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We will guide you through everything about Pakistani clothes prices, from what you need to know about the Pakistani apparel sector to specific wholesale prices. 

Pakistani clothes prices include wholesale prices for all types of clothes that manufacturers in Pakistan can make. This price may change over time, so you will need to read this article to stay updated with the latest information.

1. What to know about Pakistani clothes prices and garment industry

Pakistan’s garment industry and wholesale clothing market stand as significant players in the global textile landscape. Understanding Pakistani clothes prices involves delving into the multifaceted dynamics of this thriving industry:

  • Diversity in Clothing Range: Pakistani wholesale clothing encompasses a wide array of products on sale. These apparel models range from traditional ethnic wear like shalwar kameez and saris to contemporary Western-style clothing. This diversity caters to both domestic and international markets, with multiple options suitable for various tastes and preferences.
  • Cost Competitiveness: One of the standout features of Pakistani wholesale clothing is its cost-effectiveness. The country boasts a competitive edge in terms of labor costs, which can enable manufacturers to charge relatively lower Pakistani clothes prices compared to many other countries. This affordability makes Pakistani garments attractive to buyers worldwide.
  • Quality Standards: Despite the cost advantage, the industry upholds stringent quality standards. Pakistani manufacturers prioritize using quality fabrics and skilled labor to ensure the durability and aesthetic appeal of their products. This commitment to quality has contributed significantly to Pakistan’s reputation as a reliable source of clothing. It also helps boost Pakistan’s rank in the international textile market.
  • Export Potential: Pakistan’s garment industry relies heavily on exports. The country exports a substantial volume of clothing to various countries worldwide. Producers try to leverage their competitive Pakistan clothes prices, quality products, and diverse range to capture international markets.

Understanding these elements is crucial for stakeholders looking to engage with or benefit from the vibrant garment industry in Pakistan. Here’s a table illustrating some of the most searched-for wholesale clothing items produced in Pakistan along with their approximate prices:

Clothing Item Approximate Wholesale Price Range (in USD)
T-shirts $3 – $8
Denim Jeans $8 – $20
Polo Shirts $5 – $12
Hoodies/Sweatshirts $8 – $18
Active Wear $6 – $15
Jackets/Outerwear $12 – $30

These prices provided in the table above are just an approximation and for reference only. If you want more specific wholesale prices, you should contact manufacturers in Pakistan directly.


What to know about Pakistani clothes prices and garment industry

2. Pakistani clothes prices are influenced by various vital factors

To understand how to negotiate the cheapest clothes price in Pakistan, you will need to know what factors influence their variation. Below, we will list four factors that are believed to have the most obvious impact.

2.1. Production costs

Production costs play a pivotal role in determining the wholesale prices of clothes in Pakistan. Several key factors within the production process significantly influence the overall cost structure, thereby impacting the Pakistani clothes prices offered to wholesalers and buyers:

  • Raw Material Sourcing: The cost and quality of raw materials directly affect production expenses, which affect the cheapest clothes in Pakistan. Some materials that can be named include cotton, silk, synthetic fibers, and dyes. Fluctuations in raw material prices, whether due to global market trends, changes in supply, or currency variations, directly impact the final cost of manufacturing clothes.
  • Labor Expenses: Pakistan benefits from relatively lower labor costs compared to many other countries. However, variations in wages, skill levels, and labor regulations influence Pakistani clothes prices. Skilled craftsmanship in production stages significantly impacts labor costs. The cutting, stitching, embroidery, and finishing processes are done carefully, especially for intricate designs and handcrafted detailing.
  • Technological Investments: Investments in modern machinery, technology, and production processes impact production costs. While sophisticated machinery can increase initial investment, it may reduce long-term production expenses by enhancing efficiency and minimizing material waste.
  • Energy and Overhead Expenses: Expenses related to utilities, factory maintenance, rent, and administrative overheads contribute to the overall production costs. Fluctuations in electricity or gas prices can directly impact the cost of manufacturing clothes, therefore influencing Pakistani clothes prices.

Understanding these factors is essential, as they collectively shape the production costs involved in manufacturing wholesale clothes in Pakistan.


Production costs

2.2. Design complexity and embellishments

The intricacy of designs and the use of embellishments hold significant sway over the wholesale prices of clothing in Pakistan. These aspects contribute substantially to the overall strategy of Pakistani clothes prices in the wholesale market:

  • Design Complexity: The complexity of designs plays a crucial role in determining the production cost. It can be shown in the form of intricate patterns, unique cuts, or innovative silhouettes. Garments requiring more elaborate designs often involve additional labor hours, specialized skills, and meticulous attention to detail, contributing to higher manufacturing expenses.
  • Embellishments and Detailing: Embellishments can also significantly contribute to the overall Pakistani clothes prices. Embroidery, beadwork, sequins, or handcrafted detailing are the processes that take lots of time and money. These embellishments demand skilled artisans, specialized equipment, and higher-quality materials, thereby escalating the production expenses.
  • Handcrafted Techniques: Traditional handcrafted techniques add both artistic value and production costs to clothing. Some of these famous techniques are  intricate embroidery styles like zardozi or threadwork like kamdani. The intricate nature of these techniques often involves time-intensive craftsmanship, leading to higher labor expenses.
  • Customization and Uniqueness: Custom-designed or unique pieces often incur higher production costs. The exclusive nature of their creation requires more work to be done, which will affect Pakistani clothes prices. Limited edition or bespoke clothing items, characterized by their distinctiveness, involve additional design efforts and personalized detailing, contributing to higher wholesale prices.

Manufacturers, designers, and wholesalers carefully evaluate these factors to strike as perfect a balance as possible. Creating aesthetically appealing, high-quality garments and setting competitive prices to meet market demands are both important.

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2.3. Scale of production and economies of scale

The scale of production and the concept of economies of scale wield substantial influence over the wholesale prices of clothing in Pakistan. These factors play a pivotal role in shaping cost dynamics. Pakistani clothes prices are ultimately impacted in the wholesale clothing market:

  • Production Volume: The scale of production, or the quantity of clothing items manufactured, significantly affects the overall cost per unit. Larger production volumes often lead to economies of scale. This will allow manufacturers to spread fixed costs across more units, thereby reducing the per-item production cost.
  • Efficiency in Manufacturing: Larger production runs enable streamlining of manufacturing processes and improved efficiency. With more standardized processes, optimized workflow, and reduced setup times, the cost per unit decreases, enhancing overall production efficiency.
  • Logistics and Transportation: Larger production volumes may result in optimized logistics, transportation, and cheap Pakistani clothes prices. Consolidating shipments or employing more efficient transportation methods for larger quantities can lead to cost savings per unit during transportation and distribution.
  • Competitive Wholesale Pricing: Manufacturers often try to produce at a larger scale and benefit from economies of scale. They can offer more competitive wholesale Pakistani clothes prices. They can pass on the cost savings achieved through bulk production to wholesalers, making their products more attractive in the wholesale market.

Understanding the impact of scale of production and economies of scale is crucial in the Pakistani wholesale clothing market.


Scale of production and economies of scale

2.4. Supply chain efficiency and transportation costs

Supply chain efficiency and transportation costs wield considerable influence over wholesale clothing prices in Pakistan. These factors intricately impact the overall cost structure and subsequently affect Pakistani clothes prices in the wholesale clothing market:

  • Inventory Management: An efficient supply chain minimizes inventory holding costs by optimizing stock levels. Balancing the supply of raw materials with production needs reduces the costs associated with excessive inventory or shortages, consequently influencing the overall production expenses.
  • Transportation and Distribution: Efficient transportation systems are pivotal in minimizing Pakistani clothes prices. Optimizing routes, selecting cost-effective carriers, and consolidating shipments for bulk transportation reduce transportation expenses, contributing to overall cost efficiency.
  • Warehousing and Storage: Efficient storage and warehousing facilities along the supply chain reduce holding costs. Proper inventory management and storage practices ensure minimal waste and damage, preventing additional expenses and optimizing costs.
  • Cost of Logistics: Transportation costs, including fuel expenses, shipping fees, customs duties, and handling charges, significantly impact the final wholesale Pakistani clothes prices. Efficient logistics management helps negotiate better rates and optimize transport routes, thereby reducing these costs.

Understanding and optimizing supply chain efficiency and transportation costs are crucial for the Pakistani wholesale clothing market.


Supply chain efficiency and transportation costs

3. Pakistani clothes prices can be negotiated using these strategies

Negotiating wholesale clothing prices in Pakistan involves employing various strategies. You should take into account the intricacies of the market and the factors influencing pricing dynamics. Here are some effective strategies for negotiating wholesale Pakistani clothes prices:

  • Bulk Orders and Volume Discounts: One of the most common strategies is negotiating based on order quantity. Placing larger orders often allows buyers to leverage volume discounts. Pakistani wholesalers frequently offer better prices for bulk purchases as it allows them to benefit from economies of scale.
  • Building Long-term Relationships: Long-term relationships with wholesale distributors for clothing in Pakistan should be established and nurtured. They can lead to better negotiation opportunities. Consistent and reliable business partnerships may result in preferential Pakistani clothes prices, special deals, or access to exclusive collections.
  • Timing and Seasonal Buying: Understanding seasonal trends and buying patterns can aid negotiations. Buying off-season or during slower periods might prompt wholesalers to offer lower prices or discounts to move inventory, making negotiations more favorable.
  • Comparative Market Analysis: Conducting thorough market research and comparing prices from different wholesalers enables buyers to negotiate effectively. Knowing the average wholesale prices for specific clothing items in Pakistan helps in negotiating fair and competitive rates.
  • Flexible Payment Terms: Negotiating flexible payment terms can be advantageous to help you get cheaper Pakistani clothes prices. You should go for extended payment deadlines or discounts for upfront payments. Offering prompt payments or agreeing to larger down payments might also lead to better negotiated prices.
  • Negotiation Skills and Flexibility: Cultivating strong negotiation skills and being open to compromise can be keys to securing better Pakistani clothes prices. Being flexible in negotiations while ensuring the best possible deal for both parties is essential for successful negotiations.
  • Seeking Multiple Quotes and Proposals: Requesting quotes from various wholesalers and comparing their proposals can help in negotiation. This allows buyers to leverage competitive offers and negotiate for the best possible prices and terms.

Negotiating wholesale clothing prices in Pakistan requires a combination of important skills and knowledge. Market knowledge, relationship-building skills, and a strategic approach are what you need to have. Employing these strategies enables buyers to navigate negotiations effectively and secure competitive prices for wholesale clothing.


Pakistani clothes prices can be negotiated using these strategies

4. 10 Trustworthy producers with affordable Pakistani clothes prices

While specific preferences and requirements may vary, here is a list of 10 reputed wholesale producers known for offering affordable Pakistani clothes prices without compromising quality.

4.1. Khaadi

Khaadi is celebrated for its rich heritage-inspired designs and a wide array of affordable Pakistani clothes options. They can do almost everything, from vibrant fabrics to intricately designed ready-to-wear ensembles.

Their clothing often reflects Pakistani culture with a modern twist, which makes it popular among both local and international buyers. Khaadi caters to diverse tastes and customizations, which makes them a perfect place for you to know where to buy Pakistani clothes online. Khaadi is one of the domestic manufacturers that can offer you extremely favorable Pakistani clothes prices.

4.2. Gul Ahmed

With decades of experience in the textile industry, Gul Ahmed is recognized for its high-quality fabrics and affordable clothing lines. The brand offers an extensive range of fabrics and clothing types.

Lawn, chiffon, and silk, along with stitched and unstitched clothing in various designs and patterns, are what you can find here. This factory is good at producing wholesale clothing with unique designs that impress customers.

4.3. Alkaram Studio

Alkaram Studio is synonymous with affordable elegance by offering a diverse range of fabrics and clothing. Their collections often feature vibrant prints, intricate embroidery, and contemporary designs.

These are appealing to fashion-conscious buyers seeking both traditional and modern styles. This manufacturer has earned itself a group of loyal customers thanks to their professional working style.

4.4. Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen is known for its affordability and versatility. The brand offers a wide selection of fabrics and clothing for various seasons and occasions at inexpensive Pakistani clothes prices.

They focus on delivering quality products at competitive prices, which makes afforable Pakistani clothes accessible to a broad spectrum of customers. Cheapest clothes in Pakistan can be found and purchased from this factory.

4.5. Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is renowned for its chic and fashionable clothing lines. They strike a balance between modern aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship.

Their designs often feature bold prints, innovative cuts, and sophisticated embellishments. These excellent techniques make them popular among the fashion-forward crowd.

4.6. Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is highly regarded for its intricate and luxurious designs. The brand specializes in both casual and formal wear.

Their products showcase elegant embellishments, delicate embroidery, and sophisticated detailing. The wholesale clothes produced by them are all offered at relatively affordable Pakistani clothes prices.

4.7. Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed, commonly known as J. by Junaid Jamshed, embodies simplicity with elegance in its clothing collections. They offer affordable traditional wear that caters to a wide demographic with their stylish yet modest designs. Some of their best products are kurtas, shalwar kameez, and modest attire.

4.8. Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi focuses on providing trendy and affordable clothing options. Their collections feature vibrant colors, stylish cuts, and a fusion of traditional and contemporary designs.

Their incredible work makes them a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts seeking affordable yet fashionable clothing. They are also known by many business customers because Pakistani clothes prices are always properly balanced to suit customers.

4.9. Maria B

Maria B stands out for its diverse range of designs and affordable pricing. The brand offers a mix of traditional and modern styles. Their collection features intricate embroidery, classic cuts, and innovative silhouettes. It caters to both formal and casual wear.

4.10. Ittehad Textiles

Ittehad Textiles is known for its affordable yet quality fabrics and clothing. They offer a wide range of textiles, including lawn, cotton, and linen. They also have  stitched and unstitched clothing lines that focus on affordability without compromising on style.

This company is one of the few garment businesses in Pakistan that has an efficient logistics system. This helps deliver goods to customers as quickly as possible.

5. Vinaz Garment Factory: The best place to buy wholesale clothing at cheap price

Vinaz Garment is a Vietnamese manufacturer of wholesale apparel. The company has become a major force in the international apparel market over time.

  • The success of Vinaz Garment could be attributed in large part to its dedication to quality. Vinaz Garment hires knowledgeable craftspeople and places a strong priority on using premium materials. Vinaz Garment guarantees that all of their clothes fulfill international standards by upholding strict quality control procedures.
  • Furthermore, innovation and sustainability are extremely important at Vinaz Garment. They consistently make R&D investments to stay ahead of industry trends.
    Vinaz Garment also does great work with flexibility and customer care. They aim to meet each customer’s specific demands with professionalism and quickness, recognizing that every client has different requirements and deadlines. Vinaz Garment does all within its power to guarantee customer happiness.

It is suggested that you do more research or get in touch with Vinaz Garment Supplier directly to learn more about their products, services, and potential partnerships.

Contact VinaZ Garment:

  • Address: 178C Dinh Cong Thuong Street, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 369907777
  • Email:
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