and popularity of a clothing manufacturer or brand can greatly influence the clothes price in Bangladesh, just as it does in the global fashion market. There are some factors that can make the prices change:

  • Clothing Quality: Clothing made by famous brands or companies is known for its outstanding quality. Typically, this sort of clothing comes with a higher price tag. Individuals are willing to spend more money on clothing items they buy from famous clothing suppliers or jacket manufacturers in Bangladesh that are well-crafted, durable, and made from materials of superior quality. The execution of these tasks can incur additional expenses in making the goods, necessitating an increase in the price of clothes in Bangladesh.
  • Brand Reputation: Customers in both Bangladesh and countries from across the world exhibit unwavering loyalty and confidence towards well-established fashion names or globally renowned fashion labels. Their fame for producing trendy, durable, and high-quality items allows these brands to justify higher clothes price in Bangladesh stores.
  • Marketing: Advertising and marketing activities are typically allocated greater financial resources by large brands and clothes makers in order to draw in and grow their customer base. When setting prices for every kind of product, these expenses could also be taken into account.
  • Perceived Value: Consumers’ attitudes towards the value of products or services can be influenced by the degree of recognition and admiration a maker or brand holds. Many individuals are inclined to pay a more expensive  clothes price in Bangladesh from well-known brands as they perceive them to possess superior craftsmanship and greater style.

The cost of Bangladeshi clothing, similar to the global fashion industry, can be influenced by the reputation of the manufacturer or brand. Differences in clothes price in Bangladesh can be attributed to things such as production costs, employee wages, and miscellaneous expenses.


The quality and popularity of the producer can make clothes price in Bangladesh change

3.3. Economic conditions

Clothes price in Bangladesh can fluctuate, just like in other countries, due to economic factors. The economy has several impacts on the pricing of clothing in Bangladesh:

  • Inflation: Inflation occurs when there is a general increase in prices, and as a result, clothes price in Bangladesh and any other price may also rise. With the increase in prices, the costs involved in making items like materials and recruitment also become higher.
  • Exchange Rates: The exchange rates determine the value of a nation’s currency in relation to another country’s currency. The garment industry in Bangladesh heavily relies on exporting clothing and other commodities to foreign nations. Imported materials, including textiles and other supplies, can become pricier when there is a change in exchange rates. Ultimately, this may have an impact on the clothes price in Bangladesh.
  • Tariffs and Taxes: The government holds the power to adjust the sum of money they collect from their people as well as the tariffs applied to clothing entering the nation. These modifications can influence the value of clothing. The increased taxation or fees imposed by the Bangladeshi government on imported materials can result in higher production costs for clothing, ultimately leading to an increase in clothing prices.
  • Economic Growth: An increase in economic growth signifies an increase in individuals’ disposable income. This can lead to a higher number of clothing purchases, particularly for trendy items. The outcome could lead to a potential increase in the clothes price in Bangladesh.

Factors like the ones mentioned above can all contribute to the fluctuations in clothing prices in Bangladesh. Owing to economic conditions, these changes are occurring in various countries, not just Bangladesh.


Clothes price in Bangladesh can change due to economic conditions

3.4. The competition between vendors

The competition among vendors in Bangladesh has an effect on the clothes price in Bangladesh. Prices in any other sector with competition are influenced in a similar manner to how they are impacted by competition. Here is how clothing prices are affected by competition among distributors:

  • Price Competition: In an attempt to attract more customers, numerous clothing sellers compete by lowering their prices in comparison to their rivals. Consumers can enjoy lower prices as sellers in this contest will offer lower rates to increase their customer base. To outperform their rivals, stores frequently offer reduced clothes price in Bangladesh, exclusive offers, and promotional events.
  • Customer Choice: Because of the presence of numerous sellers offering various styles, qualities, and price ranges, consumers are presented with an array of options to choose from. Individuals have the ability to choose apparel that aligns with their preferences and financial means.
  • Market Dynamics: The dynamics of the market can lead to substantial price variations. Clothes price in Bangladesh may vary based on factors such as seasonality, demand levels, and product availability. The prices can be changed in accordance with market conditions and consumer behavior.
  • Promotions: Customers are often attracted by suppliers who frequently present special deals and discounts. Shoppers can enjoy reduced clothes price in Bangladesh through these temporary sales.
  • E-commerce: Competition has become fiercer in Bangladesh owing to the rise of online shopping and e-commerce. Online marketplaces are platforms where people can browse and order a wide range of products and services. You can explore diverse choices and conveniently compare prices. In order to attract customers, sellers are inclined to lower their clothes price in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, when apparel suppliers compete with each other, prices can go up or down. Consumers gain advantages from having many choices and the freedom to pick clothes that match their tastes and budget.


The competition between vendors might have an impact on clothes price in Bangladesh

4. Ways to have the cheapest clothes price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has always been known as a nation that has fair prices on apparel. If the lowest clothes price in Bangladesh is desired when buying wholesale clothing, these strategies should be taken into consideration:

  • Form connections with the suppliers: discover and communicate with nearby individuals or distributors involved in apparel production and sales. Establishing strong ties with the people or organizations you acquire products or services from might lead to obtaining better prices or opportunities.
  • Wholesale Marketplaces: Seek out spots where numerous goods are offered at affordable prices, often in bulk quantities. Take a glance at your surroundings, particularly in locations like Chittagong, Dhaka, and Gazipur, where an abundance of clothes are being sold at a very good clothes price in Bangladesh. Large quantities of apparel are sold in these markets, which serve as major hubs for clothing sales. Take the opportunity to discuss prices and bargain with sellers to find out the offerings of various suppliers.
  • Negotiation: Suppliers are encouraged to join open discussions and negotiate mutually acceptable terms and prices. Bargaining is a widely accepted activity in Bangladesh. With effective negotiation skillsets, one can frequently secure more advantageous deals on clothes price in Bangladesh.
  • Working with middlemen: Take into consideration the idea of engaging in partnerships with local middlemen or companies that boast established relationships with Bangladesh wholesale clothing suppliers. They can communicate on your behalf and assist you in discovering more affordable price choices.
  • Quality Monitoring: Don’t overlook the importance of product caliber when striving to save money. Before ordering a large quantity of garments at a good clothes price in Bangladesh, ensure they meet your quality standards by inspecting them.
  • Online marketplaces: Online wholesale marketplaces offer a convenient solution for customers seeking to purchase clothes in bulk, as they connect buyers with suppliers specifically catering to large quantity orders. There are many websites and online portals in Bangladesh serve as valuable platforms for discovering affordable wholesale clothing.
  • Import Regulations: Make it a point to know the requirements and tariffs associated with delivering garments from Bangladesh to a different nation. These expenses have the potential to add up to the overall cost.
  • Making network with more vendors: Strengthen your network by becoming part of the trade associations or business groups that foster collaboration and interaction among wholesalers. Gathering with your business partners and engaging in conversations can offer valuable insights and advice on discovering great deals.

It is quite relevant to find a favorable bargain with excellent quality when purchasing a large amount of garments at an excellent clothes price in Bangladesh. To obtain your desired result, it is crucial to verify the requirements and have confidence in your suppliers.


Ways to have the cheapest clothes price in Bangladesh

5. List of manufacturers that have the most affordable clothes price in Bangladesh

Creating a definitive ranking of the most reputable clothing distributors that offer affordable clothes price in Bangladesh is challenging due to the potential fluctuation in their popularity and pricing. On the other hand, these apparel firms from Bangladesh have made a name for themselves by offering affordable clothing options without compromising on quality.

These wholesale clothing distributors are among the best ones in the Bangladeshi textile market, so you can have no doubt in working with them.

5.1. Square Fashions Ltd.

Square Fashions Ltd. is famous for making various types of clothing, like sweaters and clothes made by weaving. They are famous for being dedicated to making things of high quality while keeping competitive clothes price in Bangladesh.

5.2. Pacific Jeans Limited

In the realm of fabric manufacture, particularly denim and various other garments, Pacific Jeans Limited stands out as a significant industry player.

5.3. Grameen Knitwear Limited

Grameen Knitwear Limited is a company that produces knitwear. They are part of a group of firms called Grameen. Grameen Knitwear is famous for making knitwear at affordable prices.

5.4. DBL Group

DBL Group is a big company that makes and sells garments. They make clothes that are already made and also clothes that are made from woven or knitted supplies. They are well-known for being effective, having affordable operations and owning high quality goods.

5.5. Liz Fashion Industry Limited

Liz Fashion Industry Limited makes woven clothing like sweaters and shorts. They are known for producing good quality clothes at an affordable clothes price in Bangladesh.

Customers should note that even though these manufacturers are known for offering fair clothes price in Bangladesh and good products, it’s important for you to do your own research, ask for price quotes, and consider what your clothing business specifically needs in order to find the producer that fits best with your requirements. Also, carefully consider factors like these producers being good and environmentally friendly when you make choices.

5.6. Posh Garments

Posh Garments is a sizable Bangladeshi clothing manufacturing. This industry’s manufacturing segment got its start in 1984. This firm has a huge manufacturing capacity, a vast selection of clothing products, and more than 1200 skilled workers that put in a lot of overtime to produce these things. superior products.

Over 1200 skilled workers process a broad variety of textile materials, such as Tencel, satin, rayon, viscose, polyester, cotton, and chiffon. The organization uses a wide range of washing techniques, including clothing, bleach, enzymes, cool dyes, and more. In addition, the product can be adorned with ornaments, heat pressing, printing, stitching, decorating, as well as other characteristics. They manufacture anything from women’s sleepwear and lingerie to blouses, skirts, and casual dresses.

5.7. Beximco Apparels Limited

Apparel Beximco Ltd. Under the direction of the Swiss company Comtrade Apparels Ltd., production got underway in March 1985. Subsequently, Beximco assumed full command of this employer’s operations and rebranded it as Beximco Apparels Ltd. (aka BAL). This firm is a clothing factory that focuses solely on exports. Its specialty is textile apparel, which includes dresses for men, casual shirts, as well as blouses for ladies.

BAL is run by means of a collection of professionals with the goal of producing high-quality apparel by utilizing an incredibly thorough management system from the acquisition of raw materials to the finished product. With a daily 8000 manufacturing capacity machines and a workforce of over 870 employees, this textile manufacturer mostly exports its goods to the US, Canada, and Europe.

5.8. Epyllion Group

The Epyllion Group was established in 1994 and is currently among the biggest apparel manufacturers and exporters in Bangladesh. It has close ties to the textile, wet processing and clothing industries. This company boasts a cutting-edge, vertically integrated garment production facility, so customers can anticipate a continuous supply. Numerous well-known attire producers from Australia, the US, and Europe have committed to this organization to meet their clothing manufacturing demands.

With a daily knitting capacity of 50,000 kg and a daily dyeing capacity of 45,000 kg, the company currently employs over 20,000 people. Eighty-four percent of their industrial production is exported to Europe, which is their primary market.

5.9. Asian Apparels Limited

Bangladesh’s largest apparel maker is Limited Asian Apparel. From the beginning of their trip in 1992, they have continued to push the boundaries. In 2002, they bought a garment manufacturing facility in Priyam, and in 2004, they bought a manufacturing unit in Chittagong. Their team of specialists is energetic and unwavering in their commitment to timely delivery and high-quality products.

30,000 people are currently employed by them at 16 production sites and 3 laundry facilities. Numerous retailers, including H&M, Walmart, Carter’s, JCPenney, and others, buy their clothing. It makes around $280 million in revenue a year on average.

5.10. Akij Textile Mills Ltd

One of Bangladesh’s leading producers of stabilized and yarn-dyed textiles is Akij Textile Mills Limited. It is a component of one of Bangladesh’s biggest conglomerates, the Akij Group. They have a reputation for staying current with fashions, materials, and technology on a global scale. Since 1998, the company has been offering top-notch manufacturing facilities to satisfy the demanding needs of a wide range of clients.

The business employs the newest systems and technology in its entirety operations to meet client needs. ATML has about 1,600 highly qualified employees and can produce 44 batches per day.

Final thoughts, starting our exploration of clothes price in Bangladesh, we’re surrounded by remarkable affordability and style. The complex dance between budget-consciousness and fashion-consciousness is a testament to Bangladesh’s textile prowess.

6. Vinaz Garment Factory: The best place to buy wholesale clothing

With years of experience, Vinaz Garment specializes in offering a large selection of apparel products, both directly and in bulk, to the global market. Vinaz Garment takes great pride in providing high-quality T-shirt production at reasonable prices. Their goal is to lead the garment export market, and they put a lot of effort into improving themselves by constructing a state-of-the-art facility and adhering to industry standards.

Vinaz Garment is exceptional in that they are committed to offering excellent production. They prioritize using sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices, taking into account the impact on the environment and their workforce. This ensures that their apparel meets the necessary quality standards and is produced using ethical methods.

Vinaz Garment offers a variety of services related to T-shirt manufacture. They help customers realize their ideas by offering design and product development assistance. To satisfy specific customer demands, they also offer a large selection of fabric selections and customizing capabilities. Their superior production techniques enable them to fulfill orders promptly.

Success stories and client testimonials demonstrate how happy customers have been working with Vinaz Garment. These endorsements show off their superb production, outstanding customer service, and capacity to exceed expectations. They have successfully partnered with many companies, demonstrating their proficiency in the T-shirt manufacturing industry.

Contact VinaZ Garment:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong Street, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 369907777
  • Email:
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